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If you love poetry, as do I, you will go to your bed tonight with a smile on your lips and a tear in your eye, reminders of the powerful words within these pages.

You will remember, and in remembering give tribute to the beauty of poetry.If you love poetry, as do I, you will find much within these pages to appreciate and admire. You will find poetry aplenty and articles about poetry, as well as interviews with people whose lives have been irrevocably touched by the wonder of this elemental creature.

Within the heart of every mortal lies the soul of a poet...

And, yet, this magazine is not about poetry. Not really. This magazine, rather, is about you. Within the heart of every mortal lies the soul of a poet, and within the hand of every poet lies the key to Understanding. And that’s what this magazine is about, you see. Understanding.

Through the magic of poetry we can learn to understand the depths of human emotion - the frailties that beset each of us, the spark that grants us courage, the indomitable spirit that allows us to rise above the mundane. In Understanding, there is no envy, only joy, no hate, only tolerance, no remorse, only thanks.

In Understanding, we are all brothers and sisters of the heart.

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