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The best way to contact us will depend on why you want to contact us...

How do I submit my poetry?

To find out more about submitting poetry, simply go to the Main Site and click on the button in our menu that says "Submit."

Can I put a link to Passions on my web site?

You bet! You can find out more information by going to our Main Site and Links page (again, there's a button in our menu), then clicking on the "Link to us" option.

If your question isn't answered on this page, you just might find the answer on our FAQ Page.

Can you help me find a poem?

I get a lot of mail asking for help in finding a special occasion poem, or one by a specific author, or maybe one that someone read years ago and would like to find again. Unfortunately, there's not a great deal I can do beyond what's already here at Passions. Check our Links page for other web sites. Post a question in our forums (we actually have a pretty good success rate there). But please don't write to ask, 'cause I just plain don't have any answers for you.

Can I post one of your poems on my web site?

That's up to the individual author. While Passions publishes the poems, we don't own them. Most of our Resident Poets have chosen to publish their email address with their work, though a few have opted for more privacy. If you can contact the author, do so and ask their permission. If you can't contact them, don't use their poetry without permission.

For everything else... write me at


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