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Digital Passions #1
published January 29, 1999


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What is Poetry? Statistics Never Lie

Mid Point (second poem)

Poetry Is
by Beth Hammontree
(and family)

Poetry is a window to the soul,
Transcends time and place,
Transforms the mundane and everyday
Into the mystical and enchanting.
Poetry invites intimacy,
It brings us together.
Poetry is art.
Poetry is life.
It is a gift that sits dormant
In the soul of everyone,
Waiting to be awakened.
Poetry is a way
To lose yourself to creativity.
Poetry paints a thousand pictures
Or is painted by them.
Poetry is breath.
Without it we are struck dumb,
Flailing in uncertainty,
Helpless to express our deepest emotions
Without losing control of them.
Poetry is thought,
Set in lines of ink
That blur before
Tear-filled eyes.
Poetry is the only magic left.


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