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published January 29, 1999


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One of the more popular features of Passions has been the ability to send a poem to a friend with little more than a single click of the mouse. But have you ever wondered which poems were being sent that way? Well, I did.

We purposely don't track much information with this feature, but the server does capture a bit. Which poem, date and time, and the IP address doing the sending. The table below, covering a ten-day period, will give you a bit of an idea about what's happening at Passions. These numbers do not include the Greeting Cards sent.

    Total    Poem
1    84    Lover's Dance
2    72    In The Beginning
3    58    When I Think of You
4    54    Friends Forever
5    54    Treasures
6    40    True Love
7    38    Friendship of the Souls
8    36    I'll Love You
9    34    Miracle of Friendship
10   27    God's Message
11   27    Lots of Whole Bunches
12   24    Best Friends
13   20    When Best Friends Love
14   18    Friends
15   15    Wishes
16   12    Touching A Dream
17   10    Bed Of Roses
18    9    Needs
19    8    Beauty Unseen
20    8    You

These are only the first twenty on the list of nearly a hundred, and without the daily breakdowns. Poets, who are certainly the ones that can garner the most information from this data, will find the full table available in the Poet's Section.

I'm not sure what (if anything) we can learn from this data. The first thing I'll tell you, however, is that there's only a little correlation between the poems emailed to friends and the Votes that have been cast for favorite poem. In other words, what people seem to appreciate on a personal level isn't necessarily the same as what they want to share with a friend. I suspect that won't surprise many of the poets. What people feel inside, we know, is a very personal thing.

Something not readily evident in this small snippet, but more easily seen in the full table, is that we seem to have different concentrations of poetic types. Obviously there's a great deal of mixing in the pot, but it would appear that on some days people are looking for Friendship Poems and other days we have more people looking for Love Poems. So we have Friendly days and we have Loving Days. And, judging by PoetDevine's numbers, every day is a sensual day (and, no, that's not the first adjective that came to mind).

And, of course, you'll note that ALL of the top twenty for that particular period of time fall into either the Friendship or the Love Poems category. We do have people sending poems on Life and Beauty, and even on Sadness, but not nearly as many. (BTW, we also have a lot of people sending Classical Poetry to their friends - though, again, those are largely Friendship and Love poems.)

You might also note that, judging by this small sample, people appear to like rhyming poems, but don't seem to care whether the meter is perfect. There's at least some indication that the title of the poem is as important as the content, often conveying a message all by itself. And when it comes to emailing a poem to a friend, favorite authors are far less important than the message.

Maybe the only real thing we can learn from this very non-scientific survey is that people out there really do want to communicate to others. When they're unable to do that effectively in their own words, they seem to appreciate using ours. These poems give us a small idea of what they would like to say to the people in their lives. And the common theme seems very evident.

Maybe there's hope for this world, after all?


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