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Digital Passions #10
published Monday, February 11, 2002


Valentine's Day Special by Poet deVine
A Valentine’s Present for You by Ron Carnell
Dear Honey by Michael Mack
My Darling by Kit McCallum
Forever More … Lizzy by 1Slick_Lady
Hello by BloomingRose
Dear Phantom Lover by Karen Torbiak
Touch Me by Eagle One
My Love by Nancy
You Are My Poem by Lyra Nesius
My Love by James Parker Haley
My Darling Man by Marsha
You're The Poetry Of Me by Melissa P. Monette
From a Distance by SmartChick
Sea of Recollect by SEA
Forever Yours by Sharon
Was It Just a Dream? by Son Netier
My Love by Elizabeth Santos

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Dear Phantom Lover
by Karen Torbiak (aka Startime)

Hot passion trembles through my hands
as I find words to write
My body fills with love’s demands
while flames in me ignite

My words burn from heart to pen
as thoughts fill with desire
Please come to me tonight again
to feed this burning fire

Brown eyes ablaze as feelings flow
and beckon you to me
A sensual kiss I’ll bestow
heating us by degree

Recline within my soft embrace
upon my beating heart
With soft fingers, your flesh, I’ll trace
as shivers they impart

Dear Phantom lover hear my call,
come join with me tonight
May this vision hold you enthrall
and each of us excite