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Digital Passions #10
published Monday, February 11, 2002


Valentine's Day Special by Poet deVine
A Valentine’s Present for You by Ron Carnell
Dear Honey by Michael Mack
My Darling by Kit McCallum
Forever More … Lizzy by 1Slick_Lady
Hello by BloomingRose
Dear Phantom Lover by Karen Torbiak
Touch Me by Eagle One
My Love by Nancy
You Are My Poem by Lyra Nesius
My Love by James Parker Haley
My Darling Man by Marsha
You're The Poetry Of Me by Melissa P. Monette
From a Distance by SmartChick
Sea of Recollect by SEA
Forever Yours by Sharon
Was It Just a Dream? by Son Netier
My Love by Elizabeth Santos

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Sea of Recollect Was It Just a Dream?


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Forever Yours
by Sharon (aka Mysteria)


Its January 1, 2001, a new year Jenna.
Last night at midnight we danced to a Celtic tune.
I wonder, did you feel my hands in yours?
On leaving the old year behind,
I sat, with shaking heart and hand
writing you a letter to tell you one last thing.
I am letting you go Willow, fly!
Hanging onto the sorrow of loosing you buries
all joy we had for so long that was vibrant and alive.
I still write you every Sunday since you left,
even though I have received not one letter from you.
Oh how I treasure those letters kept written in your own hand.
Saved are the letters written from the tears in my soul,
wrapped in the very blue ribbon I undid
from your beautiful hair the day you left me.
Oh how I miss your long, hand-written letters.
Remember your closing?
Forever yours, I’ll write you soon it said, and you did.
I teased you, as forever was such a long time.
Now sitting here I weep for our forever that was taken.
I miss the sweet, gentle sweep of your stylus
each and every stroke of your art on that fine thin parchment.
My eyes long to see your “i’s” smile.
To see that “W” insignia overtaking the corner of your stock.
To let my eyes sweep along your longhand artistic “e's” and “s’s”.
I loved the way you started your sentences.
I felt I was reading a storybook.
The first letter so intricate, like the steps of your shoes
as you would whirl in circles in every sudden gust of wind.
Yes, your letters I judged as terribly ornate and vain,
with most lines twisting, and traveling
along a meandering path of dancing butterflies,
like the gilt letters beginning every fairytales.
You laughed as I teased you about your letters.
That ever-arousing cleavage of your “v”, so like velvet.
That tempting hook to your “j” that captivated my very soul.
Those “l's” so very pungently floral,
as the delicate fragrance of you on your stationery.
The petals of your lips sealing every punctuation,
every letter, every word with tenderness in every fold.
And always sealed with a kiss shaded of your lips.
Willow, I had to write you in the longhand you so loved
today to tell you I miss you terribly.
Were it possible to send letters from heaven,
I would send this letter of love written in my own longhand.
This blue ribbon will hold secure these hand-written
love notes to you signed also, “forever yours”.
Forever is long enough for me to bring and read them
To you on some sunny afternoon on a Sunday, some day.
For now, as this New Year is here, know this,
I send this hand-written letter with all my love.
So until we meet again sweet friend, fly!

Forever Yours,