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Digital Passions #10
published Monday, February 11, 2002


Valentine's Day Special by Poet deVine
A Valentine’s Present for You by Ron Carnell
Dear Honey by Michael Mack
My Darling by Kit McCallum
Forever More … Lizzy by 1Slick_Lady
Hello by BloomingRose
Dear Phantom Lover by Karen Torbiak
Touch Me by Eagle One
My Love by Nancy
You Are My Poem by Lyra Nesius
My Love by James Parker Haley
My Darling Man by Marsha
You're The Poetry Of Me by Melissa P. Monette
From a Distance by SmartChick
Sea of Recollect by SEA
Forever Yours by Sharon
Was It Just a Dream? by Son Netier
My Love by Elizabeth Santos

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Ron Carnell
Passions in Poetry


Valentine's Day Special
Love Letters

by Poet deVine

We issued a simple challenge to the poets of the PiP Forums. Write a love letter to someone – mother, father, husband, wife, sibling, lover, child or friend. And, oh my! There was an overwhelming response and the love flowed for weeks upon our pages!

The love letters captured below are just a sampling of what was an outpouring of love – declarations from the heart.

In these uncertain times, our Passions in Poetry poets know there is one thing in life that you can count on - love. And they know that if you love someone, you should let them know it. Please share these poems, these love letters, with someone you care about. May you find the love in your heart this coming year.

Happy Valentine’s Day
Poet deVine


A Valentine’s Present for You
by Ron Carnell

No, it’s not chocolate or flowers. And don’t even THINK about expensive jewelry. But it is, I believe, something most of you will appreciate.

As most already know, the main Passions in Poetry site has been very quiet for a long time now. We turned off submissions and haven’t had a major update in ages. The largest single reason for that was disk space – we plumb ran out of room. Our dedicated server, Ceres, is close to three years old and – sadly – is running out of steam.

Enter Aphrodite.

This announcement is honestly a little premature, because our new server has been ordered but isn’t yet on-line. That will take another four or five days. And when Aphrodite is finally ready, it will take me about a week to get her configured. So, let’s consider this a belated Valentine’s present that will actually surface sometime before the end February. Exactly when will depend on how much sleep I can skip this month.

Aphrodite will be 2.5 times faster than Ceres, have three times as much memory, and instead of a measly 2 gigabytes of available disk space, she’ll come with a whopping 18+ gigabytes. Lots of room for lots of new poetry! I intend to immediately take advantage of that space, too, by adding several thousand poems from my backlog before she even comes on line. If that doesn’t keep you busy for a few days, Submissions for new poetry will ALSO be enabled again.

Did I mention that ALL of our software has been rewritten? Did I mention the ton of new features we’ll have? I didn’t? Oh. Well, maybe Poet deVine will give me a little room next month to talk about all of that …


Dear Honey
by Michael Mack (aka Balladeer)

Dear honey...well, it's been a while
Since I took pen in hand.
I've meant to write you sooner -
Sometimes things don't go as planned.

There always seems so much to do
With work and school and such.
Please know that I am missing you
And love you very much.

The job? Oh, it's about the same.
Not too much I can say.
Each day is like the one before
Without a raise in pay.

The flowers that we planted new,
Last spring, if I recall
Have blossomed out quite beautifully
Against the garden wall.

The neighbors ask if you're ok.
Sometimes they turn away
When I say that you're fine and you'll
Be home soon any day.

The boys have been a real help.
They pitch in with the chores
Though Jimmy's only nine years old
And Mikey just turned four.

But Mikey takes the garbage out
While Jimmy cuts the lawn
And, late at night, when tucked in bed
They ask me where you've gone.

I tell them that you're searching for
That thing you have to find
To give your life importance and
Relieve your troubled mind.

Then, once you find it, you'll return
And, once again, we'll be
What we had been before you left..
A real family.

Well, look at me, I'm rambling on
And here it's almost two.
Just want to tell you we are fine
And really missing you.

I don't know where to send this 'cause
I'm not sure where you are
But that's ok. You love us and
You can't be very far.

I'll put it with the others
Piled high on the kitchen shelf.
When you come back you'll have the time
To read them for yourself.

Well, honey, not much more to say.
Be nice to feel your touch.
The boys and I are waiting here.
We love you very much.


My Darling
by Kit McCallum

My darling, it has been a while,
I miss you very much,
I miss the tenderness we shared,
I miss your loving touch.

I'm sorry that I walked away,
However, now I know,
That I should not have left your side …
It seems so long ago.

I searched and searched to no avail,
My quest has been in vain;
A hollow journey on my own,
With emptiness and pain.

I wished so many times that I
Could wander back to you,
But each day, it grew harder
To apologize a'new.

The distance seemed to widen,
As the days grew dark and long,
The time that passed just seemed to
Make it worse, to right my wrong.

I'm sorry for the hurt I've caused,
My guilt has been immense ...
I'd wish for your forgiveness,
But I have no good defense.

I'd ask you for a second chance,
But know I can't un-do,
The pain and anguish I have caused,
To both the boys and you.

So I will place this letter
In the box beside my bed,
Along with all the others,
Tucked away to you … un-read.


Forever More … Lizzy
by 1Slick_Lady

Forever More … Lizzy
by 1Slick_Lady

My Dearest Lord Byron,
yes, it is me again, Liz
when I caress the pages
you held
(I whisper)
my heart flows from
the ink of his
I rush to write you
a few words of my own
but the silence is broken
by a loud beating tone
you leave me so breathless
I almost feel faint
to you my emotions and words
can find no restraint
I am a lady and should not speak
in this course
but when I read you
breath is labored and forced
you speak in tones
so tender and sweet
I rush to read you
beginning to end complete
I finish this letter
and send it quickly to you
Lord Byron, Lord Byron
I do adore you too

Forever more, Lizzy


by BloomingRose

I look into the eye of heavens sky
it's you I can't deny.
It burns, yet I go.
I'll seek you as my shade,
a comfort in the heat,
tho at times it's bittersweet.
Words on paper seem surreal,
but I know what I feel.
The stars will shine
after we cease
but intertwined,
our souls will be.
That is why~
you are my man



Dear Phantom Lover
by Karen Torbiak (aka Startime)

Hot passion trembles through my hands
as I find words to write
My body fills with love’s demands
while flames in me ignite

My words burn from heart to pen
as thoughts fill with desire
Please come to me tonight again
to feed this burning fire

Brown eyes ablaze as feelings flow
and beckon you to me
A sensual kiss I’ll bestow
heating us by degree

Recline within my soft embrace
upon my beating heart
With soft fingers, your flesh, I’ll trace
as shivers they impart

Dear Phantom lover hear my call,
come join with me tonight
May this vision hold you enthrall
and each of us excite


Touch Me
by Eagle One

Touch me
Make me believe

Hold me
Not to deceive

Embrace me
Not to relieve

Feel me
Throughout the weave

Love me
My soul, it heaves

Know me
Won't you believe?


My Love
by Nancy (aka Enchantress)

The heart does not forget the things
that made it feel so light...
It keeps in loving memory
the smiles, so warm and bright.

The heart does not forget such things
and this is more than true~
When a heart is filled with memories
such loving thoughts of you.

Don't count the miles between us...
they don't matter much at all...
Just count the many joys we've shared,
the big ones and the small.

Count the thoughts that bring us close...
the memories fond and dear~
Then the miles that lie between us
… will just magically disappear.

Loving you forever ...
Forgetting you never.


You Are My Poem
(to my husband David)

by Lyra Nesius (aka Madame Chipmunk)

You are my poem
you've written yourself gently into my heart
from first delicate verse
each couplet laced with love
and metaphors of romance
your passion for me alone, set apart

you are my song
you've sung your way softly into my soul
each note resounds with warmth
your tender melody
strikes chords of our merging selves
two becoming one, becoming whole

you are my love
you've woven your dear spirit into my keep
bonded by ribbons of trust
our intertwining souls
share lustful fantasies
inspired thoughts, so deep

you are my forever
for me, you've spun lover's castles, ornate
our rainbow colored passion
builds bridges to tomorrow
across rivers of life, uncertain
we cannot know, the fates


My Love
by James Parker Haley

Oh where is night without your kiss
The bliss the bliss the bliss
The touch of heaven with your skin
Within within within

Lonely is this cold and empty bed
Oh dread oh dread oh dread
The silken sheets like Roses blush
The lust the lust the lust

A fallen glass of ruby wine
Denied denied denied
The wait and rush of heated touch
The crush the crush the crush

The wetness of your baited breath
Caress caress caress
The slick and slide of heated flesh
Oh death oh death oh death

The moments of the nights gone past
The flash the flash the flash
This letter to a wild and fallen dove
My love my love my love.


My Darling Man
by Marsha

My darling man, I start to write the words begin to flow
My beloved one so true and dear you set my heart aglow
The words race across the page inscribed in passions ink
My writing flowing easily across this sheet in pink
We’ll never know another parting, together we will be
For as I’m yours then you are mine we’re bound eternally
No wind or rain no sleet or snow can keep us far apart
And as I send this letter love I’ll also send my heart

My dearest heart I write some more the words flow ever on
My only one I know for sure our love will n’er be gone
My heart you hold within your grasp my soul waits with you
And though my body must be here I swear that I’ll be true
There’ll be no intruders at my gate I’ll let no others in
For this I promise faithfully I will n’er commit that sin
I have been unfaithful in the past yes that much is true
But I will spend the rest of time simply loving you

My hearts desire I write the words flowing from my heart
My love you are the only one and of me you are a part
No road too long or sea too wide I’d cross the mountains high
And one day soon my darling man you’ll feel again my sigh
No matter what no matter when my heart belongs to you
It matters not the cost to me I promise I’ll be true
If ever I should fail you if I once forget this vow
I'll return again to you I’ll manage that somehow


You're The Poetry Of Me
by Melissa P. Monette (aka Melissa Honeybee)

We are piece to puzzle
of love meant to be,
you are my fated home
in your eyes, I see me

My very life is yours
to mesh with your impassion
you dress my cheeks with kisses
flushed with heaven's fashion

Diamond glints of cloud
romance the swirls of sky
tracing curves of skin
to leap on lullaby

You cool a summer's breeze
igniting passion's fire
escaping into you
with destiny's desire

We dance an ageless sway
'neath the moon of toffee cream
strokes of light penetrate
this now enraptured dream

You brush against my soul
in uplifting reverie,
and, I bask in afterglow,
lips breathe eternity

Whenever, forever...
Camelot is ours
you're the heart of my heart -
my stairway to the stars

You're the poetry of me,
you are my everything,
I bow before the throne of love
for you, my only king


From a Distance
by SmartChick

This heart of mine had been closed
For so many, many years
I swore I would never love again
To feel the pain I felt before
On that day, when I first met you
A friend is all I wanted to be
Somehow you managed to slip in
This broken heart of mine

I will love you until the day I die
Even if we are not together
My love for you I cannot ignore
Because it is so real
Memories of the love we shared
Still linger in my mind
I've never known love like this
One I just cannot ignore

I need the love you once gave me
Not the silent treatment I get
To feel the love we once shared
Is what I need from you
The love I feel for you continues
Staying inside my heart
But, I think it is time for me to go
I'll love you from a distance


Sea of Recollect
by SEA

He called to her in visions
he spoke to her in dreams
he wasn’t letting go of her
he wasn’t through it seems

He made her remember
the way it used to be
he held her mind in passion
of their time by the sea

He whispered to her soul
sung that familiar melody
and took her back once more
to that coastal memory

He touched along her spirit’s lines
wanted her heart to reminisce
wanted her to hear the ocean’s roar
revoke his melting kiss

And how he succeeded
to fill her with love’s reflect
yet another wave of ache
in her sea of recollect


Forever Yours
by Sharon (aka Mysteria)


Its January 1, 2001, a new year Jenna.
Last night at midnight we danced to a Celtic tune.
I wonder, did you feel my hands in yours?
On leaving the old year behind,
I sat, with shaking heart and hand
writing you a letter to tell you one last thing.
I am letting you go Willow, fly!
Hanging onto the sorrow of loosing you buries
all joy we had for so long that was vibrant and alive.
I still write you every Sunday since you left,
even though I have received not one letter from you.
Oh how I treasure those letters kept written in your own hand.
Saved are the letters written from the tears in my soul,
wrapped in the very blue ribbon I undid
from your beautiful hair the day you left me.
Oh how I miss your long, hand-written letters.
Remember your closing?
Forever yours, I’ll write you soon it said, and you did.
I teased you, as forever was such a long time.
Now sitting here I weep for our forever that was taken.
I miss the sweet, gentle sweep of your stylus
each and every stroke of your art on that fine thin parchment.
My eyes long to see your “i’s” smile.
To see that “W” insignia overtaking the corner of your stock.
To let my eyes sweep along your longhand artistic “e's” and “s’s”.
I loved the way you started your sentences.
I felt I was reading a storybook.
The first letter so intricate, like the steps of your shoes
as you would whirl in circles in every sudden gust of wind.
Yes, your letters I judged as terribly ornate and vain,
with most lines twisting, and traveling
along a meandering path of dancing butterflies,
like the gilt letters beginning every fairytales.
You laughed as I teased you about your letters.
That ever-arousing cleavage of your “v”, so like velvet.
That tempting hook to your “j” that captivated my very soul.
Those “l's” so very pungently floral,
as the delicate fragrance of you on your stationery.
The petals of your lips sealing every punctuation,
every letter, every word with tenderness in every fold.
And always sealed with a kiss shaded of your lips.
Willow, I had to write you in the longhand you so loved
today to tell you I miss you terribly.
Were it possible to send letters from heaven,
I would send this letter of love written in my own longhand.
This blue ribbon will hold secure these hand-written
love notes to you signed also, “forever yours”.
Forever is long enough for me to bring and read them
To you on some sunny afternoon on a Sunday, some day.
For now, as this New Year is here, know this,
I send this hand-written letter with all my love.
So until we meet again sweet friend, fly!

Forever Yours,


Was It Just a Dream?
by Son Netier

In light softly glowing by the moonbeams
My eyes adjust to see sleeping beauty,
It’s real although a fantasy it seems
To wake with your magic beside of me.
Arriving unexpected while I dream,
I see you watch my waking to what is real,
Blue eyes sparkle in a skin of light cream,
I hesitate to dissipate with feel,
But reaching I enfold you in my dream,
We intertwine beyond waking moments
Mingle fantasy and glowing moonbeams,
Then the sun rises and the night is spent.
~ The sound of the closing door wakes me up,
~ A note rests under a steaming teacup.


My Love
by Elizabeth Santos

My Love,

You are the dawning’s first-born shade of light
The flush of rose invading skies of night
Soft purple hues around the mountain’s edge
The golden casts that touch the canyon’s ledge

You are the morning mist upon the bay
That lifts its curtain to unwrap the day
You are the piercing warmth of silver beams
That wedge their way into my morning dreams

You are the sun, the heat, the light of life
You kiss away the tears of dark and strife
You came into my world and turned around
The bearing of the footpath I was bound

You sailed me on the silver-crested sea
Toward crimson skies and waves that cradled me
When twilight fell upon the sailing ship
Sweet words of love unspoken passed your lip

Then all the stars came out to greet the night
And shrouds of darkness turned to beams of light
You placed among the heaven’s twinkling flames
A starry constellation of my name

And there it shone til dawn’s sweet purple hue
Poured o’er the mountain’s edge in shades of you
You are the splendor I’ve been dreaming of
You’ll always be my one and only love
From your sweetheart