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Digital Passions #2
published March 23, 2000


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Editor's Musings Welcome, Introduction and Thanks

Anchor Point (first poem)

Passionate’s Family Tree
By Lucie

Welcome newest members
to our passionate family.
In this site you'll learn of prose,
free verse and rhyming poetry.
We welcome you with open arms
and read with open hearts.
Cause just like in a family
each person plays a part.

The joys and hurts we write about
sometimes are quite the same.
Some poems have similarities
different places, different names.
We'll try to be constructive
with our comments and replies.
Don't want to damage egos
or discourage future tries.

Take your time and look around
and you will start to see,
There are many different branches
to this poet family tree.
There are love poems, sad poems,
and friendship poems, too.
Greeting cards and forums
with instructions what to do.

This site has been created by
the most wonderful of men.
Ron, accomplished poet...
he's our mentor and our friend.
You'll see if you just look around
the Moderators too.
They comment and encourage
and they write great poems too.

So if you'd like to stick around
we'd be glad to see you stay.
Click on Register and join us,
2451 strong as of today.


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