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Digital Passions #2
published March 23, 2000


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Interview with Alicat by Nicole Boyd [Satiate]

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a very talented writer and poet for this issue of Digital Passions; he is known in the Passionate Forums as Alicat. His varied writing style is excellently shown in his many poems and one-acts, each possessing its own unique voice. Couple such talents with a very clever wit and you have a delightful read, to say the least. So come walk with me, my friends, over to the window that will show us a glimpse of what makes this exceptionally creative man tick.

S: First off...why 'Alicat'?

A: Well, back about 11 years ago, I got tired of my first name, Michael (too many Michael's around) so I started using Alastair. A female friend decided that was too pompous and shortened it to Ali... Alicat was the next logical step. Plus, I have a lot of feline in me.

S: I like it, suits you.

A: Thanks.

S: How long have you been writing?

A: Since '89, first year of college... don’t know how it happened, just did. Now it is like breath to me.

S: I understand. Do you have to be inspired by something?

A: It all depends... sometimes it just comes and I write fervently before it passes... other times something external sparks the flame. A book, a movie, a line, an accent, butterflies, sunsets, anything could trigger it. I have a very, very, very fertile imagination, and see scenes in my head, real and imagined... sometimes that is the catalyst.

S: Any particular setting that you are fond of?

A: Hmm... well, I usually carry around a notebook and pen... anywhere is good for me. I've written in some odd places at odd hours.

S: I've looked at your website (like it) and noticed you're Scottish.

A: Yep, Clan Gordon and Mackintosh. Mainly Gordon.

S: Do you have, oh please pardon the term, 'clan meetings' that you attend?

A: Nope... I would love to meet others of my ancestral heritage, but lack the time and funds to facilitate. About the only thing I can sometimes do is the SCA.

S: Which is?

A: The Society for Creative Anachronism, a living history society focusing on the life and times between 600 and 1600 A.D.

S: How interesting!

A: Very... I have a great love of medieval history.

S: How did you come across Passions In Poetry?

A: Ladycat, a very wonderful friend, happened to be sent a poem from there from another party, which she in turn sent to me. I checked it out, read some, read some more, and decided to submit one poem. Been hooked ever since. Ron is wonderful, as is Nan and DeVine. Balladeer has captured my eye for many a spell, and the entire community has blessed my creative life.

S: It truly is a wonderful place, I am certainly glad I happened across it! Ok... If you were to have someone comment on your work, who would you just love it to be? Not limited to the Resident Poets, it can be anyone dead or alive.

A: Hmmm.... toughie. Poe for my darker works, Shakespeare for my one-acts and sonnets. I guess for a current poet(ess), I would love to be critiqued by Maya Angelou.

S: Why?

A: Well, she is an author (still living) that I have read and greatly respect... I love her work.

S: Are you, one day, looking to be published?

A: That is a dream I wish to be reality, but one day at a time.

S: Words to live by, for sure. I would love to one day have a novel or two published... but it is as you said... One day at a time. I'm a book nerd, I love to read.

A: Same... which is why I have glasses now... too eager a reader while a wee lad.

S: Who is your favorite author?

A: Toughie again. Tolkien, Thurber, Shakespeare, Poe, Hobbs, Goodkind, Lawhead.

S: When you write, do you want to make a statement? Change someone's outlook?

A: Sometimes, but not normally. I write to write, regardless of audience. In the beginning it was a cathartic release which gradually evolved.

S: Well, I must say that you have certainly enlightened my evening, I'm pleased to have met you.

A: Well, I've always held that a light on a hill cannot be hid, nor should it.

Note: If you would like to learn more about Alicat, please check out his website. Also, check out Ali's substantial contributions to Passions.


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