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Digital Passions #2
published March 23, 2000


Editor's Musings by Sunshine
Anchor Point (our opening poem)
Active Pageto WIT (Welcome, Introduction and Thanks)
Poetic License by Balladeer
Mid Point (our second poem)
Image-inary by Nancy Ness
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Interview with a Poet by Nicole Boyd
Closing Point (our final poem)
The Final Word by Poet deVine
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Anchor Point (our opening poem) Poetic License

to WIT by Ron Carnell
(Welcome, Introduction and Thanks)

It's been a while, my friends. For those who have been patiently awaiting your first issue of Digital Passions, I offer my humble apologies for the delay. The good news is our poetry newsletter will no longer depend entirely on me. A very large handful of very generous friends from the Passionate Forums have graciously donated their time and considerable talents to bring you this issue - and the many, many more to follow.

There are a lot of things I could discuss with you today.

I could talk about the phenomenal growth Passions in Poetry has seen in our first year of existence. I could talk about the innumerable friendships I've developed because of Passions, both at the main site and within our very active Passionate Forums. I could (and probably should) talk about our next major update and the very imminent prospect of again accepting new submissions at the main site. I could talk about our upcoming book (you know, those things still printed with paper and ink), about our soon to be launched new web site called 100 Poems, or about any one of the dozen or so projects soon to explode from Passions.

But as tough as it for me to be brief, I'm going to skip all those exciting topics this time around. Rest assured you'll hear about them soon enough. Instead, I'm simply going to bid you welcome, thank you for your time and support, and let you get on with the rest of this educational and very entertaining issue.


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