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Digital Passions #4
published July 21, 2000


Editor's Column by Sunshine
Active PageRambles from Ron
Word Play by Doreen Peri
Potty Party poem
... Humorous Nature by Christopher Ward
Upwardly Challenged poem Craig Walker
Interview - Kit McCallum by Sven
Limericks by Nancy Ness
Inspiration by StarrGazer
The Meeting poem Poet deVine
The Final Word by Poet deVine
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Editor's Column Word Play

Rambles from Ron
by Ron Carnell

Where do I begin? If you've visited the News page at Passions lately, you already know there will be a major poetry update within the next week. You already know that, with this update, Passions will again be accepting new poetry. You already know we're adding a brand new greeting card section. You even know about "Voices on the Web" and how to submit your own poetry to our first-ever printed-on-real-paper book of poetry, due out this Autumn. And if you haven't visited the News page, you're probably hopelessly confused by now. But I figure you know how to rectify that.

About the book: There's less than a week remaining to get your poetry submitted in the Forums, though voting will continue for several more weeks. It doesn't cost anything, and it's your opportunity to get published, so dust off those favorite verses and get them submitted. Now. Oh, and here's a little tip, just between you and me (everyone else please skip to the next paragraph). If you have a poem published at the main site, and especially if it has a little star next to it, you might want to NOT submit that for the Voices book. I can't tell you why. Suffice it to say that Voices is our first book, but it won't be our last.

About the newsletter: Those of you who know me, know about the only thing I do well is listen. Poet deVine (our editor-in-chief) and I would REALLY like to hear from you and get some ideas on how the Digital Passions newsletter is impacting you. Would you like to see more poetry and less articles? Would you like more depth to the articles? Less depth? Do you enjoy the personal insights into the lives of our poets? Would you like to see the newsletter published more often? Less often? Just about everything at both the main site and in the forums has come from ideas from people just like you. Let's not let Digital Passions be any different!,


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