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Digital Passions #4
published July 21, 2000


Editor's Column by Sunshine
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Word Play by Doreen Peri
Potty Party poem
Active Page... Humorous Nature by Christopher Ward
Upwardly Challenged poem Craig Walker
Interview - Kit McCallum by Sven
Limericks by Nancy Ness
Inspiration by StarrGazer
The Meeting poem Poet deVine
The Final Word by Poet deVine
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Potty Party poem Upwardly Challenged poem

Something of a Humorous Nature
by Christopher Ward

It never ceases to amaze me when I think of the resiliency of the human spirit.

Specifically, I'm speaking of what happens when you throw a diverse group of people (did someone say poets?) together in a forum and watch them interact. To see that tangled web of wit and witticism, the by-play of words, and intimations is enough to make a person go insane!

That these people manage to be so kind and caring - much less be on a civil speaking level - is enough to almost renew your faith in the basic goodness of mankind.

Someone once asked if people thought that poets were more "intense." After spending almost a year at this loveable madhouse called 'Passions Forums'; I'd have to emphatically say YES! We have more egos and disparate opinions than most legislative bodies! We have people who believe the Earth is square, people who believe Elvis is working in a donut shop near downtown Seattle, and people who believe that you should not believe in anything.

Inevitably, someone will get in an uproar over what the other said and will end up duking it out in digital ink. More often than not, the instigator is simply doing that, stirring up trouble for the sake of pushing those poetic buttons. Back and forth they go, yelling and screaming loudly in bold letters until finally, "dad" comes in with his wisdom (I think he gets it from a book by that Dr. Spock guy) and calmly sits everyone down while he patiently explains the facts of life in the stern but kind voice of reason. This voice echoes loudly across the land, (taking up a lot of bandwidth) impressing itself onto even the most close-minded.

Everyone then sits around in a stupefied daze, looking at each other in a different light (mostly a pale blue and neon green). The group hugs, kisses and makes up, vowing to love their fellow humans forever after. Of course, the next day someone starts a fight over whether the toilet seat should be left up or down. But, for the briefest of moments there is harmony in the land of digital passions and all is well.

And this is what I mean by resiliency. Even through the darkest hours, one can be assured that as the sun shall rise, the poets shall bounce back with a fervor seen in few other forums. One could say that it's amazing that these strange creatures we call writers care so much for each other despite their differences, but I see it otherwise. I think they care so much because they're so different!


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