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Digital Passions #4
published July 21, 2000


Editor's Column by Sunshine
Rambles from Ron
Word Play by Doreen Peri
Potty Party poem
... Humorous Nature by Christopher Ward
Upwardly Challenged poem Craig Walker
Interview - Kit McCallum by Sven
Limericks by Nancy Ness
Active PageInspiration by StarrGazer
The Meeting poem Poet deVine
The Final Word by Poet deVine
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Limericks The Meeting poem

Where I Get My Inspiration
by Shan Crider aka StarrGazer

Have you ever stood out in an open field and heard the wind whispering through the trees behind you? Have you ever seen the grass swaying with laughter? Ever heard the birds' chatter floating through the air and wondered what their conversation was about? What the grass finds so humorous? Or what possible mysteries the wind holds? Have you ever tried to put yourself in some one else's position, to feel their emotions?

Writing allows me to do this. I can transpose my emotions onto an object and, for a moment or two, give it a voice. I can become the bird, the grass, and the wind. Life is my inspiration for writing, the good, the bad; the real, the surreal; all seem to blend together. Happiness and sadness, nature and people make up this magnificent, but sometimes tragic, story that begs to be told.

All these things whisper to my heart and give my pen a little nudge. My pen then helps them come to life, so, for an instant, someone might see things as I do, and might somehow relate. Each blade of grass, each feather, each tear drop, each smile becomes my muse and inspires me to write.


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