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Passions in Poetry

Digital Passions
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Digital Passions #4
published July 21, 2000


Editor's Column by Sunshine
Rambles from Ron
Word Play by Doreen Peri
Potty Party poem
... Humorous Nature by Christopher Ward
Upwardly Challenged poem Craig Walker
Interview - Kit McCallum by Sven
Limericks by Nancy Ness
Inspiration by StarrGazer
The Meeting poem Poet deVine
Active PageThe Final Word by Poet deVine
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The Final Word
by Poet deVine

We hope you enjoyed this issue dedicated to humor in poetry. If you'd like to read more, please follow this link to the Humor Section poetry at Passions.

You will always find emotion in poetry, something to make you smile or make you cry. We hope you've smiled today. As always, if you'd like to ask a question or make a suggestion, please contact me at: I'd be happy to help.

Until next time, take care!


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