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Digital Passions #5
published September 10, 2000


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Abraham, Martin, and John The Final Word

Visitor Feedback
with a special poem

We find the best things in our mailbox sometimes. Luisa sent this letter and after getting her approval, we are posting it here (along with her poem). Enjoy!


Hi Ron! I read the newsletter and I think it's great. It was fun and also an inspiring magazine to both amateur and professional writers. I'd been hooked in doing poems since I was 1n my teenage years. I am now 24 years old, and thank God my passion in writing didn't subside, as I grew older and wiser. Hope so! Thank God I discovered You see I was really looking for a site where I could really relate and share my passions in poetry. I think there's always a place for each person and I think I have found my place now. I think you're one of the main reasons why is now enjoyed by many people who appreciate good writing and beautiful poetry, and thank you for creating this site for us. I believe writers are the most generous people of the planet, for they always want to share what they feel and what they know, thanks for sharing all your time and talent. I hope your passion never ceases!

Here's a sample of my poem, please give some advice, I really need to know if my work is worthy of reading. Thanks!

A Picture of Denial
by Luisa

with tears
accompanying his thoughts,
He takes it all in.

Grief, pain
A dungeon of feelings
he can't escape.
It was with Him.
Traveling, roaming
Searching for answers.

His movement desolate,
His movement streaked
with sorrow
He could no longer
see the reason,
The real & tangible reason.

Leaving no space for the mind
to search for better thoughts.
Simply because,
He surrendered,
And He had stop remembering.


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