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Digital Passions #5
published September 10, 2000


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I Know You
by Ron Carnell

I know you.

You are the child, now grown,
hypnotized by the rhythmic cadence of Mother's voice.
You are the toddler, always falling,
exploring dark and hidden places, forever reaching.
You are the school child, still learning,
the word "Why?" imprinted on your psyche.
You are the teen, hormones flaring,
engulfed equally by love and lover's grief.
You are the adult, living life,
discovering joy and pain anew every day.

You are the man,
you are the woman,
you are the writer,
awash with memories,
drowning in feelings,
teeming with desires,
a vortex of wise answers
and wiser still questions.

I know you.
You are my brother, my sister, my other self.

I know you. I do.
You are a poet.