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Digital Passions #6
published November 15, 2000


Editor's Column by Karilea Jungel (Sunshine)
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Thanksgiving Poetry  Lone Wolf
Interview with Poertree by Christopher Ward
After the Murder of my Wife by Poertree
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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Beatnik Era by JP Burns
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Friendship Poetry selected by Elizabeth
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Writer's Resources on the Internet Interview with Poertree

Thanksgiving Poetry
Selected by Lone Wolf

To Dawn
by Lone Wolf

Cape Cod Cranberry Sonnet
by Nancy Ness (Nan)

by Sven

Thanksgiving (From The Turkey's Point Of View)
by Gunslinger


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As I was putting this selection of poetry together, I kept thinking of the things I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving. While I am thankful for many things in my life, one in particular stood out. This year I am most thankful for my friends. They have been wonderful as always, and I want to say to each one of them that they mean the world to me. One friend in particular deserves special thanks: my best friend, Dawn. Without her, I have no idea where I would be today. I wrote the following poem to express the things I like most about our friendship.

To Dawn
by Lone Wolf

I give thanks for…
Having such a great friend
Whose love will never end

I give thanks for…
Having you in my life
Amidst the turmoil and strife

I give thanks for…
All you continue to do
Just because you're you

I give thanks for…
Each day we get to talk
Yes, even for those long walks

I give thanks for…
Being given this chance
To give you a small glance

I give thanks for…
You giving me a hand
For all your help is grand

I give thanks for…
The unending support
That includes words of comfort

I give thanks for…
You always being there
Showing how much you care

I give thanks for…
Those moments every once in a while
When I need it most you make me smile

I give thanks for…
Having met someone so dear
Whose friendship will be cherished through the years

I give thanks for…
Your very special way
Of knowing just what to say

I give thanks for…
Each of these things
And for the happiness you bring


While searching through Passion's archives, I came across a poem by Nancy Ness called "Cape Cod Cranberry Sonnet". I thought it gave some interesting insight into where the cranberries come from that we eat every Thanksgiving. Once I got Nancy's permission to use this piece, I asked her to provide a little background information. I think she says it best.

"I've been a Cape Cod addict since my teen-age years when I was what we called a 'summer resident,' so it only seemed natural that I would become a permanent resident as an adult. Visitors tend to correlate Cape Cod to its endless beaches and summer festivities, but are usually unaware of the year-round intrinsic beauty of this wonderful place. One of our most favorite times of the year is the fall. The weather is perfect, the beaches are still warm, and its cranberry-harvesting time. Local folks always look forward to stopping by the side of the road to watch as cranberries are collected from atop the flooded bogs. It's certainly a poetic experience - so this poem pretty much wrote itself."


Cape Cod Cranberry Sonnet
by Nancy Ness (Nan)

The waves roll on and gulls above soar high,
Lone foghorns chanting Cape Cod's solitude
The dunes at rest beneath the autumn sky
Envelop peaceful beaches once imbued.
Bright foliage adorns the countryside
Surrounding sundried bogs of cranberries.
This summer tourists' verdant welcome tide
Now boasts majestic hues of burgundies.
Synthetic lakes spew forth from each bog's moat
Releasing berries for the harvest day,
And buoyant crimson carpets lie afloat
In just abeyance being scooped away
To conjure up a sauce with Ocean Spray,
And have with turkey for Thanksgiving Day.


This next selection was written by Sven, often referred to as "Passion's resident romantic." It is a picture of some things he thinks about from Thanksgivings past.

When asked what Thanksgiving was like in his family, Sven replied, "We would all gather at a different house every year, all of my mom's family…and it would just feel right. Like there was nothing that would keep us from being there." The following poem is a reflection of those times.

by Sven

autumn's last leaf falls
the harvest now over
a chill fills the air

in this home
warmth surrounds you
like a blanket at night

memories shared
love shared
hopes shared

a time to reflect
and a time to look ahead
to give thanks for all

prayers offered
prayers heard

Thank you…


Once I found this next selection in the archives I just knew no article about Thanksgiving would be complete without it. I appreciate Gunslinger giving me permission to share this with you all.


(From The Turkey's Point Of View)
by Gunslinger

Thank God! It's finally over -
And now I'll get some rest…
It's been two weeks since I have dared
To go back to the nest.
I trust my mate is still around…
My lovely hen, dear Mabel -
I hope she wasn't dumb enough
To grace some human's table.
I'll never know why human folk
Think it's so much fun
To hit the woods and murder -
We turkeys with those guns
I'm six years old, last hatching -
And friend that's quite a feat…
With open season on us birds…
When we become…just MEAT!
I'll strut my stuff, and gobble loud
For just awhile…again!
I'll hide deep in the forest…
For it's Christmas coming then!
So why did I hen-scratch this out?
And post it here for you?
That you might see Thanksgiving
From the turkey's point of view.

From ALL of us at Passions in Poetry, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving 2000.