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Digital Passions #6
published November 15, 2000


Editor's Column by Karilea Jungel (Sunshine)
Writer's Resources by Nicole Boyd
Thanksgiving Poetry  Lone Wolf
Interview with Poertree by Christopher Ward
After the Murder of my Wife by Poertree
The Final Word by Poet deVine

* Bonus Features

Beatnik Era by JP Burns
My Creative Writing Class by Deborah Carter
Poetry Readings by Sven

* Bonus Poetry & Prose

Friendship Poetry selected by Elizabeth
Love Poetry selected by Irish Rose
Sad Poetry selected by Karen A.A. Hood
Teen Poetry selected by Krista Knutson
Spiritual Poetry selected by Marge Tindal
Short Fiction selected by Dopey Dope

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After the Murder of my Wife Beatnik Era: Poetry In The Coffeehouse

Final Word
by Poet deVine

Of all the things I'm grateful for this season, being a part of the Passions Team is high on my list. We have a wonderful group of members, Moderators, Newsletter Staffers and readers! I'd like to say thank you for another great year of wonderful poetry and prose.

And I'd like to give you all a hint about some of the upcoming issues of Digital Passions.

First our December issue will be overflowing with holiday poetry and prose, just in time to put you in the holiday mood. Then we have a double issue of Digital Passions that we are working that will focus on LOVE. And February is our busiest month because of Valentine's Day! We are already working on bringing you the biggest selection of the best poetry we have to offer. This issue will be dedicated to love in all it's forms - from the traditional love letter to the Internet's cyber love with everything in between. So if you know someone who 'loves' love poetry, now is the time to subscribe to Digital Passions so you don't miss out on the excitement!

And as always, if you have any questions or comments please email me at:


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