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Digital Passions #3
published May 24, 2000


Editor's Column by Balladeer
Anchor Point (our opening poem)
How The Net Affected my Poetry Marge Tindal
Interview - Michael Anderson by Krista Knutson
Mid Point (our second poem)
My Muse by Angel
Poetic Engines by Christopher
Closing Point (our final poem)
The Final Word by Poet deVine
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How The Net Affected my Poetry Mid Point (our second poem)



Interview with Michael Anderson by Krista Lee Knutson

Michael & Son
Krista: When did you first start become interested in writing and what (if anything) inspired it?

Michael: As long I can remember I've had a love for "rhyme." I was one of those seven year old kids who drove his parents crazy singing rhymes off the top of my head as loud as i could in the back seat of the car.

So far as "writing" itself, When I was a sophomore in high school, my English teacher read us a poem. It was called, "Alone" - by Edgar Allan Poe. I cried right there in class. It was the first time in my life I felt someone understood me. I wrote my first "real" poem shortly after.

Krista: I know that I find certain emotions and certain times of day evoke my creativity with writing. Is this the same for you, and if so when do you write the most?

Michael: It's not so much the time of day with me, It's more tagged to my emotion I think. When I am depressed I seem to write the most. My poetry serves as a release for some of the less appealing emotions... LOL I do notice, however, when the moon is full I seem to be much more inspired to write, whether or not emotion is involved.

Krista: Ok, I know people are interested in knowing about the people behind the poetry, so let's look into that a bit. What can you tell about yourself? Likes, dislikes, views on life, etc.

Michael: Well, about myself - I am a rebel down to the bone. Give me a rule, I'll be sure to break it. I don't conform to Society very well. Will probably die in jail somewhere. Likes: I like the outdoors, nature. The feeling of freedom. I love roller coasters - motorcycles are becoming a keen interest with me. I love thrill seeking - am dying to learn how to skydive.

Krista: How has Passions come to play in your life? What kind of effect has the exposure to so many forms of poetry and to so many people (both friends and those whom you have no relationship with) had upon you?

Michael: In Oct., 1998 I was posting on another poetry forum on the internet. For the most part, that was all I did. Post, reply maybe a little. For the most part the names I saw were just that - names.

That was when I ran into a man named Ron Carnell. He had posted a poem. I liked his "style" of writing so I decided to check out his website, Passions in Poetry. It was a brand new site with 20 or so poems posted, all by Ron, himself. His emotion poured in all of his works and his love for poetry I felt equal to mine, if not more so. So I posted a poem. It was for all intents and purposes a turning point in my life.

Ron and I became fast friends, as well as Poet deVine, who was my only internet friend before I came to Passions. I had told Ron from early on that his site would become the most popular site on the net. He didn't believe me at first. He does now. I was not surprised to see the growth of Passions at all, but I was surprised to make so many friends, myself. I had always been quiet, and tend to like life in the shadows. It became impossible to hide with so many caring people out there. Passions truly is my family.

I do receive a lot of attention from people I don't know as well. I only wish I had more time in the day to reach out to them as they reach out to me. I can't always reply to them all, but I do give them all of my heart in everything I write. That is the least I can do.

My poetry has grown leaps and bounds also since coming to Passions. I have learned so many things on forms and techniques that have help my writing immensely. I think the Workshops at Passions are a God send for any serious poet. And though the teachers may not always know I'm hiding in the back of the class, they are doing a wonderful job.

Krista: Michael, which poem have you written that you feel the most proud of?

Michael: For me, that would be Gossamer's Fandango.

Michael added that Poe is his favorite poet. He also suggested to me that we add his very first poem, which I thought was a wonderful idea. So, here it is.

by Michael Anderson

The night is silent as the lights go down.
Only the sound rain makes to the ground.
Lightning strikes across the sky,
Commands attention, then it dies.
But for one brief moment it ruled the night,
Flashing across the heavens, bold and bright.
Yet it was there and gone so fast,
Close your eyes, you still see the flash.
It didn't have to make a sound,
It lived till it burned to the ground.
Leaving the mark that alone won't lie,
Babe, lightning never strikes twice.
It's strong and powerful, bright and vast.
So tell me how come it can't last?
A bird can spread its wings to fly,
But it can only fly so high.
The lightning strikes across the sky,
Giving its life unto the night.
Bright as the fire was in your eyes,
For one brief moment, it touched our lives.
Commanded our hearts and our souls, then it died.
And lightning never strikes twice.


Note: If you would like to learn more about Michael, please check out his website. Also, check out Michael's substantial contributions to Passions.


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