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Digital Passions #3
published May 24, 2000


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How The Net Affected my Poetry Marge Tindal
Interview - Michael Anderson by Krista Knutson
Mid Point (our second poem)
My Muse by Angel
Poetic Engines by Christopher
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The Final Word by Poet deVine
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Mid Point (our second poem) Poetic Engines


My Muse - Where I Get My Inspiration
By Angel (Susie)

Where do I get my inspiration? Now there is a question. As of late, I think my muse has been on vacation, she left me for a couple days. Normally, I find inspiration in life. I write what I feel. Writing has become more or less a sanctuary for me, a place where I go when the world has turned its back on me and no one else is willing to listen. My notebook has become one of my greatest confidants, the one who will always understand, even when I do not. I have written some of my favorite poems and short stories at times when I believed I was too confused and upset to write anything at all. On the other side of the story, I have written pieces that made absolutely no sense to even me at times when I believed I was completely at ease with myself.

A lot of what I write comes from my surroundings. I believe poets are masters at expressing what they feel and I hope I am on my way to mastering the art of expression. If something affects my life a great deal, then it becomes very likely that I will at least try to write about it. As I read through the tablet in which I write all my hopes, dreams, and fears in short story or poetic form, I realize that the topics cover quite a wide spectrum. I also come to the conclusion that I enjoy writing from the point of view of another person, be it one of my friends who is in a tough situation or someone I have never even met. I enjoy walking a mile in someone's shoes, so to speak.

Honestly, most of the time, I am unsure of where or when my inspiration comes to me. I do know, that most of the time, it is when I least expect it, while other times it dances around in my head for hours, or even days before I get the right words express it. I am not able to simply sit down and write a poem, like some poets, I just have to let the words come to me, no matter when it happens to be. If I don't want to write it down at that very second, I've lost it. It may come to me at midnight or noon when I am sitting in school, but eventually it does come. I believe that all poets and writers alike find inspiration wherever they want. Some find their inspiration in a sunset, some in what they feel, and some, I suppose are like me and wait for their inspiration to come along. No matter where we find our inspiration, we are all one and the same, people who find joy in writing and love to express whatever we feel.


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