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Digital Passions #3
published May 24, 2000


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Poetic Engines The Final Word


Closing Point - our final poem

The Internet Poet's Wife
By Linda S. White
We used to just sit and talk,
And sometimes we'd hold hands and walk.
That was before the Internet life,
Now our marriage is filled with strife!
Now he's in an Internet poetic fog,
And I just want him to feed the dog.
He frames poems with birthday wishes,
I just wish he would help with dishes.
He sits e-mailing for hours and hours,
Whatever happened to sending flowers?
I have framed poems on all the walls,
And I just hate those voice-mail calls.
He types and e-mails up into the night,
In the morning he looks such a fright.
He Internets for hours by the clocks,
I just wish he would pick up his socks.
He has no time for huggin'and kissin',
He thinks his mail he'll be missin'!
He used to say I made him complete,
With this computer stuff I can't compete.
The love life has gone down the drain,
But finding someone new, is such a pain!
So I think I'll sit him down and explain,
I was so much happier before the Internet came!
You say, 'What if that doesn't seem to work?'
I can always beat the #%#* out of the jerk!!
(Aah...I knew he would see it my way!!)

(c) 1999 Linda White
(wife of Forum poet David L. White)


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