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Digital Passions
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Digital Passions #3
published May 24, 2000


Editor's Column by Balladeer
Anchor Point (our opening poem)
How The Net Affected my Poetry Marge Tindal
Interview - Michael Anderson by Krista Knutson
Mid Point (our second poem)
My Muse by Angel
Poetic Engines by Christopher
Closing Point (our final poem)
The Final Word by Poet deVine
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How The Net Affected my Poetry My Muse


Mid Point - Our Second Poem

Internet Love
By Danny Holloway

Words dancing cross computer screen
to one not near and face unseen
back and forth chosen words said
wanting more as each line read
words written with soulful inflection
feelings sent thru net connection
hopes and needs easy to confess
sent by each via e-mail address
aching hearts having gone unmet
sharing passion thru the internet
yearning to know what each would do
if eyes could meet and dreams come true
two hearts waiting thru endless day
for connection to electronic highway
as night fades more of each exposed
thoughts and dreams in words composed
together in spirit, their souls in sync
desires expressed thru computer link
a fantasy meeting known only in dreams
forever this longing, hopeless it seems
soft whispers coming only in word
touching a screen, pretending it's heard
strangers reaching for shared unity
beyond a faceless net identity
scrolling letters, a baring of souls
onto a dimlit screen that glows
from a distance their hearts can see
what binds them now, will set them free


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