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Digital Passions #7
published December 22, 2000


Editor's Column by Balladeer
Agony of Autumn's Greet by Serenity
Interview with Mike by Meadowmuse
Seasons of the Kaw by Mike
Special HOLIDAY Poetry Section
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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Poetry Slam by Nancy Ness
Even MORE Special HOLIDAY Poetry

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Love Poetry selected by Marie66
Sad Poetry selected by Starrgazer
Teen Poetry selected by Lovebug
Spiritual Poetry selected by Doreen Peri
Poems on Life selected by Jennifer Carden
Fiction - The Sad Dance by Martie

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Editor's Column Interview with Mike

Editor's Choice Poem

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Agony of Autumn's Greet
by Serenity

It is the time to gather seed,
as winds blow brisk, from Northwest.
A garden dies beneath the weeds,
as now, my tears, replace my sweat.
I pray that it will be enough
a sorrow's flood upon the soil,
to overflow from salt-rimmed cup,
and loose this clay, 'pon which, I toil.
An agony of Autumn's greet-
a gaze upon a gray cloud sky
still, I welcome sweet reprieve,
while plucking flowers that have died.
The ground is wet with my regret.
Next spring, I'll plant the best one yet.