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Digital Passions #7
published December 22, 2000


Editor's Column by Balladeer
Agony of Autumn's Greet by Serenity
Interview with Mike by Meadowmuse
Seasons of the Kaw by Mike
Special HOLIDAY Poetry Section
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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Weekly Meetings
by Wilfred Yeats

Years ago I watched
Fiddler on the Roof
Wondered at the feelings
The old father expressed
His desire to study the book
With the other men

Years ago I studied -
In college - the Gospels
Because I had to
Years ago - a wastrel
I led a life of fun
Intolerant of others
Who didn't share my views

One day I got sucked in
In time - not so long ago
A bunch of peers were to learn
As we studied together
The whole book

It is weekly now-
My faith still strong
I plod the ancient pages
We challenge, question, and wonder

And I think back
To that stripling lad
Who couldn't understand
Why that old patriarch
Loved his Talmud studies.
And why he was made
To study the gospels.


The Where or When or Why
by Doreen Peri

Some people believe in a Saviour
whether he's arrived or not.
Some people believe they've lived before
and they've got another shot.
Some people believe they're part of the trees
and part of the breeze and the sky.
Some people don't even think about
the where or when or why.

Some people are very adamant
about where they think they'll go
when they've stopped the living in this life
(they really think they know).
Some people believe in meditating
to relax their consciousness
and reach a state of euphoria
and everlasting bliss.

There are some things we all believe,
no matter who we are.
The vastness of the universe.
The brightness of a star.
The majesty of mountains.
The beauty in a rose.
The forever of an ocean.
The way a baby grows.
The love between two people
when they've found each other's eyes.
The memories of those who've gone.
A thundercloud that cries.
The colors in a sunset.
The friendships that are still.
The feeling in our bellies
when we've had our fill.
As days will close and moons arise
once again and then again
the sameness and the differences
gently settle in.
The sun comes up and then goes down
with stars illuminating.
Life in motion. Not by chance.
Forever recreating.

� doreen peri


The Next Dance
by Bonnie Church

You have shown me the red leaves of autumn,
And a rose that lives on through the frost,
You have given me sunsets on cold, crisp nights,
And You've found me when I have been lost.
You have walked with me through the meadow,
You have danced with me under the stars,
You have given me hope when hope was lost,
And You've healed so many old scars.
You have taken my hand when I was alone,
You've led me through darkness to light,
You've loved me when I was unlovable,
And You have helped me to make the wrong right.
You have gently taken my burdens,
You've sent angel's to hold and embrace,
You have given me strength when I was weak,
And You have filled my life with Your grace.
For this I humbly send up my prayer,
And I thank You for all that You give,
For showing that simply surviving,
Was really no way to live.
And for the rest of this journey,
That darkness won't have a chance,
I'll continue to walk in Your soft light,
And not miss our next moonlit dance.


by Balladeer

As years pass by on hurried wings I set myself to ponder
What lies in wait up there for me behind that starry yonder.
Some being that is all supreme is logical to me
But there must be a thousand symbols - which one can it be?

There are so many gods to choose from? How can this be done?
With each one stating that their god can be the only one.
Every church has its belief but there's one thing for certain
No one knows what happens on the far side of the curtain.

Yet every faith is sure they know what happens after death
And it will be their God there waiting at your final breath
But, should you choose another, you are doomed to die in vain
Though how they know is something they cannot seem to explain.

I've studied Buddhists, Moslems, Taoists, Christians and the Jews
Yet find there's something lacking still, no matter who I choose.
Perhaps there's just one God above with many different names
Who is the God for everyone, regardless of the claims.

I'd like to think there's someone I could pray my soul to take
But find that I have problems with the apple and the snake.
I'm told if I do not believe in faith considered blind
Then heaven will not open gates of entry for my kind.

So I will dwell on it no will be my plan
To concentrate on my life here and be a friend to man
All I can do is live my life as kind as I can be
And, if that isn't good enough, then Heaven's not for me.