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published December 22, 2000


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of love
I wish for
all my friends,
sent on hope that
each precious one of you
experience the blessings of
the season in abundant measure.
May the very best of love come your
way as you celebrate the joyous season of
with loved ones
in your presence.
~* by Marge Tindal *~


The Christmas Fairy
by Ellie leJeune

Those who believe
there is a very special
Christmas Fairy.

Once upon a time,
on Christmas Eve,
this fairy grants
her Christmas wish.
She made a magical visit
to two small children,
who asked for a most
extraordinary wish.
They asked of her,
could they please
meet Santa when he comes
to their house,
this magical night of
The fairy knew
she had to pull
a fast one,
to grant this wish!

When all was still,
this snowy Eve,
Santa slipped
quietly down the
proverbial chimney.
He quickly went about
unpacking his bag,
setting aside his
hat and pipe.
Presents he piled
under the tree,
and filled every
stocking to overflowing.
As he was ready to take
his leave, he reached for
his pipe and hat,
but they were nowhere
to be found!

For as he had set them aside,
the Christmas Fairy,
in her winsome trickery,
had sprinkled fairy dust
on hat and pipe...

Santa was beside himself,
for he could not fly
this frigid night,
bald as he was,
without his hat,
or his pipe to
blow smoke rings
that encircle his head
like a wreath!

So he told his elves,
who waited in the sled,
to please finish
delivering all the toys
to boys and girls
everywhere that they
not be disappointed
on Christmas morn.
Santa then went back
and fell asleep
in a chair,
having nothing else to do.
Christmas morning dawned,
in snowy crystal wonder,
as two little ones
bounced into the room,
with whoops of joy
only to discover Santa,
snoring loudly in the chair.
They stood in frozen
at this most unbelievable

The Christmas Fairy
was delighted
that the dear children
had their wish fulfilled.
At the fluttering of her
Santa awoke.
The moment he spied
her magical self,
he knew...
"well miss Christmas Fairy
you've done your best magic
of all this year",
and with this said,
he laughed long and loud,
to the amazement of the
who laughed a merry
Christmas laugh with Santa.

So the Fairy restored
Santa's hat and pipe,
and before he took
his leave to the
North Pole,
turned with a chuckle
and a grin,
kissed both children,
with a tickle of his beard,
and bade them a happy

To the Christmas Fairy,
he gave a wink and a nod,
and a chuckle too
"Aw, my Christmas Fairy,
you've made these little ones
so happy,
that I crown you thus...
The Queen of Christmas Magic
forever more" !!


Letter to Santa
by Sunshine

Dear Santa,
One day not too long ago, I sat down and wrote
"Dear Santa," on a piece of white paper, a note;
now, not just any note I know, but a very special one,
because I'm not of kiddy age, I've far surpassed 21!

"Dear Santa, please, allow me to explain"
I wrote before I could think back to when
I last wrote to Santa, so very, very long ago,
when asking for presents was indeed the vogue.

"I am not here asking anything just for me,
but I'd like some very special gifts, you see,
something for Peter, something for Paul,
something for the best man of them all.

"For I understand that people are seeking
the words long ago you were speaking
when you came in another one's soul
when the gifts were frankincense, and gold.

"For during this season, when want becomes need,
some people really do, do away with their greed,
and they are the ones, the Peters and Pauls,
that I would have you know, really do it all.

"So Santa, help me put Christ back in Christmas,
and instead of stuff in my stocking, let there be fuss
in homes of the needy, for I know for myself,
that the poor give plenty, they give of themselves."

And Lord, if you're reading my letter to Mr. Claus,
then grant me this prayer, and let all take pause,
to see what they have, and to allow them to share,
and in this way, they'll be richer; because they cared.

� KRJ 13 December, 1999


Once Upon a Christmas Eve
by Elizabeth Santos

Once upon a Christmas Eve, in blustery chill of night
The wind was blowing sparkling icy beads of crystal light
The powdery snow in spiral twists blew off new fallen mounds
And made a lovely wonderland across the moonlit ground

At midnight hour through howling wind, from places far or near
The sound of bells pierced through the night and touched upon my ear
The moon had passed behind a cloud alit in glowing light
And caste a shadow of a sleigh onto the misty white

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief of what I was to see
Nine reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh across a starry sea
But then it turned and sped right down upon our laden roof
Piled high with snow that muffled sound of sleigh and pausing hoof

I quickly hid myself from sight, for I had always dreamed
That some day I'd catch Santa Clause in white and puffy sleeve
And there he was, I know not how, for I had locked the door
I didn't think that Santa would come to a house so poor

For we had placed just one small toy beneath the Christmas tree
For each young child to open Christmas morning happily
But now it seemed that they would have more presents to receive
This Christmas would be happier than any I'd conceive

But Santa left his bag aside, and took no presents out
Instead he looked around and then he slowly turned about
For on a table we had placed a little stable scene
With Christ Child in the manger, as three kings bowed in esteem

Santa stood in wonder and then he said a prayer
Before the Lord and Savior, he knelt so humbly there
His words were spoken softly, and before he went away
He touched each empty stocking, not a toy did he display

So strange a scene disturbed the night, and I could sleep no more
Knowing Santa left not one small present for the poor
But then I fell into a slumber til the break of day
And laughed away my silly dream to start my Christmas Day

When morning broke, the children woke and rush downstairs to see
Each found his gift with ribbon wrapped beneath the Christmas tree
No presents in the stockings, as they could plainly see
But one boy looked in anyway, and said, "This is for me!"

It was a note from Santa Claus; it said you are so blessed
To have two parents who have given you such happiness
And so I leave for you this day a present from above
For Christ has sent for each of you a stocking full of love

And in each stocking was a note, that Christ had Santa leave
Full of love and blessings, for each child did true believe
The little ones then held the stockings to their hearts in praise
For they already understood the richness of their days


Dreaming Christmas
by Lighthousebob

Reindeer fly across a silvery sky
To the light of a candle lit room
Where an old man sits with his pipe aglow
And his eyes set upon the moon...

It is not Christmas when your lonely,
It is not Christmas unless your free,
There is much more to Christmas cheer
Than presents and a Christmas tree...

The old man sitting in his nightcap,
Spoke with a mumble and a tear in his eye
"My loved ones are all home for Christmas
And there is no place for I."

Well, the reindeer landed like thunder
With snow they came tumbling down
From the clouds, through the trees, upon the rooftop
Of the old man who was wearing a frown...

With a jingle and a jangle they clattered,
As the old fellow flew of with a nod
Through the door of his North Pole cottage,
Through the sleet, the snow, and the sod...

And he yelled, "I will be there for Christmas!"
As his sleigh loaded up to depart,
"Yes, I will be there for Christmas,
If only-- in my heart."

� Robert E. Michaud Jr.


Do Not Wonder at the Ice -
The Certainty of Christmas
by Doreen Peri

Do not wonder at the ice
clinging fast to leaves and grass -
since spring will come and ice will thaw
and all the things we see shall pass.
Encompassed by the winter bleak,
the coldness numbing hands and feet -
when then the sun, warm bright warm light
appears creating perfect heat.
The morning sun begins to melt
the crested snow upon the fence -
as we wait calmly for the spring
enraptured by the future tense.
In deepest chill, in darkest night,
and thinking there is no relief
when overcome by winter's plight -
when then the sun confirms belief.
We're certain that the sun will rise
and melt the snow and thaw the ice;
we're certain of the life of spring -
as certain as we are of Christ.

� doreen peri


Christmas in the Heart
by Ellie leJeune

I've spent too many
in a panic over
For in the past,
my brain was frantic,
at all that needed
to be done,,
Shopping, cooking,
fearful, would they
like their gifts?

My own personal
Martha Stewart hell!

Oh, the peace
that now I have
as Jesus is in
For once I surrendered
life and will,
His gifts they
never end.

Christmas now is
joy to me.
I do only what
feels right.
I know my limitations,
before all was only

Christmas now
is not in stores,
or frantic, sad

Christmas is here,
right in my heart,
where His love is,
all year round!


From the Forums
selected by Poet deVine

And now some special Holiday poetry from and for our family of friends. If you've never visited our PiPTalk Forums you may have not seen this poem written by Ron Carnell:

A home without a wall,
Our haven without ends,
A circle we all call
Our Family of Friends!

Nothing is dearer to us on the forum than our family and our family of friends. We'd like to share three special poems with you as a final Holiday treat. One, written by a mother and daughter, one by myself for the son of a Passionate Poet friend and one by the Grandmother of one of our resident poets.


WhtDove: My daughter Ashley, 8 years old, came up to me and said she was trying to write a poem. She asked for my help, and had already thought of a phrase, "Once upon a Christmas Night." So I asked her some questions on where she thought the poem might be going, how did she want it to rhyme and etc... She came up with the ideas, and I helped her put them together. I thought she came up with some catchy ideas, "once upon a Christmas night," and the angels, so we decided to write about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas. She's very pleased with this poem and was really excited and kept asking me if we could post it. She's even more excited to be able to share it with so many others. God bless and remember Jesus is the reason for Season. Keep Christ in CHRISTmas.


A Savior's Birth
by WhtDove and her daughter Ashley (age 8)

Once upon a Christmas Night
Appeared a star shining bright.
In the fields were shown to me
Two angels I could clearly see.
They told me of the Savior's birth
And how He'd come to save the Earth.
We gathered gifts that we would bring
The best of them fit for a king.
To Bethlehem we went that night
Followed the star that gave its light.
We found in manger baby boy
We praised his name and sang for joy.
The animals all gathered 'round
As each knee bent to the ground,
To worship on this Christmas Night
The KING that came to be our LIGHT.


Poet deVine: I wrote this poem for Mikey Anderson, the son of one of the resident poets at Passions in Poetry, Michael Anderson. Michael is one of my favorite poets, as we knew each other before the formation of Passions. Last year, Mikey posted some poetry with his dad and challenged the adults in the Open Forum to write a funny poem about Santa. This poem is what I wrote. I dedicate it to him and to everyone who still believes.


Santa Has a Bad Day
by Poet deVine

Santa radioed in to say
Christmas Eve wasn't going well
Two Reindeer had the flu and
Santa slid from a roof and fell

He scared a young child in Boise
Got bitten by a dog in Seattle
He got so flustered he even
Gave a teen in Chicago a rattle!

The Elves decided to give him
A welcome home surprise
They giggled as they built
A sight for poor Santa's eyes.

Mrs. Claus shook her head in wonder
At the creation she saw in the yard
The Elves worked into the evening
Thinking gift giving was really hard!

Santa warned them he was arriving
As his sleigh came in to land
So every Elf worker rushed outdoors
Greeting Santa with a marching band!

Santa looked down and saw
The welcome sign the Elves had made
Bright lights and glitter adorned it
With silver and gold inlaid

It stood twenty feet into the air
Arched like a rainbow in the sky
And as the sleigh approached the site
Suddenly the Reindeer started to shy

They swerved this way and that way
Throwing Santa to the floor of the sleigh
They bobbed and twirled, got tangled up
Til not one was going the same way.

The Elves, tumbling over each other
Grabbed a trampoline from the shop
Screaming for Santa to jump
Til they heard a horrendous pop!

Santa dove from the sleigh as it landed
On the roof of the workshop shed
And Santa, poor Santa fell
In a snow bank right on his head

Mrs. Clause ran to him quickly
To make sure he was all right
The Elves stood watching in horror
Gasping with horrible fright

Santa rose from the snow slowly
And turned to his Elfin staff
Then suddenly everyone smiled
As Santa began to laugh!

They laughed til their sides hurt
As they gathered the mess they made
Ever after this night was known
As Santa's Terrible Escapade!


Marge Tindal: This was written last year after remembering how quickly life can change the gathering of family. These were my thoughts the evening after Christmas


Polaroid These Moments
by Marge Tindal

'Twas the night after Christmas
I'm thinking to recall,
when presents were stuffed
in closets down the hall.

The merriment over,
the family and friends gone,
a return to the realm
of a now-quiet home.

The visions of memories
stir me to write
of moments like these
not lost in the night.

A daughter whose laughter
fills up the room
with caring and sharing,
no place for gloom.

Oldest son with his chosen
locked in an embrace
for the camera to see.

Middle son
sharing his delight
of the new-found love,
in his heart shining bright.

Youngest son,
grinning broadly,
at the very idea
of his two brother's folly.

The father,
the mother
and of course, the brother,
gathered together
for this Christmas with others.

Polaroid the moment
of a family of love,
reminded of family gone
to Heaven above.

Sister Shari not present
to see us this year.
We remember her love
with angelic cheer.

In Heaven, I just know
there's a Christmas tree,
decorated with the angels
of my memory.

Mother, Dad, brother Mike,
and sister Shari join in,
singing songs sweetly heard
of times that have been.

For all things we are thankful
we pause to recall,
as friends touched our lives
with a gift or a call.

I'm driven to exclaim
as they come into view,
thank God for memories !
Thank God for YOU !


Nancy Ness: Velma M. Carlson, my "Nana," was very fortunate to have been awarded the honor of "Poet Laureate," by her local community of Auburn, Massachusetts. She was very proud indeed, that they had recognized her and honored her for her talent.

Though Nana later settled in Massachusetts, she was born and raised in Aroostook County, Maine, where her family made potato farming their life's work. Much of her poetry, spanning nearly a century, was reminiscent of her early years and the special times that her family had spent together. Her later works were equally as nostalgic, but focused upon her own family… her children and grandchildren.

I had no idea what an effect she was having upon me throughout the years, or that I'd follow in her footsteps. She used to recite her work to us whenever she'd see us, "The Little Christmas Tree" being one of her personal favorites. I love this one as well, and I'm overjoyed to share it with you here - More of Nana's work can be found at


The Little Christmas Tree
Velma M. Carlson (1903-1996)

A little tree sits in the corner
...So very, very small.
It makes me think of years gone by
...Much better than none at all.
Five small candles in the window ~
...And a wreath hangs on the door.
I try to make it look like Christmas ~
...As it did so many years before.
Christmas, such a happy time ~
...Love and laughter everywhere ~
Time for loving, time for praying
...Time for giving; time to share.
Let's all have a "Merry Christmas"
...From the beginning to the end ~
Let us pray for peace on earth
...And good will toward all men.
A little tree sits in the corner
...And there are lights on every bough.
So many years have come and gone
...I remember all of them somehow.
Christmas, such a happy time, as
...we wait for it to come,
"Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas ~
...Merry Christmas, everyone"!