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Digital Passions #7
published December 22, 2000


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Poetry, like life, encompasses a vast array of emotions. So, it is not all that surprising that there have been many poems written dealing with the darker side of life. In fact many of the well-known poets have became so well known because of their mournful verse. This continues today as around the world people delve into their innermost feeling and emotions and weave a tale of darkness, pain, and heartbreak expressed through poetry. The poems I have chosen to share with you in essence speak for themselves, telling the poets story in a picture they have painted with words.

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I chose this to include this poem because of the story behind it. Elizabeth was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1998 and her husbands love and support never faltered. Now the tables have seemingly turned, her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year. The strength of their love through all of life's ordeals is what to me makes this poem so sad. Everyone dreams of finding that perfect love, which I believe Elizabeth and her husband found. To me, it's inconceivable to imagine the pain that the fates have thrown them, but their love has stayed and endured and quite possibly made them stronger in spite of all the hardships. Tony passed away November 29, 2000. More of Elizabeth's poetry can be found on the Passions in Poetry Member Forums.


I Will Take Care of You
by Elizabeth Santos

We met upon the brink of youth
In a place so far away
The pain that then encased my heart
Still lives a bit today

He said don't ever worry
For whatever may ensue
Remember that from this day forth
I will take care of you

We walked together down life's road
For thirty years as one
And often spoke about the battles
We had lost and won

Then one more challenge faced us
As disease came into view
He said don't worry, I'll be here
To take good care of you

This illness daily takes a bit
Of strength along the way
But I was so content to know
He'd be with me each day

Now fate has turned another page
And changed our destiny
I said you promised you'd be here
To take good care of me

He said I always keep a promise
This you know as true
My spirit will be with you here
And I'll take care of you


Michael wrote this poem as a direct to Edgar Allen Poe's poem "Alone" which if you've never read before, I suggest you read. Michael says Poe has been one of the biggest influences on him as a writer; and his poems echo Poe and a style that is uniquely his own leaving hauntingly beautiful poetry. You can read more of Michael's poetry on the Passions in Poetry site and in the Passions in Poetry Member Forums.


Walking Alone
by Michael Anderson

I, too, was born of a world not the same,
Amongst white snow, a raindrop's shame.
In life's garden, a dormant seed.
A heart held of dissimilar need.

I, too, was awed by lightning's flash,
Embering in mind even after the crash.
Followed closely by silent rain,
Blood-red, falling from the sky in vain.

Then wind chimed and the earth shook from thunder,
And my mind was but befixed to wonder...
How could I stand amidst this storm,
Seek shelter not, yet still seem warm?

But I, too, take my sorrow at a site
Other souls would nonchalantly slight.
And I, too, have felt the need for love,
But could only love that need which I dreamt of.

And as I peered deep through the skies,
The clouds grew black to shut my eyes.
The demon that came in your view,
Now's taken from me what he took from you.

In the garden the seed has sprang,
A nameless child unearths the pang.
Felt for the flower, both eyes in close.
Took twenty thorns to touch the rose.

A wondering mind looked to the sky,
So beautiful it had to die.
Laid it to rest upon the stone,
And turned away a man full grown.

Singing the same song at a different tone,
In thoughts, destined to die, unknown.
Born unto a world not of our own,
We've walked together, walking alone.