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Digital Passions #7
published December 22, 2000


Editor's Column by Balladeer
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Interview with Mike by Meadowmuse
Seasons of the Kaw by Mike
Special HOLIDAY Poetry Section
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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Poetry Slam by Nancy Ness
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Poems on Life selected by Jennifer Carden
Fiction - The Sad Dance by Martie

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Seasons of the Kaw The Final Word

Special HOLIDAY Poetry Section

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No Tree For Muffy
by Balladeer

The lights shone bright in Cooperstown,
Feelings of Christmas filled the air.
Bright, shiny faces lit the night
Almost, but not quite, everywhere.

Poor Muffy sat in her living room
Staring at that empty space
Where, always before on Christmas eve,
A green pine tree stood in its place.

Poor kid looked everywhere for a tree;
It wasn't that she hadn't tried
But all the stores were all sold out
And so poor Muffy sat and cried.

The townfolk, hearing of her plight,
Searched the fields for miles around.
They searched the valleys, hills and woods
But no green pine tree could be found.

Oh, they found elm and oak and birch
And chestnut trees and such,
But no Douglas fir or spreading pine -
No Christmas tree for Muff.

The mayor, in all his wisdom, said
"We are faced here with a toughie!
In all the town there seems to be
No Christmas tree for Muffy."

So off they went to the highest hill,
Two hundred people strong,
With flashlights, axes, hammers and saws
And Muffy caught up in the throng.

Till one, then two, then three then four
Those hills they all accosted,
Till, finally, two hundred strong,
Fell to the ground, exhausted.

But, as they lay there on their backs,
Staring at the winter sky,
A soft smile touched the mayor's lips;
A twinkle appeared in his eye.

"Muffy," he smiled as he spoke,
"You are such a lucky girl.
You've got the greatest Christmas tree
In all the whole, wide world!"

The crowd looked up and what they saw
Brought tears to every eye
And sighs of awe escaped their lips
At the clear December sky.

Millions and millions of blinking lights
Covered Muffy's tree.
The tinsel came from shooting stars
Dropping through the galaxy.

Leo, Venus, Aries and Mars
Provided her with ornaments
And, as the lights bounced off her face,
Muffy knew what the mayor meant.

The townfolk, happy to the man,
Drifted home to get some rest
Each knowing on this Christmas eve
That they had seen life at its best.

And, when they woke up in the morn,
Rested from fulfilling dreams,
If they had looked upon that hill
Do you know what they would have seen?

A sight that would have said of life
That God is - as He has to be.
A girl with head tilted toward the sky;
Sweet Muffy and her Christmas tree.


One Star Shines
by Irish Rose

Ladened boughs hold the snow,
and the season can begin.
for the falling shadows know,
that it's Christmas time again.

Silver bells and stockings hung,
glistening prints on windowpanes,
wishes rest on every tongue,
every child's promise reigns.

Delighted voices, frozen creeks,
all the sleds on every hill,
and upon the rosy cheeks,
burn the magic and the thrill.

Locomotives, choo choo trains,
the simplicity of giving,
Mistletoe and drawing names,
and a time to be forgiving.

In the distance, one star shines
to remind us what it means.
It's the constant of all signs,
and outlives all other scenes.

It's all wrapped within the sky,
ringing with the silver bells,
it's a presence drawing nigh,
to our hearts, where Christmas dwells.


When Jesus Met Santa
by Nancy Ness

God's Son was born on Christmas Day
To bring the world His love.
In Bethlehem a manger blessed,
The North Star shone above.

Through mortal days Son Jesus spake
The wisdom of God's Word;
And to this day around the world,
His voice mankind has heard.

But Jesus knew at traitor's hand
'He would be crucified;
And yet God's love, a gift for all
Must ever be descried.

Both far and wide then Jesus trekked,
In search of giving soul
Who'd share with all His gift of love;
Quest led to the North Pole.

He met a kindly toymaker
Who smiled and laughed a lot...
"Believe in me and share God's love,
Your soul shall perish not."

This jolly man called Santa Claus
In heed of Jesus' call,
Vowed he'd give toys each Christmas night
To children one and all.

So Jesus smiled upon this man -
That's how this story goes.
It's said His Star would light the way,
Reflecting reindeer's nose.

From that day forth each Christmas Eve
The elves have packed the sleigh
With toys and love in Jesus' name
To bless our Christmas Day.


The Gift
by Olias

Curled up round a raggy doll,
A sleeping tousled head,
Blanketed in baby dreams,
Soundly in her bed,
Stockings hung in reverence,
Hoping to be blessed,
Milk and cookies waiting,
For a special guest,
Snowflakes softly whisper,
Against her window pane,
Verdant holly heaven,
Adorned with silver rain,
Footfalls in the hallway,
Creaking bedroom door,
Shadows dance in firelight,
On her bedroom floor,
Gifts for her a plenty,
Carefully conveyed,
Then onto her sleeping head,
A hand is softly laid,
"God bless you little angel",
"May your dreams come true",
"The greatest gift I can bestow",
"Is peace and joy to you",
And In her sleep she heard the sound,
That all good children know,
Of sleigh bells song, and laughter,
Receding in the snow.


Christmas in San Diego
by Corinne

Christmas near the border,
San Diego's funky style
Wreaths of red hot chilies
Warm and sunny all the while.

The festival of lights at night
Boats glittering on the bay
A mix of many cultures
Traditions in harmony.

You won't find a single snowflake
You may be wearing summer attire
A day at the beach is called for
A campfire, the only fire.

But though tobogganing
Isn't on the agenda
I think you'll still find Christmas joy
Dining alfresco at my Hacienda!

The church is Spanish in style
We're proud of our history,
You cannot best the weather
Or unravel the mystery.

And if we happen to crave snow
Or hear the call of the desert's lure
A short drive will take us there,
For certain, spiritual cure.

� 2000 Corinne Bailey


Perfect Timing
by Doreen Peri

When the time was right,
the waters were created
and from those waters, life arose.
In darkness we were integrated
lost in waves that overflowed.
As waves of darkness overcame us,
overwhelmed by life's demand
just in time, He then became us -
resplendent, yet in form of man.
Through His eyes we now can focus -
like a bridge, He carries us o'er.
Since His coming, He awoke us.
Perfect timing, open door.
His arrival - sublime, untainted -
living waters close the plan.
A perfect painting has been painted -
supremely God, completely man.

� doreen peri


What A Night It Was
by Marge Tindal

What a night it was,
a night to behold.
Of one being born
and one growing old.
Of one life lived
and one beginning.
One looking forward,
one looking back,
one seeing light,
one seeing black.
Oh, what a night it was.
The new babe
just opening his eyes
Father Time coming
to realize,
life has its beginning
life has its end.
Between those two destinations
is living, my friend.