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Passions in Poetry

Digital Passions
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Digital Passions #9
published Wednesday, July 18, 2001


Editor's Notes by Karilea Rilling Jungel
Featured Poet - A Selection by Beki Reese
Copyright Infringement by Poet deVine
Talking to Trees - A Poetry Duet
The Language of Silence by Karen A. Hood
The Whispering Tree (Poem) by Linda Bramblett
The Final Word by Poet deVine

* Bonus Features, Poetry & Prose

All About Haiku by Nancy Ness
Haiku and Senryu Selected by Sven/Temptress
Tanka Selected by Marge Tindal
Love Poems Selected by Sven
Poems on Life Selected by Marge Tindal
Spiritual Poetry Selected by Kathleen
Poetry Buffet Selected by Karen A. Hood
Friendship Poems Selected by Lone Wolf
Teen Poetry Selected by Javier Agosto
Going Nuts (Short Story) by Karen A. Hood

Read It All (one big page)

All About Haiku Tanka


Haiku and Senryu
Selected by Sven/Temptress

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Seasons Haiku
by Heng Kaile

Clothed in snow,
I see Cherry blossoms and brown leaves
As twilight falls


Moon Haiku
by Maria Byrne

Perfect crescent shape,
Fading in a starry mist,
Stand down to new moon.


Spring Senryu
by Moon Dust

Goodbye to winter,
Spring beckons a new life,
But I won't forget.


Three Senryu for D
by Michael G

Moments that complete
Of a summers rain falling
Bringing us as one.


Summer Senryu
by Heather (aka Xangel)

soft sunlight
cool gentle breezes
waves crashing


Night Winds
by Krawdad

Old rain crusted snow
polished by southern night winds
Rabbit waits for Spring


Spirit of the Forest
by fractal007

A place in dark woods
Some mysterious unknown
Drops of honey touch
See your face on the water
Hear wind rustle trees
Smell some intangible place
Taste life in the air
In wonderous distant realms


Lemon Spring
by BloomingRose

Yellow daffodils
bake in springs tender oven
warm as lemon pie


Midnight Lake Haiku
by Moon Dust

Dusty sparkle stars,
Rippling along crystal,
Mirroring night sky.