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Passions in Poetry

Digital Passions
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Digital Passions #9
published Wednesday, July 18, 2001


Editor's Notes by Karilea Rilling Jungel
Featured Poet - A Selection by Beki Reese
Copyright Infringement by Poet deVine
Talking to Trees - A Poetry Duet
The Language of Silence by Karen A. Hood
The Whispering Tree (Poem) by Linda Bramblett
The Final Word by Poet deVine

* Bonus Features, Poetry & Prose

All About Haiku by Nancy Ness
Haiku and Senryu Selected by Sven/Temptress
Tanka Selected by Marge Tindal
Love Poems Selected by Sven
Poems on Life Selected by Marge Tindal
Spiritual Poetry Selected by Kathleen
Poetry Buffet Selected by Karen A. Hood
Friendship Poems Selected by Lone Wolf
Teen Poetry Selected by Javier Agosto
Going Nuts (Short Story) by Karen A. Hood

Read It All (one big page)

Haiku and Senryu Love Poems


Selected by Marge Tindal

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Tanka - Fluttering Fancy Free
by Marge Tindal

Fresh-colored splendor
From cocoon now surrendered
Flutters butterfly
Flitting amongst the flowers
Finding freedom's wings at last


Tanka - Spring
by Charisma

Sweet fragrance of spring
within blossom of green youth
sparkles of new life
kaleidoscope of colors
tickled by gentle sunbeams


Tanka - Gray Moods
by Charisma

Gravity of clouds
draws a song within gray moods
teardrops falling down
leaves a trace of shattered light
gentle waves will soothe my mind