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Digital Passions #8
published February 6, 2001

Welcome to our special double-sized Valentine's edition of Digital Passions Magazine. Valentine's Day is almost a National Holiday at Passions in Poetry - it's the day we can share the wonders, the pains, and the glory of love. Herein you'll find a collection of poetry that will touch your heart, make you smile or make you cry.


Kiss or Myth by Nancy Ness
Love Letters collected by Irish Rose
Surviving Valentine's Day by Deborah Carter
The Final Word by Poet deVine

* Bonus Features

What Is Love? by pipTalk Forum Members

* Bonus Poetry & Prose

Special VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Still More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Lots More VALENTINE Love Poetry
Yep, Even More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Soul Mates Fiction by Nicole Boyd

Read It All (one VERY big page)

The Final Word Special VALENTINE'S Love Poetry

What Is Love?

And now the age old question: What is love? How do you know when you are in love? We asked the members of the Passions in Poetry forums to answer.

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Dusk Treader: When you're in love you'll find that person constantly in your thoughts. Being in love is finding equality when things aren't equal because of understanding and a strong partnership. Love is sharing everything, with holding nothing. It's being unselfish.

StarrGazer: If you laugh I want to be the reason you're laughing - if you're crying I want to make you smile - if you get lost I want to help you find your way - if you're scared I want to hold your hand - if you get lost I want to help you find your way - if you're hurt I want to soothe your pain and if there is a forever I want that forever to be you and me - that is how i define true love, and how it makes me feel as well .

Isis: When every (or nearly every) waking thought is about that person and you can't stop the thoughts, even though you try. Everything is so much more beautiful (seen through the eyes of love) nature, children, laughter, music, artwork, paintings, poetry etc. And you do lose that weight!! LOL

Satiate: To me - true love is when you completely discover, and understand, the meaning of the word 'unconditional'.

LoveBug: True love is when you would gladly give your life and eternal soul for just one kiss from that person

LadyCat: How did I know I was in love? Alicat hugged me one day and there was a shock that was sent through my body. A deep understanding of how my mind worked. I couldn't eat, sleep or think straight when he was with me. He went out of his way to make me happy. That showed that he cared about me like no other.

Angel: How do you know you're in love? You just do! You're eyes lock and it hits you. You know this is the person who loves you, who makes your world go round in circles and you can't think of anything else at all. It's them and them alone the one you can't get out of your mind. You know you'll never be alone again in your life.

DarqueWing: How did I know that I was in love? Ladycat wrote me a piece one day that blew my socks off. She Looked into my eyes, heart and soul and saw me for me and not what others had told her about me. She felt me. She understood me. She loved me and only me and that is how I knew that she was going to be the one for me.

Maria Byrne: Love is ... Not getting any sleep and not minding one bit. Love is ... A good plan for dieting you'll not eat a thing. Love is ... Waking up in the morning with a smile on your face. Love is ... Missing that someone and it hasn't been a day. Love is ... Something that I can't describe.

A Romantic Heart: You know your in love when the other person engulfs your entire life, every minute filled with thoughts of him, you have to see him everyday, hear his voice, he becomes your happiness, and he yours. You think of ways to make that person happy. He makes you see the world in different colors. He helps you to see yourself at the best you can be. Every day you wake-up with a smile knowing someone cares, someone wants you, needs you, misses you like no other. The world could be ending but you have each other, you are still happy, you argue, you forgive, you break-up, but still you have to have contact, and through that, over any obstacle, through anything, your feelings, your love for him endures and is still there. You feel like you can't live, can't breathe, can't eat without this person. The person who completes you, is the other half to your whole...and knowing you could search the world over and never find what you have found in him. The more you give, the more you let go, the deeper in love you are.

RainbowGirl: The feeling makes your heart expand so much that you think you'll burst but somehow it keeps expanding, ever growing - Understanding without words - Knowledge just is... They're in your space -When you find yourself grinning and then laughing at other people watching you grinning...LOL When you want them to know the good; bad and the ugly and know it won't make any difference because they just reach out for your hand regardless. When being apart is the freedom to be together. When you realize you share the same sun and moon but from a different landscape...

When you know - It takes but a moment and a lifetime to forget...

Elizabeth Santos: You know your in love when you recognize someone you had never met, and he silences your voice, causes rapid heartbeats, and occupies your mind through an entire night.

Sven: when you write and write and write - and they're the only ones that are in the poems

jannel: Love is to be with them is true bliss and suddenly nothing else matters. And you can lay with them and never want to sleep because you just want to see them every moment. And you can just kiss them and be happy.

Dopey Dope: You know you're in love when you simply can't eat, drink, sleep, or just plain be unless it's with that person. Your emotions go completely out of whack and you start to forget all other people from the opposite sex. You want this ONE person - your one and only - and will stop at nothing to get him/her.

Doreen Peri: How do you know when you're in love? You know because you know!!!!!

it's all encompassing
it's all you think of
it's totality
it is your life
you live to love him
every breath you take is Love
every poem you write is Love
every thought you think is Love
you want to take away his pain
you want to know intricate details of his life and share details of yours
you feel you trust another soul implicitly with all of you
you can't wait to touch him again
everything he says makes you laugh, smile, cry, feel, BE
you want to laugh, cry, smile, feel BE with him continually
nothing comes close to the emotion; it surpasses all emotions combined
it is as if you've been reborn
the world makes more sense
colors are brighter, the air is cleaner, you don't care if your checking account isn't balanced and return phone calls, mail, work, food, grocery shopping -it all can WAIT! - because he comes first, his needs, desires, concerns are your top want to give everything you have to him emotionally, physically, spiritually