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Digital Passions #8
published February 6, 2001

Welcome to our special double-sized Valentine's edition of Digital Passions Magazine. Valentine's Day is almost a National Holiday at Passions in Poetry - it's the day we can share the wonders, the pains, and the glory of love. Herein you'll find a collection of poetry that will touch your heart, make you smile or make you cry.


Kiss or Myth by Nancy Ness
Love Letters collected by Irish Rose
Surviving Valentine's Day by Deborah Carter
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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What Is Love? by pipTalk Forum Members

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Special VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
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Soul Mates Fiction by Nicole Boyd

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Lots More VALENTINE Love Poetry Soul Mates

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A Knight's Quandary
by White Knight

M'Lady sweet Esmeralda,
The answer to my prayer,
This delightful, spirited woman
Doth cause my heart to care.
I'm hardened being a warrior,
Must stand ready for defense,
Callused by years of battles,
So Camelot doth not suffer hence.
Her smile melts my hard exterior,
And sings to my panting heart,
I'm so peaceful in her presence,
She's a beauty, a true work of Art!
Her eyes flash as radiant emeralds,
Her hair swept as heavens mist,
Her touch summons sweet emotions,
Her lips, just beg to be kiss'd!
M'Lady, my quandary is simple,
What doth M'Lady see in me?
A Knight, so seasoned from battle,
Wouldn't blame Thee if Thou sought to flee!

Esmeralda Responds
I shudder to think of thee questioning
thy reasons beyond thou true evidence,
thou battle scars honourable elements
of thy true Knight you've pledged to be.
Mine eyes see deeper then thy worn skin
as loyalty and honour became your badge,
mine mind sees a Knight most distinguished
ready to defend gallantly at any moment.
Ye took my whole being to thy dance floor
as the summer solstice came to an end,
mine heart fluttered like wings of a feather,
then away thou slowly fled without a sound,
leaving this here lady to weep her tears.
Now thou hast painted me so delightfully,
how doth mine soul absorb thine paint?
I so want to snuggle by thou gallant side
and let thine artistic nature draw me in,
yet reserved I wander scared and alone.
Will thine paint shine illustrious enough
upon this easel as I stand before thee,
perhaps thy brush desires more than I have?

Butterflies Lament - Part one
Once upon a time, when all the world seem
young and new.
Two caterpillars met.
They looked into each other's
eyes, and knew,
that this was a great love.
And that they would always be
And, so, side by side,
they made a home,
and built a life.
One day as they were together,
lying on the branch of a tree,
she said, it's time"!
He replied, "time for what"?
"It's time to stop all this
crawling about,
and build our cocoons".
He became very frightened.
"I don't want to build a cocoon,
because it's dark and lonely.
It's much safer here just
crawling with both feet
on the ground".
It's what I'm used to.
"But, she explained very carefully,
this is our destiny.
We were created to build
this cocoon.
Each of us, so we could become,
who we're meant to be.
I thought we would be together
on our journey".
But, he was much to frightened.
So, she tried to help him.
And, in her courageous efforts
to bring him along on the
she almost forgot to remember
her own destiny.
Until one day she looked up,
and saw the most wondrous sight!
A great monarch passing just above.
And she remembered!
So, very sadly, she looked upon
her mate,
and with tears in her eyes,
softly spoke these words,
"I had a beautiful dream
that we would grow,
and become who we were meant
to be together.
But you have let fear keep you
from becoming who you were
meant to be.
I've tried to help you, but I
Because we each must hear
and heed our own inner call
to freedom.
So, I must leave you, dear one."
And, so spring came and she
Before she took flight,
she gazed down upon him
one last time,
as he clung in fear
with both feet firmly
planted on the ground!
Epiphany of the Caterpillar - Part two
Firmly planted on the ground,
the caterpillar watched, as the one
he loved,
emerged and took flight.
Left alone with only his fears,
he looked around him and realized
his only companionship was with
the others like him who also
were blind to the truth.
His loneliness increased.
And so he began to realize
that what he missed was
the beauty of her spirit.
This beginning of awareness
of truth,
was the seed that blossomed
into his epiphany.
For the One who is all Truth
touched the caterpillars heart
and spoke to his soul
His message-"I am changing hearts"!
The caterpillar would
never be the same again.
Meanwhile, the butterfly,
who now knew the wonder of
freedom and oneness,
also heard the voice of her
Eternal Beloved telling her to
return to the caterpillar.
For there she would find her
hearts desire.
She was reluctant, how could
this be.
But, unable to resist His Will
for her, she was obedient.
So she flew to the caterpillar.
Not knowing what she would find.
She searched among all the
caterpillars, and he was nowhere
to be found.
When suddenly a bright
and beautiful butterfly came to
her side.
"Here I am beloved"
"It is I and now I understand
and see the Truth that you tried
so hard to tell me".
She was, nonetheless skeptical,
after all the pain, could this
be real?
He was very patient and cherished her.
Very slowly she grew to believe
that he had truly been changed
by The One who kisses all souls
into life.
And that His Love had brought
these two together at last as one.
To fly free and as one forever more!


A Taste of Love
by Mark Bohannan

Is there a time when we know we are truly ready
Or is it a given fact that our hearts will never steady
What happens when fears reside deep within or souls
Do they keep us from finding the way to our life's goals

This question plagues even the most secure realms of all
One that so often sees the timidness to answer love's call
So what is it that freezes us in the mind of life's little game
That makes us wonder if we are forever lost and going insane

I wonder if it is intent on making it's point through trial and error
Striking the essence in the depths of our sheltered hearts of terror
Or is it simply leading us to the path of knowledge in time of trust
As the growing within two friends find the route to what is a must

Sheltered loneliness taking each tick of time away from what is due
Fear of tears breaking the rules of what two hearts find so true
Would it be that we are losing time in making sure not to fall in haste


Love's Flight
by hoot_owl_rn

Drawn to her love's sweet light
Once caged, now she's set free
She spreads her wings in flight

Within the depths of night
once blind, she now can see
Drawn to her love's sweet light

There bathed in clouds of white
In skies above the sea
She spreads her wings in flight

Life dim, now shining bright
No longer lost she'll be
Drawn to her love's sweet light

His love has won the fight
Released and now set free
She spreads her wings in flight

Eyes opened in his sight
Her soul released, set free
Drawn to her love's sweet light
She spreads her wings in flight


Game of Chance
by Poet deVine

Entering in this game of chance
Thinking not, to find romance
Tender words, typed in the night
Words that send chills of delight
Countless cyber miles of separation
Bring many nights of sheer frustration
Are these words I write to you
Enough to show that I'll be true?

I feel your breath upon my face
Only by imagination's grace
I've felt your touch from the start
Not on my body but in my heart

I will, for you, be forever there
and hold you cherished in my care


When I'm With You
by Bill Charles

I thought about the many times, we have been together,
holding, touching, caring,
and speaking words of now, and forever…
All these passions between us, I knew were so very sensual,
and my being has never felt this way before,
so pleasingly acceptable…

When I'm with you, I feel like I'm this special person,
with a heart that smiles,
and my loneliness gone, and forgotten…
I have stared into the depths, of your eyes so seductive,
as trembling lips were touching slowly,
then becoming more admissive…

Your softness that I explore, as we lie on our bed aglow,
is something to experience,
never wanting to forgo…
Happiness I sensed inside, as I heard all of your gentle sighs,
with your smooth body caressing my chest,
warming, as it amplifies…

Whispers from my soft lips, to one of such special elegance,
who has taken this inner soul to keep,
but only with her acceptance…
I finally know who I am, and I know you, I can't argue,
your charm to me, has been revealed,
during all of the days, and the gentle nights,
'When I'm With You'


Among the Daffodils of You
by Marge Tindal

Tell me where your meadow starts
so I may come to play
among the daffodils of you
set in soft array

Take me to the edge of time
in open space of you
cavorting in the grasses greened
by warmth of sunshine's hue

Play me with enchanting notes
of flutes upon the hill
dancing 'cross the meadow of
your graceful daffodils

Among the daffodils of you
set in soft array
tell me where your meadow starts
so I may come to play


Banty Love
by Virginia Salter

Little banty
on the stoop
gazing at
the chicken coop.

Little red hen
preening comb
for her trip
away from home.

Startled is
old banty, cold,
"Why can I not
be a bit more bold?"

He sees her loaded
into the truck,
In his mind,
exclaims, "What luck!"

"There she goes
away from me
in the lolly
toward the sea,

what shall I do,
what might I say,
to bring her back
no more to stray?"

"Look, oh, look!
from bump a rise,
her cage does fly
before my eyes!

Out of sprung door
my sweetheart flies."
I run, I run
up to her side.

We peck, we neck
we cling by wing;
inside of me,
my heart's a-ring!

"Oh, Sweet One,
no more shall I
sit on the stoop
so idly by."


My Valentine
by A Romantic Heart

Mysterious your eyes are to me,
Your passionate kisses sets me free,

Valentine, sweetheart, friend,
Alluring, trusting, on you I depend,
Loving, kind, compassionate too,
Everlasting devotion I have with you,
Nice, tender, and sweet,
Talking, laughing, your presence is a treat,
Intelligent, witty, full of charm,
Never wanting to escape the comfort of your arms,
Exciting, everlasting you will be,

My funny Valentine for all eternity!


Could You Be the One for Me?
by LoveBug

Could you be the one for me?
Could you be my find?
Could it be, after all this time,
Fate is going to be kind?

Could you be the one for me,
The one to help me forget
The man that broke my heart, my soul
The man that haunts me yet?

You tell me that I'm beautiful
Something I've never heard
But the one still lives here in my mind
That couldn't spare a kind word

It's going to be hard to forget
And pick up the pieces he left
Could you be the one to teach
How to love again and forget?

Could you be the one to come
And mend my broken heart?
Are you willing to piece together
What another broke apart?

It won't be an easy job, you see
My road has been long and rough
And the heart that was once so soft
Is now shut, locked, and tough

But I can feel my heart open again
It's opening for you
Just come in, and love me back
That's all you have to do

I must ask you one small thing
Before we kiss and part
Please be nice and kind to be
I'm tired of broken hearts


Dream of Me
by Sven

"Dream of me", she said as she hung up the phone
"Dream only of me my love, and me alone"
And later that night, when his body hit the bed,
Visions of her beauty danced through his head

His first dream of her was in Paris, along the Champs Elysees
Dancing with the night, playing hide-and-seek with the day
The beauty of her face reflected in his eyes
Never before had he felt so happy, never before had he felt so alive

His next dream of her was paradise, it looked like Belize
There they drank Pina Coladas and lived a life of ease
The beauty of her body reflected in the sun
It was then that he knew in his heart that she was the only one

His last dream of her was the best of the three
It was a vision of the one thing that he hoped someday would be
The warmth of her body next to him, reflected in candlelight
He longed for it to be like this, each and every night

He rose from his dream in the middle of the night
Stretching out his arms and rubbing the sleep from his sight
And as he moved slowly from his bed
He stopped, and noticed on his chest, her head


Love Senryu and Haiku
by Melissa Honeybee

A senryu has the same format as a haiku, one line with five syllables, the next with seven, and the last with five. The only difference between the two of them is haikus deal with nature and senryus do not. However, both are simple and beautiful.
Love is Blind Senryu

Love captures the heart
soul now lost in reverie
eyes open, yet blind

Rain Dream Haiku

Soft rain serenades,
filling my soul with rapture
as I dream of you


by Silvrduck

I'm breathless.
can you tell?
can you see it in these eyes,
the ones you read so well?

I lose the music
as we glide across the floor
you hold me closer
just a little more...
I can feel you smile
as we are cheek to cheek
afraid to kill the moment
I dare not speak.

I'm breathless.
can you tell?
can you feel it in this heart,
the one that's under your spell?

I can feel it
your hot breath on my skin
my knees go weak
can't let this win...
my dear heart aches
as the song comes to end
for then I remember
us, only friends.

and still...
I'm breathless.


Can't Stop Loving You
by DreamerGrl27

Everytime I think I'm out of love
I fall back faster than before,
My mind forgets the pain you caused
But my heart is getting sore.

You made me cry a thousand times
And the pain will never go away,
It will always hurt until I die
Or you say what I want you to say.

I don't even need the three little words
I'm not asking you to love me,
I only want you to be my friend
That's what I need to make you see.

You'll never understand my pain
You don't know what it's like at all,
You don't see what I go through
Every time I stand up I always fall.

I've told myself that it's a dream
And not all dreams come true,
But every time I see your face
I can't stop loving you.


Hold Me Like Tomorrow Matters
by Marge Tindal

When shadows of the night awaken
you come waltzing through the door
Hold me like tomorrow matters
dance with me forevermore

Through the years I will remember
love that always held me tight
Hold me like tomorrow matters
do not leave me in the night

Forever holding and enfolding
thoughts of you within my heart
Hold me like tomorrow matters
from this love I will not depart

Always I will remember
evenings locked in your embrace
Hold me like tomorrow matters
your love reflected on my face


I Don't Believe
by Kethry

I don't believe in love and yet…
I do forgive but can't forget
somewhere out there a love unmet
Will go on seeking love to get

I don't believe in love but find…
I'm still pursuing someone kind,
someone with whom to share my mind
And who'll play me loves rewind

I don't believe in love yet still…
I keep on looking despite my will
to forsake love for good or ill
To live for the moment accept the thrill

I don't believe in love, not I…
Too many times it's made me cry
been caught between the love and lie
I don't believe… yet still I try.


Love is a Mighty Thing
by Martie

Love is a mighty thing
to its arrow she is tethered
yearning for its mad embrace
stakes her to her dream's desire

yearning for its mad embrace
molds her movement through a day
she would gladly trip and fall
unto the path that true love takes

she would gladly trip and fall
and cross the mighty sunlit gorge
to reach its heather and its stream
molds her movement through a day

To reach its heather and its stream
and climb the mountain of desire
to hear the call of whippoorwill
under the tree in morning's still

to hear the call of whippoorwill
she would gladly trip and fall
mold her movement through the day
for in its arrow she is tethered

To climb the mountain of desire
yearning for its mad embrace
under the tree of morning's still
love is a mighty thing