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Digital Passions #8
published February 6, 2001

Welcome to our special double-sized Valentine's edition of Digital Passions Magazine. Valentine's Day is almost a National Holiday at Passions in Poetry - it's the day we can share the wonders, the pains, and the glory of love. Herein you'll find a collection of poetry that will touch your heart, make you smile or make you cry.


Kiss or Myth by Nancy Ness
Love Letters collected by Irish Rose
Surviving Valentine's Day by Deborah Carter
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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What Is Love? by pipTalk Forum Members

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Special VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Still More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Lots More VALENTINE Love Poetry
Yep, Even More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Soul Mates Fiction by Nicole Boyd

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What Is Love? More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry

Special VALENTINE Poetry

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Dear Husband Mine
by Kit McCallum

Dear husband mine, how can I show,
My love for you, I've come to know?

Your warm and tender, loving touch,
Still lingers after fingers brush;
As in the days of long ago,
Still sparks ignite my passions so.

Your laugh ... sweet music to my ears,
Can always ease my tender tears;
A voice that echoes through my heart,
Records the love that n'er shall part.

Your gentle eyes that sparkle so,
Light up my sight in after-glow;
One furtive glance across the room,
Can make this heart still sigh and swoon.

Your smile and silent, knowing glance,
Devour me, with sweet romance;
A love that lets my spirit soar,
Beyond the skies for evermore.

Though grains of sand may trickle time,
Our love is endless ... husband mine.


My Thankful Days
by Deborah L. Carter

This morning,
Sam missed the bus,
and I stubbed my toe on a skateboard
laying near the stairs
Maggie's hair needing braiding,
the sink was full of dirty dishes,
and Katie's car was parked behind mine again.
I backed into the garbage can,
scattered garbage into the street,
and had to dig through the glove box to find
lunch money.
No parking spaces nearby,
had to walk clear across the school parking lot
hot and sweaty,
forgot to comb my hair
and the principal called me ma'am.
Back at home,
piles of dirty laundry,
and my mother called,
(while I was up on a ladder washing
those horribly huge windows,)
just wanted to talk.
This afternoon,
Peter interrupted me no less than five times
while I was trying to write.
Mom? Did you wash my blue shirt?
Our neighbor Cindy is here,
Tessie's on the telephone,
Something about a party tomorrow?
The lawn is covered with bicycles, scooters, baseball bats;
Why does every child in the neighborhood
flock to my front step,
just as I'm hoping to take a quick nap?
The phone rang off the hook
while I was trying to cook dinner
and I burnt the roast, and
ruined the gravy.
I finally got the kids tucked in
an hour past their usual bedtime
but the dog didn't want to go out,
and Katie forgot to feed the cats,
even though I asked her twice,
so I did that before I turned out
all the lights.
Can't anybody turn off a light around here?
And then when I finally fell into bed,
my husband was watching football on the TV.
He knows I can't stand football.
Nothing left to do, but say my prayers
and end another day;
Dear God,
Thank-you for busy mornings,
noisy children, scattered toys, missed school buses,
beloved pets,
and the smell of fresh, shiny, young hair as I comb it.
Thank-you for another day to walk in the sun
and for blessing me with two strong arms to clean
my glorious wall of windows,
while gazing at the sparrows
building their nest in the trees nearby.
And for the stacks of dirty dishes,
that reminds me of the plentiful food that
satisfies my family's hungry bellies.
Thank you for doorbells, phone calls from mom
and constant interruptions by my teen-age son,
who still wants to talk to me.
Thank you for the laughter of children at play,
drifting like music, from the large front yard.
And for another evening,
to linger over a one last bedtime story
and hear soft whispers of "I love you",
as tiny hands stroke my cheek,
tired and content.
Thank-you for the chance to walk through
brightly lit rooms
at the end of the night,
and reflect on the joy and comfort
that each one holds inside.
And for my darling husband,
the football fanatic,
who always fills my car with gas,
never complains when I eat potato chips in bed,
and still gazes at me
with adoring eyes that say
"You're still the one, always and forever".


Things That You Do
by Bill Charles

As I lie here alone, with thoughts about you,
and all of the things,
to me that you do…
I wonder about your kindness, and who you are,
if from heaven you were sent,
or perhaps a star…
My eyes see your smile, radiant with beauty,
warm like the summer sun,
in all of its glory…
Similar to a rose petal, as it sheds its dew,
as it opens in the morning,
smiling like you…

When I touch the silkiness, of your velvet hair,
with my fingertips so gently,
and with tender care…
Things happen to me, deep down inside,
like a newborn child,
seeing for the first time…

Each and every kiss, my breath is lost,
for I didn't expect lips,
that were so soft…
When they touched mine, a spark was ignited,
I never want them to leave,
only to stay united…

When we touched, I never again felt the same,
for we became lovers,
sharing all of this flame…
And deep in my heart, I knew there was a way,
that we would always be together,
forever and a day…

So as you can see, my thoughts are where they lie,
within a prayer,
of never saying goodbye…
Visions in my mind, these thoughts about you,
and they tell me everything about, all the
"Things That You Do"…


Forever Again
By Paula Finn

You asked me if I loved you
And I had to stop and wonder why
Cant you see it in my smiling face
Or here shining in my eyes

Then I got to thinking
why should you know its true
If I don't take the time to speak
and say these words to you

I love you in the morning
when the dew kisses the rose
when songbirds greet the rising sun
that's when my heart always knows

I love you at noontime
with the sun high above my head
when dishes need doing
but I come to you instead

I love you at twilight
as the sunset blushes the night
when the day drifts into darkness
and you are my only light

I'll love you til forever
That's a long, long time they say
But my heart knows you are my someone
Til time just fades away

I love you in the morning
at noontime
In the twilight of my years
Forever's not that long
To spend with you
You chase away the fears

I'll love you forever
And ever


To Touch Your Lips to Mine
by Christopher Ward

-smile slightly skewed
     palm to knuckles,
 skin to skin...
          slid gently up your arms
 the tingling touch
        your blue eyes
   locked to mine
        -goose bumps
     shivering your spine
          beneath my hand,
          brushing your hair,
      fingertips caressing
  the nape of your neck
          rubbing, feeling
          breathing, beating
   moving into
                a pulsing rhythm...
    it all becomes a dream
   of washed away cares
           then -
     leaning slowly in
 to breathe a kiss,
to touch your lips...
          to mine


Mere Words
by Kit McCallum

I searched among the card displays,
To see if I could find,
A little something that would say
Just what was on my mind.

However there was not a one,
That captured it just right,
For no one else can understand
Just what I'd like to write.

I even find it difficult
To try to write it down,
For how do I portray to you,
The love that I have known?

I close my eyes and what I see,
Is someone I adore;
A person who is beautiful,
Write down into their soul.

Mere words cannot describe
The many qualities you show,
The love and caring nature that
You share with those who know.

Your kind and gentle temperament,
Your sweet angelic smile,
Your softly spoken sentiments,
That reach across the miles.

Your smile and laugh that sparkle with
The softness of your sighs,
The way your face lights up a room ...
That twinkle in your eye.

The loving gestures through the years,
That quickly come to mind,
For always you've a gentle word
To calm and soothe I find.

I struggle and I search to try
To find some words a'new ...
And yet I cannot capture
All the things that make you "you".

I shall therefore, be satisfied
That you must simply "know",
Just how I feel about you,
For with words I cannot show.


A Cup of Warmth to Share
by Denise Snyder

Come share a cup of warmth with me;
Let's sup upon a memory;
Of long ago, of distant day;
Turn melancholy thought away;
Rejuvenate the joy inside;
Mine treasure by an oceanside;
Swim deep beneath the crashing waves;
Forsake the anchor that enslaves
The heart; skim stones across a lake;
Find wonder in each dancing flake
That gently pirouettes to earth;
Rekindle long lost youthful mirth;
Sip nectar from the tender vine
Drink deep the honeysuckle's wine;
Let's reach again for stars on high
Believing we can touch the sky
Become as children once again
Create new memories and then,
Enchanted, dance within this place
Forever, through all time and space;
Come, let's create a memory;
Come, share this cup of warmth with me.


She is Like Catching Lightening
by PoeticKnight

Elusive is she

Whom I try to touch
Or describe for my mind
To somehow memorize every detail
So as to emblazon upon my eye
And keep her there forever
Or at least until I die

Is it that my hand is too slow,
Or too far to actually reach?
It could be my reaction delayed
By the desire which makes me seek
She has so many dark secrets
In which I wish of her to speak

And when she lights up
She lightens all the dark clouds
With brilliant radiance
Taunting those who are angry and proud
And dressing them up
In a bright, burning blue shroud

She is fire in the sky
She is electric heat in the air
All things love and worship her
All things everywhere
And I am just one small being
Who wants to catch her there

Though she burns my reaching hand
If it should stray too possibly near
Such concentrated intensity
Yet I do not cower in useless fear
Not even from her anger,
As I shield my deafened ears

I could spend eternity
Chasing her through the sky
Grasping at nothing finally,
Yet still willing to try
As long as the chance remains
To catch her somehow before I die


by suthern

Why should you be the only one
to make my senses reel?
I've never felt whatever this is
that you make me feel.
I've wrestled with many questions
Wondering right from wrong,
But I think that maybe somehow
I have known all along
That your smile is a beacon
Lighting and showing my way,
Your touch is an addiction
I need every day.
I've no wish or will to resist
your remarkable charms
for I keep feeling I belong
forever in your arms.
You could rip a hole in my heart
nothing could ever mend,
but I trust you completely
and throw caution to the wind.