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Digital Passions #8
published February 6, 2001

Welcome to our special double-sized Valentine's edition of Digital Passions Magazine. Valentine's Day is almost a National Holiday at Passions in Poetry - it's the day we can share the wonders, the pains, and the glory of love. Herein you'll find a collection of poetry that will touch your heart, make you smile or make you cry.


Kiss or Myth by Nancy Ness
Love Letters collected by Irish Rose
Surviving Valentine's Day by Deborah Carter
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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What Is Love? by pipTalk Forum Members

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Special VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
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Still More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
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Yep, Even More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Soul Mates Fiction by Nicole Boyd

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Still More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry Yep, Even More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry

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Cupid's Dance
by Deborah L. Carter

When you walked in
on the night of the festival,
the elders were holding council in the hallway,
solemn and vigilant in their duties,
as they whispered in their native tongue.

With every unexpected white flash,
they collected the souls
of each self-conscious couple,
before granting their passage
through the gymnasium door.

Inside, a tribe of pimply-faced boys,
sprouting from worn out church jackets,
were rooted in their heavy boots,
near a line of girls in pink and red chiffon,
pasted like paper valentines along the wall.

Though we'd never met,
your blue eyes claimed me,
and your brilliant smile,
like an offering to the gods,
was the one I've always dreamed of.

Static hidden in the folds of my dress,
shot a cascade of black pearls
out onto the dance floor,
and I rested in your soft hair
and imagined they were kisses.

We buckled and swayed
to an ancient waltz, breathless,
two hearts beating
like ritual drums,
keeping time with grim determination.

Our youth condemned us
as strangers, to this primitive custom,
but the pulse of the music
became our mantra, and instinctively,
we understood every word.

Laughing foolishly with each misstep
we clung tightly to one another,
and allowed our youthful spirit
to dance on, in perfect rhythm
to an age-old ballad that only we could hear.


Fairy Tale Love
by Ladycat

I want to love
I want to love like in the fairy tales
All those wonderful fairy tales
The ones that my mother use to read to me
Sitting there so young and innocent

I wanted to be the one
The one to find the prince
The one to be the damsel
I wanted that love
I wanted that fairy tale love

I wanted someone to sweep me away
To wake me with a kiss
To caress my face
To kiss my brow
I want that kind of love
That fairy tale love

That love that doesn't seem to exist
I want to have the man on the horse carry me away
Far away into the sunset
I want to live happily ever after
I want that special love that you can only get in dreams
I want that fairy tale love

I want to open a book one day and it is about me and my lover
The Knight in shining armor is mine
The castle on the hill is ours
The feeling of never losing is there
I want that love
I want that fairy tale love

I want to feel that everything is perfect
Just once in life
I want to live in faith flying to the wind
No worries
No hurt
No anger

Just once
Just once
I want that love
I want that fairy tale love

Can you help me find it?


When You Say
by WildChild

When you say.....
Honey, time to get up for work.
I just try to go back to sleep.

When you say.....
Your car needs oil
I hand over my car keys.

When you say....
I fixed your stereo.
I turn it way up loud.

When you say....
We are invited to a party,
I go even when I hate crowds.

When you say....
What do you want to do?
I try to smile and participate.

When you say....
Baby, what's wrong with you
I can't tell you, just something that I hate.

When you say....
You know, I love you
I know in my soul it's true

So when I say....
I love you back
Remember it's my heart talking to you.


The Song
by Alicat

The note rises soft and sweet
my pulse performs a triple beat,
shivers racing through my spine,
angelic fingers close to mine.

With subtle grace and purity
still she presses close to me,
her face a mask of freshness pure:
coy and catlike; soft, demure.

I stand mute beside this one,
even after the song is done.
Her soul emits a peaceful tone
from every fiber, every bone.

Eyes closed in rapturous delight
her lips trembling ever so slight,
hands leave their resting place.
I stare into angelic face.

A final song, the place empty,
this angel turns her face to me
and hand-in-hand we take our leave,
and I once more in love believe.


Being There
by Craig

I never carved your name in stone
Or chipped initials in the bark
Of oaks to show the world I care
I prove my love by being there

When tears of sadness fill your eyes
When others cast harsh words like stones
That sting and cut though they're untrue
I'm there to catch those stones for you

When people turn their backs and hide
When deaf ears meet your cries for help
For someone who can understand
I'm there to lend a helping hand

When all the world becomes too much
When everything is going wrong
And darkness spirals down to night
I'm there to guide you back to light

I never carved your name in stone
Or chipped initials in the bark
But if you took my chest apart
Your name is there I cross my heart


In Loving You
by Rex

I do not grieve
For having known of you
That strange, passionate
Part of you
That I have known;
Nor do I lament
For having as my own
That fragment of soul
You trusted me, tenderly,
For so short a while;
Nor do I mourn
For having pillaged
Immortality's open door
For remembrance
Of your smile.


From Now Until Forever
by Angel

Even if you looked into the sky
Counted the stars one by one, you'd
Not come close, but barely begun
To come close to the number
Of forevers I want to share
With you the one who's always there
There to always make it okay
There with all your special ways
There through the day and into night
There to make everything all right
There to stand unyieldingly by my side
Support me, no matter what I decide
There to tell me that you love me
To be the one who makes me me
Who gives me strength to make it through
It makes me wonder how I deserve you
I am eternally thankful for all you've done
From now until forever, you are the one.


Fierce Romance
by bleeding

When the rain falls gently
the roof sings with it's dance.
I think of our best, poorest times
arm in arm, celebrating our romance.

As the air freshens and clears
the earth smells like it's had a bath.
Memories of our booth at the Honolulu
telling wild tales of future and past.

Now, when it rains the years fall away
loving you more, but it's different.
Everything for us then was fresh, clean
our time and passion well spent.

As the rain kisses our roof
I remember your laugh, our wet feet.
Your smile beneath the yard-sale umbrella
as we kissed in the middle of our street.

Years later, she smiles from her knitting
memories!... as the rain begins it's dance.
Her gentle eyes question, fill me with yesterday
a time of muttered love and fierce romance.


To My Valentine
by Saxoness

Once upon
A time
There was
Truth to the
Myth of what
And I
Had found
In a blank paged
Fairy tale.
Snow white
Doesn't sleep
In a casket made of
Slippers will break
If you wear them.
Walk across this
Written word
With fingers
And me
No more.
He loves
He loves me!
My Valentine
Will you
Be mine
No longer…


by Melissa Honeybee

God created you
out of the depths of my soul,
out of the desires of my heart,
and out of the purity of my tears,
for, even before I breathed
my first breath of life,
you were meant to be mine,
and I, yours,
two bodies of angels
sharing one soul,
a match made in heaven


The Sound of Us
by Sven

listen. . .
what do you hear?
hearts beating
souls meeting
hands folding
arms holding
joining minds
love finds
love sounds
passion found
the sound of you
the sound of me
the sound of us. . .


A Rare Treat
by Deborah L. Carter

My love, don't walk past
as I stand apart from the others,
half-hidden near a large display
of cardboard cupids and paper roses,
can't you see me?

I'm your valentine heart,
wrapped in pink satin and lace,
filled with delectable surprises
guaranteed to satisfy your every craving.

I know, it's easy to be tempted
by cheap imitations,
flashy red sirens in all shapes and sizes,
crowded together under blue lights.

At first glance,
they appear sinfully delicious,
in their splendidly decorated,
tight cellophane packages

but inside, they're nothing more than
bitter disappointments,
candy-coated fruits and nuts,
laying abandoned,
half-chewed and spat out
by others who've sampled them first.

It's true, I may be harder to find,
and might cost you more,
but I'm the real thing darling,
the top quality,
genuine good taste
that you hunger for.

Pick me up,
unwrap me slowly,
savor my sweetness on your lips
melt me with your touch...
I'm your valentine heart,
don't settle for anything less...
than the very best of the batch.


The Rose
by hoot_owl_rn

There within the yellow pages,
Lay a single rose;
Aged to brown, and meaningless,
Or some would just suppose.

But to her tender, loving heart,
The flower meant so much;
For in it's fragile petals
Lay the memory of his touch.

The book, it held the contents
Of laughter and of tears,
Represented in a single bud
That weathered countless years.

There beside her death bed,
The wind, through window wide,
Leafed the pages one by one
And blew the rose aside.

And as the rose, in frailty,
Tumbled to the floor;
She took her final, labored breath
And met her love once more.


Lady of the Lake
by Pegasus 111

Your love is a lake,
placid and deep,
kissed by the sun,
caressed by mother night,
the warmth of your healing waters,
washes over me,
envelops me in a cocoon
of languid desire
Your waters part willingly,
in sweet surrender,
you anticipate my need,
move effortlessly to my will,
I plunge deeply into your bosom,
gentle lake, loving lake,
and my love flows into yours