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Digital Passions #8
published February 6, 2001

Welcome to our special double-sized Valentine's edition of Digital Passions Magazine. Valentine's Day is almost a National Holiday at Passions in Poetry - it's the day we can share the wonders, the pains, and the glory of love. Herein you'll find a collection of poetry that will touch your heart, make you smile or make you cry.


Kiss or Myth by Nancy Ness
Love Letters collected by Irish Rose
Surviving Valentine's Day by Deborah Carter
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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What Is Love? by pipTalk Forum Members

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Special VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
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Still More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
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Yep, Even More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Soul Mates Fiction by Nicole Boyd

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Kiss or Myth
by Nancy Ness

"Je t'aime," "Ich liebe Dich," "Saya cinta padamu," "Te quiero"…

Those simple words, "I Love You," in any language, are the common bond that unifies people from all corners of the world each and every Valentine's Day. Why is that, do you suppose? Why is this day so special? Why do we set February 14th aside to say "I Love You" to the ones we love?

After all, it's not an official holiday, and we DO tell them every other day - Valentine's Day is certainly a universal day of love.

These legends tell us that we can thank the Romans - and, of course, those renowned peace lovers of the 60's

There are many historically enscribed legends, which seem to have entwined a wonderfully romantic 'myth-truth" for our modern-day observance. These legends tell us that we can thank the Romans - and, of course, those renowned peace lovers of the 60's. For those of us who don't recall, there was a very prevelent "make love not war" philosophy that pervaded people's attitudes at that time. Everyone was far more interested in peace and love than in fighting wars that seemed irrelevant to them. Did I neglect to mention that this was in the 260's? That's right… The third century A.D. lays claim to being the progeniture of our present day Valentine's Day traditions!!

We're told that Emperor Claudius II was trying to wage an important war, and he had no sense of humor about his constituents' hippy-like attitudes. He actually went so far as to ban marriage in an effort to keep his soldiers more objective and focused upon battle. This mandate worked just about as well as Prohibition did in the USA a few decades ago. Just tell someone they "can't" have something, and they'll find a way to get it. Needless to say, human nature hasn't changed all that much.

The Roman soldiers indeed found a way. They knew of a kindly priest named Valentine who believed in love and marriage. Valentine, as a Christian priest, was persecuted by Roman compatriots; but managed to perform many clandestine marriages before he was beheaded (on February 14th) for defying Claudius. Before his death, however, he is said to have sent the very first greeting to his jailer's daughter, signing it, "From Your Valentine." He was later named St. Valentine, in the name of love.

In mid-February, love billets would be drawn at random to partner men and women for feasting and frolicking

Another historic legend tells us that we may owe our modern observance of Valentine's Day to the antiquated Roman celebration of Lupercalia, an annual springtime festival of fertility and eroticism that honored Juno Fegruata, their goddess of 'feverish love,' also known as the goddess of "women and marriage." In mid-February, love billets would be drawn at random to partner men and women for feasting and frolicking, as lovebirds were professed to begin mating. Later criticized for its pagan overtones, this festival of "love lotteries" was revised by Christian leaders to encourage people to pay adulation to patron saints rather than their sweethearts. Naturally, this new ritual was not nearly as much fun as its lascivious predecessor was.

With Christianity in its infancy, the more accepted traditions held fast in Roman culture. Polytheism, belief in many gods, was a common way of life that was still mandated by the Emperor. Some of these gods and goddesses were true champions of love. Venus, the Roman goddess of Love, and her son Cupid, a modern day vestige of these legends, are both well known to us. Cupid, with his loving arrow piercing through one's heart, is said to cause his recipient to fall in love forever.

What, then, has transpired in the last 1700 years? Valentine's Day traditions certainly have evolved throughout the centuries, though we still retain some aspects of these early legends. This annual day of romance is now celebrated in countries such as: Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, the USA, among many others.

British and Italian cultures both have documented traditions in which unmarried women arise before dawn on Valentine's Day, and sit by a window to watch for a man to pass. Their belief is that the first man they see, or someone like him, will marry them within the year. Shakespeare alluded to Valentine's Day in both "Hamlet," and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (around 1600). The English continue to love this holiday, and celebrate with festive songs and gifts for loved ones, while Italians still hold a Valentine's Day feast.

The custom of sending a note or card has gradually become the most common way to deliver a romantic message to one's sweetheart.

The Valentine's Day greeting card actually spread congruously with Christianity. One of the earliest known is now on display in a British museum. It was sent by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife in 1415. The custom of sending a note or card has gradually become the most common way to deliver a romantic message to one's sweetheart.. During the 1700's and 1800's, books called "Valentine Writers" were the norm. Messages were written in them and sent to loved ones on Valentine's Day each year. The first commercial Valentine cards were available in the 1800's, and have since evolved to today's vast array of animated - musical - singing - cyber greetings. Greeting card companies now report that their second highest annual business comes from Valentine's Day, and that women purchase a resounding 85% of their cards to send via "snail mail." Men, on the other hand, are the primary takers for chocolates and roses each year.

Our modern day customs still include some aspects of these wonderful historical legends and folklore. Cupid is still with us, always looking for new lovers whose hearts he can pierce. Hearts and roses are practically synonymous with Valentine's Day. Lovebirds and doves abound on our Valentine greetings.

To say it all in five words or less… "Ti amo," "Eg elskar deg," "Kimi o ai shiteru," or "I Love You," It makes absolutely no difference. On February 14th everyone's a lover, and everyone's loved. There are so many stories and legends about the history of this "loverly" day, it's impossible to know what's truth and what's myth. In the end, who really cares?

Valentine's Day now before us
Love surrounds the world in chorus..
Just so everyone is Kissin'
There shall be no time for Mythin'


Nancy Ness is the resident English teacher at Passions and runs our very popular Poetry Workshop in the forums. You can find her poetry at her web site. And here's a list of her poetry at Passions.


Love Letters
collected by Irish Rose (Kathleen)

"Love letters in the sand." Does anyone remember that song by Pat Boone? Long after a song is played, or a person's voice is silenced from the dial tone, a letter remains. Much poetry is truly a "love letter." Yes, I believe love letters are still written, kept, cherished and cried over. Some are still written in the sand, on beautiful stationery, over the Internet, from behind prison walls and some only on our hearts when we have more emotion than pen and paper can absorb.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning fell in love through letters before they ever met and married. I wonder how many poems were inspired and written through their correspondence! Letters are very poetic.

There are many types of love letters. We write them to our children, sweethearts, parents and even to Santa Claus. Some are never delivered and some are memorized forever. Many are tied in ribbons and kept in a cigar box; others kept in file folders on our computer and I know one person who keeps cedar chips in a drawer to preserve her letters. I believe there is another song we all love to hear and hopefully many of you remember. "Wait a minute, Mr. Postman" and especially toward Valentine's Day!

You never know what you are going to find in your mail; love comes in many forms. I hope you enjoy the written testimonies of love I've compiled here and remember that not only on Valentine's Day, but all year though love letters are still written and will always be true poetry from our hearts.

A Christmas Letter to Lost Love
by Karilea Rilling Jungel

Synchronized with the season
Seems to be the only reason
That cool brisk wind of fall
As one day I shall find better time


by Tony Abbot

She is the song of the morning thrush,
The hum of creation at the break of dawn,
She is the moon and the midnight's hush,
Hours before the day is born.
She is the sky of azure blue,
The forest and the deep-sea swell,
She is the wish that never comes true,
The sound of coins landing in empty wells.
She is the raindrop on a desert rose,
The change that lands in beggars' hands,
She is the secret no one knows,
The truth hidden in every grain of sand.
She is the sound of supernal choirs,
The pearl born from the oyster's grit,
She is the good in cheats and liars,
The true amongst the counterfeit.
She is the golden haze of the sun,
The wandering star that transfixes your eye,
She is the race that can never be won,
The smile that caused a thousand sighs.
She is the letter you could not send,
The words that choked inside your heart,
She is where I begin and end,
And I will wither when we part


Red Letters
by Michael Anderson and Amburs Belflower

When life seems so unbearable,
And you think you can't go on.
There's someone you can call on,
To guide you through the storm.
His words are in red letters,
And every word is true.
Put your hand in the hand of Jesus,
And He will see you through.
Caught up in deadlines and commitments,
Not enough time throughout the day.
Do you think you could spare a little,
For the one who shows the way?
When the road grows long and narrow,
He's still watching from above.
And only with faith in the red letters,
Will He lead you through with His love.
Give the Lord your troubles,
Your dreams and desires too.
Ask Him not with speculation,
Ask only for what's right for you.
And when the world stops around you,
As you see life's mysteries unfold.
You'll find words written in red letters,
Are more precious than gold.


Love in the Mail
by Balladeer

I got love in the mail today - a wonderful surprise!
A wealth of great magnificence appeared before my eyes!
I'd always felt alone in was not meant to be
But love came in the mail and made a wondrous change in me.
I found out for a fact I'm held in very high regard
by those kind folks who let me use their Chase Gold Visa card.
They think of me so highly by the way I always use it
They want to raise my limit! Lucky me! I can't refuse it!
Then Allstate wants to save me cash...they give me their assurance
That I'll be saving hundreds if I take out their insurance.
Now is that love or what to know they're looking out for me?
Thank God the "good hands" people treat me so considerately..
The Boy Scouts think I'm wonderful. The Moose and Elks do, too.
They send me address labels - what a loving thing to do!
And Ed McMahon wants me to receive a million bucks...
Has any man alive been blessed with such fantastic luck?
Some company is quite concerned that people of my age
don't find it quite so easy to get up for passion's rage
But they'll be glad to send me pills to help old guys like me.
It's great to know that someone cares I'm happy sexually!
The charities all love me - so do churches - there's no end
To all those loving people that consider me their friend.
Just opening those letters can evaporate my sorrow
And that was just today--I can't wait until tomorrow!!!


Love Letters
by Victoria

In the slumber of darkness when all is still
Only the fragrance.. a sleeping daffodil
I hear whispers echoing in the night
Love letters written in sands of moonlight
Envelope of the night sealed by oceans kiss
Tucked away taken below in the ocean of abyss
Although lovers have died so very long ago
Hearts still ache for someone they use to know
Upon the shores of a thousand years past
Ribbons of tears wrapped around the winds mast
Footprints embedded upon salt kissed shores
Shadows searching for the love they adored
Lost within mysteries of love and grains of sand
a shadow reaching ..Reaching for someone's hand


Surviving Valentine's Day
by Deborah Carter

Well, here it is, the day of roses, chocolate hearts and flowers. Everywhere you look there are signs of cupid. Love is in the air and it seems everyone has a special someone. Except you.

So, the question is. How ARE you going to make it through Valentines Day this year?

You could dress in black and pace back and forth in front of a nearby Hallmark store, carrying an anti-Valentines Day sign. On the other hand, maybe your plans are to just pull the covers back over your head and stay in bed until February 15th! But how much fun is that?

Don't deny yourself the opportunity to observe this holiday of love in a new and different way, it'll keep you busy and you might even enjoy it!

...aloneness does not necessarily mean loneliness

To begin, recognize that aloneness does not necessarily mean loneliness. Pay homage to your singleness on this particular day, by celebrating and embracing your independence! Be kind to yourself; focus on your own needs.

Make plans to do some of the things that you've been unable to find the time for lately! Maybe you have an unfinished project waiting for your attention, a hobby that you haven't been able to indulge in for awhile. Today is the day! You can enjoy a leisurely walk on the beach or window shop downtown. Give in to temptation and buy that expensive item that you've had your eye on for awhile! Make a date with a family member for lunch at your favorite restaurant or host a Valentines Day get together at home for some of your single friends. Rent a couple of comedies and cook up something delicious!

Remember that although Valentines Day has been recognized traditionally as a day for lovers, times are changing. No longer is this special day dedicated to only those with a significant other! It's a day to share your love with anyone who has touched your life and made it better by being a part of it! Show your appreciation for friends and family, by letting them know how much they really mean to you.

Here are a few ideas to help you spread the love this Valentines Day!

Write a letter or poem to a member of your family that you haven't seen or spoken to in awhile.

Take a plate of homemade valentine cookies to share with an elderly person living alone. Bring along a good book to read aloud and a promise to return once a week to continue each chapter!

Using red finger paint and stencils, paint hearts on the windows of a friends car while they are at work or leave a bouquet of flowers on the doorstep of somebody that's been feeling a little "down" lately.

Invite young family members to your home for a Valentines Day lunch. Mix a few drops of red food coloring in milk to "tickle them pink" and delight them with raspberry sandwiches cut from heart shaped cookie cutters! Supply the construction paper, glue, glitter and marking pens to help them create their own special valentines to take home!

Valentines Day doesn't have to be painful, whether you are single by choice, or by chance. Welcome the day as an excuse to be good to yourself (you're worth it!) and use it as an opportunity to display your love and affection for those important people in your life! Send your love out to someone and brighten their day and it will come back to you in a multitude of ways all through the year!


The Final Word
by Poet deVine

At this time, I'd like to acknowledge the wonderful staff of Digital Passions. These devoted and talented people are the ones that seek out poetry, write articles and conduct interviews that we hope enrich and enlighten you each month.

A special thanks to the Editors, Sunshine and Balladeer who are always there, ready with their work. These two very talented writers never cease to amaze me!

Here is a complete list of the Team. Please join me in congratulating them on their dedication and talent:

Doreen Peri
Marge Tindal
Lone Wolf
Irish Rose
Deborah Carter

Happy Valentine's Day!


What Is Love?

And now the age old question: What is love? How do you know when you are in love? We asked the members of the Passions in Poetry forums to answer.


Dusk Treader: When you're in love you'll find that person constantly in your thoughts. Being in love is finding equality when things aren't equal because of understanding and a strong partnership. Love is sharing everything, with holding nothing. It's being unselfish.

StarrGazer: If you laugh I want to be the reason you're laughing - if you're crying I want to make you smile - if you get lost I want to help you find your way - if you're scared I want to hold your hand - if you get lost I want to help you find your way - if you're hurt I want to soothe your pain and if there is a forever I want that forever to be you and me - that is how i define true love, and how it makes me feel as well .

Isis: When every (or nearly every) waking thought is about that person and you can't stop the thoughts, even though you try. Everything is so much more beautiful (seen through the eyes of love) nature, children, laughter, music, artwork, paintings, poetry etc. And you do lose that weight!! LOL

Satiate: To me - true love is when you completely discover, and understand, the meaning of the word 'unconditional'.

LoveBug: True love is when you would gladly give your life and eternal soul for just one kiss from that person

LadyCat: How did I know I was in love? Alicat hugged me one day and there was a shock that was sent through my body. A deep understanding of how my mind worked. I couldn't eat, sleep or think straight when he was with me. He went out of his way to make me happy. That showed that he cared about me like no other.

Angel: How do you know you're in love? You just do! You're eyes lock and it hits you. You know this is the person who loves you, who makes your world go round in circles and you can't think of anything else at all. It's them and them alone the one you can't get out of your mind. You know you'll never be alone again in your life.

DarqueWing: How did I know that I was in love? Ladycat wrote me a piece one day that blew my socks off. She Looked into my eyes, heart and soul and saw me for me and not what others had told her about me. She felt me. She understood me. She loved me and only me and that is how I knew that she was going to be the one for me.

Maria Byrne: Love is ... Not getting any sleep and not minding one bit. Love is ... A good plan for dieting you'll not eat a thing. Love is ... Waking up in the morning with a smile on your face. Love is ... Missing that someone and it hasn't been a day. Love is ... Something that I can't describe.

A Romantic Heart: You know your in love when the other person engulfs your entire life, every minute filled with thoughts of him, you have to see him everyday, hear his voice, he becomes your happiness, and he yours. You think of ways to make that person happy. He makes you see the world in different colors. He helps you to see yourself at the best you can be. Every day you wake-up with a smile knowing someone cares, someone wants you, needs you, misses you like no other. The world could be ending but you have each other, you are still happy, you argue, you forgive, you break-up, but still you have to have contact, and through that, over any obstacle, through anything, your feelings, your love for him endures and is still there. You feel like you can't live, can't breathe, can't eat without this person. The person who completes you, is the other half to your whole...and knowing you could search the world over and never find what you have found in him. The more you give, the more you let go, the deeper in love you are.

RainbowGirl: The feeling makes your heart expand so much that you think you'll burst but somehow it keeps expanding, ever growing - Understanding without words - Knowledge just is... They're in your space -When you find yourself grinning and then laughing at other people watching you grinning...LOL When you want them to know the good; bad and the ugly and know it won't make any difference because they just reach out for your hand regardless. When being apart is the freedom to be together. When you realize you share the same sun and moon but from a different landscape...

When you know - It takes but a moment and a lifetime to forget...

Elizabeth Santos: You know your in love when you recognize someone you had never met, and he silences your voice, causes rapid heartbeats, and occupies your mind through an entire night.

Sven: when you write and write and write - and they're the only ones that are in the poems

jannel: Love is to be with them is true bliss and suddenly nothing else matters. And you can lay with them and never want to sleep because you just want to see them every moment. And you can just kiss them and be happy.

Dopey Dope: You know you're in love when you simply can't eat, drink, sleep, or just plain be unless it's with that person. Your emotions go completely out of whack and you start to forget all other people from the opposite sex. You want this ONE person - your one and only - and will stop at nothing to get him/her.

Doreen Peri: How do you know when you're in love? You know because you know!!!!!

it's all encompassing
it's all you think of
it's totality
it is your life
you live to love him
every breath you take is Love
every poem you write is Love
every thought you think is Love
you want to take away his pain
you want to know intricate details of his life and share details of yours
you feel you trust another soul implicitly with all of you
you can't wait to touch him again
everything he says makes you laugh, smile, cry, feel, BE
you want to laugh, cry, smile, feel BE with him continually
nothing comes close to the emotion; it surpasses all emotions combined
it is as if you've been reborn
the world makes more sense
colors are brighter, the air is cleaner, you don't care if your checking account isn't balanced and return phone calls, mail, work, food, grocery shopping -it all can WAIT! - because he comes first, his needs, desires, concerns are your top want to give everything you have to him emotionally, physically, spiritually


Special VALENTINE Poetry

Dear Husband Mine
by Kit McCallum

Dear husband mine, how can I show,
My love for you, I've come to know?

Your warm and tender, loving touch,
Still lingers after fingers brush;
As in the days of long ago,
Still sparks ignite my passions so.

Your laugh ... sweet music to my ears,
Can always ease my tender tears;
A voice that echoes through my heart,
Records the love that n'er shall part.

Your gentle eyes that sparkle so,
Light up my sight in after-glow;
One furtive glance across the room,
Can make this heart still sigh and swoon.

Your smile and silent, knowing glance,
Devour me, with sweet romance;
A love that lets my spirit soar,
Beyond the skies for evermore.

Though grains of sand may trickle time,
Our love is endless ... husband mine.


My Thankful Days
by Deborah L. Carter

This morning,
Sam missed the bus,
and I stubbed my toe on a skateboard
laying near the stairs
Maggie's hair needing braiding,
the sink was full of dirty dishes,
and Katie's car was parked behind mine again.
I backed into the garbage can,
scattered garbage into the street,
and had to dig through the glove box to find
lunch money.
No parking spaces nearby,
had to walk clear across the school parking lot
hot and sweaty,
forgot to comb my hair
and the principal called me ma'am.
Back at home,
piles of dirty laundry,
and my mother called,
(while I was up on a ladder washing
those horribly huge windows,)
just wanted to talk.
This afternoon,
Peter interrupted me no less than five times
while I was trying to write.
Mom? Did you wash my blue shirt?
Our neighbor Cindy is here,
Tessie's on the telephone,
Something about a party tomorrow?
The lawn is covered with bicycles, scooters, baseball bats;
Why does every child in the neighborhood
flock to my front step,
just as I'm hoping to take a quick nap?
The phone rang off the hook
while I was trying to cook dinner
and I burnt the roast, and
ruined the gravy.
I finally got the kids tucked in
an hour past their usual bedtime
but the dog didn't want to go out,
and Katie forgot to feed the cats,
even though I asked her twice,
so I did that before I turned out
all the lights.
Can't anybody turn off a light around here?
And then when I finally fell into bed,
my husband was watching football on the TV.
He knows I can't stand football.
Nothing left to do, but say my prayers
and end another day;
Dear God,
Thank-you for busy mornings,
noisy children, scattered toys, missed school buses,
beloved pets,
and the smell of fresh, shiny, young hair as I comb it.
Thank-you for another day to walk in the sun
and for blessing me with two strong arms to clean
my glorious wall of windows,
while gazing at the sparrows
building their nest in the trees nearby.
And for the stacks of dirty dishes,
that reminds me of the plentiful food that
satisfies my family's hungry bellies.
Thank you for doorbells, phone calls from mom
and constant interruptions by my teen-age son,
who still wants to talk to me.
Thank you for the laughter of children at play,
drifting like music, from the large front yard.
And for another evening,
to linger over a one last bedtime story
and hear soft whispers of "I love you",
as tiny hands stroke my cheek,
tired and content.
Thank-you for the chance to walk through
brightly lit rooms
at the end of the night,
and reflect on the joy and comfort
that each one holds inside.
And for my darling husband,
the football fanatic,
who always fills my car with gas,
never complains when I eat potato chips in bed,
and still gazes at me
with adoring eyes that say
"You're still the one, always and forever".


Things That You Do
by Bill Charles

As I lie here alone, with thoughts about you,
and all of the things,
to me that you do…
I wonder about your kindness, and who you are,
if from heaven you were sent,
or perhaps a star…
My eyes see your smile, radiant with beauty,
warm like the summer sun,
in all of its glory…
Similar to a rose petal, as it sheds its dew,
as it opens in the morning,
smiling like you…

When I touch the silkiness, of your velvet hair,
with my fingertips so gently,
and with tender care…
Things happen to me, deep down inside,
like a newborn child,
seeing for the first time…

Each and every kiss, my breath is lost,
for I didn't expect lips,
that were so soft…
When they touched mine, a spark was ignited,
I never want them to leave,
only to stay united…

When we touched, I never again felt the same,
for we became lovers,
sharing all of this flame…
And deep in my heart, I knew there was a way,
that we would always be together,
forever and a day…

So as you can see, my thoughts are where they lie,
within a prayer,
of never saying goodbye…
Visions in my mind, these thoughts about you,
and they tell me everything about, all the
"Things That You Do"…


Forever Again
By Paula Finn

You asked me if I loved you
And I had to stop and wonder why
Cant you see it in my smiling face
Or here shining in my eyes

Then I got to thinking
why should you know its true
If I don't take the time to speak
and say these words to you

I love you in the morning
when the dew kisses the rose
when songbirds greet the rising sun
that's when my heart always knows

I love you at noontime
with the sun high above my head
when dishes need doing
but I come to you instead

I love you at twilight
as the sunset blushes the night
when the day drifts into darkness
and you are my only light

I'll love you til forever
That's a long, long time they say
But my heart knows you are my someone
Til time just fades away

I love you in the morning
at noontime
In the twilight of my years
Forever's not that long
To spend with you
You chase away the fears

I'll love you forever
And ever


To Touch Your Lips to Mine
by Christopher Ward

-smile slightly skewed
palm to knuckles,
skin to skin...
slid gently up your arms
the tingling touch
your blue eyes
locked to mine
-goose bumps
shivering your spine
beneath my hand,
brushing your hair,
fingertips caressing
the nape of your neck
rubbing, feeling
breathing, beating
moving into
a pulsing rhythm...
it all becomes a dream
of washed away cares
then -
leaning slowly in
to breathe a kiss,
to touch your lips...
to mine


Mere Words
by Kit McCallum

I searched among the card displays,
To see if I could find,
A little something that would say
Just what was on my mind.

However there was not a one,
That captured it just right,
For no one else can understand
Just what I'd like to write.

I even find it difficult
To try to write it down,
For how do I portray to you,
The love that I have known?

I close my eyes and what I see,
Is someone I adore;
A person who is beautiful,
Write down into their soul.

Mere words cannot describe
The many qualities you show,
The love and caring nature that
You share with those who know.

Your kind and gentle temperament,
Your sweet angelic smile,
Your softly spoken sentiments,
That reach across the miles.

Your smile and laugh that sparkle with
The softness of your sighs,
The way your face lights up a room ...
That twinkle in your eye.

The loving gestures through the years,
That quickly come to mind,
For always you've a gentle word
To calm and soothe I find.

I struggle and I search to try
To find some words a'new ...
And yet I cannot capture
All the things that make you "you".

I shall therefore, be satisfied
That you must simply "know",
Just how I feel about you,
For with words I cannot show.


A Cup of Warmth to Share
by Denise Snyder

Come share a cup of warmth with me;
Let's sup upon a memory;
Of long ago, of distant day;
Turn melancholy thought away;
Rejuvenate the joy inside;
Mine treasure by an oceanside;
Swim deep beneath the crashing waves;
Forsake the anchor that enslaves
The heart; skim stones across a lake;
Find wonder in each dancing flake
That gently pirouettes to earth;
Rekindle long lost youthful mirth;
Sip nectar from the tender vine
Drink deep the honeysuckle's wine;
Let's reach again for stars on high
Believing we can touch the sky
Become as children once again
Create new memories and then,
Enchanted, dance within this place
Forever, through all time and space;
Come, let's create a memory;
Come, share this cup of warmth with me.


She is Like Catching Lightening
by PoeticKnight

Elusive is she

Whom I try to touch
Or describe for my mind
To somehow memorize every detail
So as to emblazon upon my eye
And keep her there forever
Or at least until I die

Is it that my hand is too slow,
Or too far to actually reach?
It could be my reaction delayed
By the desire which makes me seek
She has so many dark secrets
In which I wish of her to speak

And when she lights up
She lightens all the dark clouds
With brilliant radiance
Taunting those who are angry and proud
And dressing them up
In a bright, burning blue shroud

She is fire in the sky
She is electric heat in the air
All things love and worship her
All things everywhere
And I am just one small being
Who wants to catch her there

Though she burns my reaching hand
If it should stray too possibly near
Such concentrated intensity
Yet I do not cower in useless fear
Not even from her anger,
As I shield my deafened ears

I could spend eternity
Chasing her through the sky
Grasping at nothing finally,
Yet still willing to try
As long as the chance remains
To catch her somehow before I die


by suthern

Why should you be the only one
to make my senses reel?
I've never felt whatever this is
that you make me feel.
I've wrestled with many questions
Wondering right from wrong,
But I think that maybe somehow
I have known all along
That your smile is a beacon
Lighting and showing my way,
Your touch is an addiction
I need every day.
I've no wish or will to resist
your remarkable charms
for I keep feeling I belong
forever in your arms.
You could rip a hole in my heart
nothing could ever mend,
but I trust you completely
and throw caution to the wind.



The Daffodil
by Poet deVine

She is the first to bloom in the spring,
lifting her head towards the sun to sing
of love and laughter, caring and giving,
sharing the joy she feels in living.

But each night as the sun leaves the sky,
she lowers her head and begins to cry.
Loneliness shadows her face in repose,
Again he's picked the tulip and rose.

Always waiting to be chosen and then,
always passed over again and again.

The sun will rise and she will show
the cheery face they all may know.
But when again, she is passed by,
The evening comes and she retreats with a sigh.

Always waiting to be chosen and then,
always passed over again and again.

No one can tell during the hours of light,
of the secret desires that haunt her night.
To never be left alone to die
never again, alone to cry.

Always waiting to be chosen and then,
always passed over again and again.

Pick me she sighs, pick me please…
but behind the smile, no one sees
The tears that are shed with a silent moan,
she is never chosen
she dies


Almost at Night
by Craig Walker

Almost at night
In the soft lull of the shadowy light
in the waning hours after candles fade
when all loves lost promises are made
I can almost feel you near me in the night

In the time that slides between day and dawn
As old lovers sleep with tired angels eyes
Only hours away from realities lies
I can almost feel your soft lips on my own

In the quiet night in the darkness that is me
Fighting back sleep and aching tiredness
Trying to face the pain of faithlessness
I can almost picture that smile I'll never see
I can almost remember the way it used to be
I can almost hold you but I know you must be free

In the soft lull of the shadowy light
in the waning hours after candles fade
when all loves lost promises are made
I can almost cry myself to sleep at night


I Want, I Want, I Want
by Poertree

I want, I want, I want
Yes, I want her too -
And yet I would not want what she'd become
if caged against her will,
Her freedom is a part of her.

You cannot cage a lion and then expect to find the graceful beast
that once ruled o'er the veldt,
Nor clip the feathered pinions and then expect
the falcon's stoop to end in other than
a small sad bloodied heap.

She is not yours or mine
to tote around for pleasure or for gain,
She is simply one of us, another searcher in life's dream.
And 'tis not for any to impede another's quest
but rather kindly help around the maze,
So that in some future time when our ways part
we can proudly say (each to the other) that for a space
"I gifted you my heart".


It Takes Two to Make a Kiss
by Elizabeth Santos

Takes two to love and two to make a kiss
Takes two to feel the warmth of passion's bliss

Takes two to look into each other's eyes
and sing to one another lullabies

Takes two to know the meaning of romance
and two to swing into a ballroom dance

Takes two to stand together face to face
and two to share a passionate embrace
Takes two to walk together hand in hand
into the splendor of love's wonderland
Takes God to bless the union of the two
And only God knows how I'm missing you

So come to me and fill this deep abyss
and two as one will share a tender kiss


As I Loved You
by Michael Anderson

Welled in deepest, darkest eyes
'Er wore by you to my surprise
I watch the tear form and fall
by virgin trail of Love's call.
To stand before me speaking now
Of remembering "when" and "how".
To try once more lay open heart
to cheat Fate whom swore us apart.

I stand yet back from you to say
by eyes 'er true, I look away.
Please call upon this name no more
for love, yet there, shall ne'er be tore.
How dare you speak of one shared soul,
Dare reopen that hell-wrought hole.
That sucked love from these lifeless veins,
That live I now to love in chains...

Of Yesterday's sweet memory
of woman stood now before me!
Let not that word befall dry lips,
Nor touch seduce these fingertips.
For what injustice there be served
by loyalties within me swerved?
Would you yet break my heart again,
To dare but say you loved me then?

To dare but say you love me still,
When love comes not by my free will...
Yet stands offered to one, impart,
Who holds love true and me in heart.
Dare you ask I forsake the touch
that needs the need of me so much?
When I hold all, (less love), now true,
As she loves me as I loved you.


My One and Only Love
by Andrew Scott

My love, my life, my wife
you are all this and more
One heart, one soul, one whole
now and for evermore

Element of my bliss
Answer to all I dream
Nirvana in your kiss
Desire met supreme

Only you can there be
nestled within my heart
Love for eternity
yours from the very start

Love sowed by you and I
Ours from the past we share
Voucher for the future
Evermore in your care


Words of Wonder
by DarkAngel

Your eyes, the universe
and that fleck of light within,
that first bright flash
at dusk,
a force which draws me
to stare,
to fall
after sunset,

the white that holds
your darkness, a deep well
of little-known you,
and you skip on paths
with skirts pleated
words of wonder
and Polaroid successes

and they sink deep into
your mind, a mind which plays
like the fandango,
you twirl and flourish a
curving of your step

to go,
where you go


Friends or Lovers
(A Valentine Villanelle)
by Nancy Ness

Throughout our lives we're ever dreaming of
the day we'll find that perfect sweet caress.
How shall we know when friendship's really love?

A quest for raptured hearts the conduit of
Life's bask in yearning throngs of WistfullNess.
Forever seems our lifelong dreams are of

The hope we may imbue our hearts thereof
With exultation, but we shan't unless
We recognize when friendship's turned to love.

Whence all emotions fit like hand in glove
It may just be - 'Tis serendipitous.
Those things in life we're ever dreaming of

As rhapsody's sung on the wing of dove
and, one to each, our promise we profess
how do we know this friendship's really love?

Whence we have placed our faith in Hands above
Each ray of sun bestows SagaciousNess
No longer things we're only dreaming of
We'll surely know when friendship's one with love.


Soul Poetry
by Irish Rose

I want to be baptized in a sea of joy
lifted through a field of golden grain
when empty, I want to be filled,
when shedding the outward layers of sorrow,
I want a blanket of love to cover me,
and sustain me,
and yes, nourish me!

I want to dine on hopes and dreams
and wishes
and the finest chocolate
and drink from the cup of tenderness,
aged to perfection,
for this is my time,
this is my thirst
and I want to thirst no more!

If I could orchestrate quiet bliss,
from kisses held in those brief moments,
before sunrise, I would dance
to the rhythm of verse,
I would cross-oceans,
tread on bluebells,
emerge from golden solitude,
into a symphony of expression,
unlike the world has ever heard!

To feel loved, and loved again,
or loved for the first time,
and the only time,
and the moment in time,
when all else ceases,
and time dissipates sadness,
that has haunted through my lifetime,
living on candle drops of rain,
that fell upon my heart,
and lay beneath my feet
as pools of want,
and unfulfilling need.

For the poet yearns,
to flame the torch,
and break through the night,
unto daylight,
unto love,
unto longing,
and remembrance,
and passion, where emerald green stones
not only mark my birth,
which came the last day of May,
but bring me into an eternal tranquillity.
a pasture of love and desire,
unlike none I will ever know again,
for it is heaven sent.

And in the company of the moon,
which visits faithfully to remind me
I am welcomed,
from fragranced wind, that only carries
lavender and mint,
but bending shadows that break free,
I know the sweetest love is not tainted
with new words,
but held within the caress of the ones
that centuries have cradled,
and they are,
I love you.


Cry in the Moonlight
by Gary Pence

Deep black waters
reflect a silver moon
in midnight mists.

Eyes drift slowly
over ghostly forms,
appearing, then fading
back into shadow.

Thoughts turn to you.
So lovely, ethereal;
soft golden hair
and alabaster skin.

God how you excite me!
Your face appears
on the rippling surface
of dark waters.

I, mesmerized
by unearthly beauty,
which only the gods
could have created.

If I asked,
would you wrap me
in gossamer silk,
and carry me with you?

I want - need
to float silently
over glowing clouds
in your loving arms.

My heart aches
with desire for you.
I have no other home
but within your heart.


I Close My Eyes (a Spenserian Sonnet)
by Jim Bouder

When absence chills my wanting heart with fear,
And bladed longing twists within my breast,
I close my eyes and my true love is near.
Remembrance grants a precious moment's rest:
Sweet passion's cadence quickened in my chest,
Upon your neck I brushed the lightest kiss.
Your mouth sought mine and, with warm bodies pressed,
Surrendered to the lure of moisture's bliss.
Smooth skin, soft lips, sweet sounds I reminisce.
Your touch, your kiss, your voice I shan't forget,
But, drowned in Lethe, your scent I dearly miss,
Supplanted by the odor of regret.
I close my eyes, my dearest love to see.
Be quick, my love. Be quick to come to me.


by Miapoetess

she knocked lightly,
in trepidation,
for, though often in each other's company,
she'd not been here before.

the door opened slowly,
he spoke her name
as though he'd never voiced it,
reading her face,
as she stood in the doorway,
gazing at him,
enveloped in the amazement
of just being there,
when, suddenly, she realized
the chronic ache within her breast
had been replaced
with a throbbing surge of warmth.

he reached out, took her hand,
guided her through the doorway
till they stood so close
they could hear each other breathing.
the space between them,
which had troubled her so,
as the two lovers stood face to face.

the front of his finger
brushed lightly down her cheek,
ever so slowly,
his eyes imaging words
she'd seen before,
but which now were three-dimensional.

her own eyes echoed the mirrored image,
as his hands floated
in continuous freeze-frame
to her neck, to her shoulders,
down her sides,
sliding glibly around her waist,
pulling her close,
into a kiss of exquisite articulation.
one that could never have fit onto a screen.


On the Wings of Butterflies
by Janet Marie

I don't need a hundred scented candles burning,
for I can see your eyes in one single flames glow.
I don't need to read anymore poetry ...
for your rhymes of me ... told me all I ever need to know.

No longer do I need love songs ...
no need for the lyric or melody.
For the first time I heard your voice,
I heard angels sing and knew inner harmony.

I've no need for orange glow sunsets ...
no need for twilight skies streaked in violet hues.
No need for azure linen clouds of lace ...
all these things pale next to my need for you.

No longer do I wish on silvered diamond falling stars,
nor do I gaze at the neon moon so blue.
I don't search the indigo midnight sky ...
hoping to catch a glimpse of you.

I don't feel you in the rain's shimmering mist,
nor in the sun's golden fingers that bronze my skin.
None of nature's beauty can compare ...
to the place where I keep you deep with in.

You are the crystalline oceans that rise up inside of me,
together we lie on my soul's white beaches of sand.
You are the ivory tides that pull at my beings gravity,
the moment I touched infinite ... was the moment you touched my hand.

No longer do I need the things that mortal love brings ...
for I found completion when I saw my own reflection in your eyes.
And all the contentment I will ever need or hope to dream ...
will be found where you lie inside of me ... and on the wings of butterflies


She Never Left
by Seymour Tabin

Each room echoes familiar ways
Intimate nights, well known days.
And the atmosphere weighs with aim
Even the doors call her name.

She glides with me a sleeper's lake
Captured in her shadows wake.
And she haunts me each place a trace
With a residue of grace.

Indiscernible yet a ghost
My now and forever host.
From a source that surrounds me
By a force that confounds me.

And I would it no other way
I would she forever stay.
I would my life no other role
Our essence no other goal.

She is my sate, my love, my mate
Bond and bound in souls estate.


Every Kiss
by Aimster

I remember that day like it was yesterday
Warm late May, spring in full bloom
But none of the flowers compared
To the beauty of you
The pool of blue in your eyes
Beckoning me to take a chance

Heartbeat quickened, as I stole a look
At you from under heavy lashes
The smile on your lips
Sent shivers straight down my spine
As I watched you watching me
Feeling the glow of love radiate through me

Our lips touched in that first sweet kiss
I slowly closed my eyes
Inhaling the essence of you
Wishing time would stand still
allowing us one perfect moment in time
Eyes opened, and the beauty of you took my breath away

Sighs filled the room
No words were spoken
We both just looked at one another deep in thought
Afraid to speak, or the magic would be broken
Hands touching, hearts entwined
The look in your eyes telling me all I needed to know

Proud to say, that every kiss
Is still like the first with you
Still just as magical
As it was on that wonderful spring day
Even though miles separate us
I know that there is an angel who awaits me


Still More VALENTINE Poetry

by Doreen Peri

I dressed the window with red hearts
and parts of dreams yet unfulfilled;
I hung up lace. I trimmed the face
of glass to stage exhibits of
a future not yet quite distilled.
The radio sang songs with fervent vows.
My ears were quick bombarded with the
truth of thens and nows.

I printed posters wide with color
emphasizing life was duller
if the people looking in
weren't wrapped within this shroud.
I hung the posters on their stands
and mounted boards to reprimand
those passing by, 'til they admitted
I'd outwitted them, and said aloud....

Please let me in, I need some shelter
from this pale auspicious, crushing crowd.
I dressed the window fine.
Come Valentine, I want to make you mine.

The music welled and echoed in my ear.
I tried to put up walls until the words I couldn't hear.
I want you back, I love you so,
You make my heart explode.
I heard the words and banished them
before they drilled a hole inside my brain.
I will not let these lyrics soon corrode,
I ascertained.
I watched out through the window
'til the still moon drenched and drowned
their dead refrain.

The window soon was decorated
blood hearts, roses, bright elated;
salt dripped slowly bitter in my mouth -
then glistened like a joke exposed by sun.
I wiped the moisture off and said aloud,
This window's done.

I went inside and smiled to those
who complimented me with smile and nod.
Oh, God, I love a sweet and deft facade.


If You Think
by vlraynes

if you think
my dreams are only of you
of us...
hand in hand
heart to heart
strolling life's sandy beaches...

if you think
you're always on my mind
in my heart...
touching me
holding me
safe in warm lover's embrace...

if you think
I can only be happy
with you...
completing my very soul...

if you think...
then think again
my dear
for in reality...
are merely


Paint-By-Number Heart
by Marge Tindal

You picked out the colors for
the love within my heart
Painted by the memories
we made right from the start

And though I didn't know it
long before you were through
this paint-by-number heart
was so in love with you

Then the colors faded
when your love up and went
this paint-by-number heart
wasn't worth a cent

Red-red roses told me
I'd never been so blue
as when the purple of your passion
changed to a cold white hue

And now I'm green with envy
at the new love you have found
Where's the artist's palette
when the artist ain't around

Can't hang it in a gallery
Can't sell it at the mart
I'm left with just the remnants of
this paint-by-number heart


True Love Never Dies
by Rex Allen McCoy

Those days have faded
but not from sight
those days of beauty my thoughts unfold
When dreams of life from morn till night
were love sweet love
so true and bold

New days have brought
the bloom of rose
through a milder calmer sea
But nothing's half as sweet to hold
as loves young dream
of you with me

Your hallowed form
embedded deep
my hands
still feel your trace
Your touch
still haunts my every thought
your essence
thrills my taste

When morning breaks your lingered dream
and daylight dawns upon your face
I smile
then snuggle close to you
my hand slides gently
round your waist


Love Me Not Forever
by Bill Charles

Love me not forever, but please love me now if you do,
as I have found many different ways,
to express my love for you…
But my heart has been crying, maybe yours is like mine,
and if it's true, perhaps two could become,
one again sometime…

Two becoming one, what a tender loving thought,
I wonder if you're up to it,
or is it possibly all for naught…
It's not hard to do, we were there once before,
but then somehow,
there was a closing of the door…

It slammed shut in both faces, but feelings still reside,
deep within two hearts,
with emotions that never did die…
The kindling is still there in mine, what about yours,
does it still beat rapidly,
remembering all its memoirs?

Wouldn't it be aspiring, to melt two hearts together,
even think as one,
and making it better?
But you know the old saying, it's very profound,
"it takes two to tango,
on this crazy merry-go-round"…


by suthern

Whatever good was left in my mind
Is something you were able to find
You made me give the chaos a voice
And lent me belief I have some choice
In whatever paths my feet might walk,
Whatever dreams my heart might stalk.
Whatever worthy there is in me
Is because of you - you helped me to be
More than a husk around my mistakes.
A heart keeps on beating after it breaks.
I may not ever learn to forgive
Being so stupid, but I've learned to live,
And you are my source for whatever hope
I use to hang onto the end of my rope.
Whatever time I've left for breath
I will need you - Your absence is death.


The Blending of a Woman
by Doreen Peri

The blending of a woman to the background of a page
Is only brushing off the Art of Love as if backstage
While using colors, rich within the palette for a view --
Yes, I recall the memories of blending into you.

A Love cannot be melded with a monotone of voice.
It's true, perhaps, there's hues and depths of color in a choice,
But blending out the focal point within the piece of art
Will guarantee the canvas will not hold the color chart.

The Love I have for you is yours, entirely, in whole.
It is a piece of art designed that's woven in my soul.
The canvas for the admiration's etched inside quite deep.
The Love I have for you is yours; it's something you can keep.

Don't blend me in with storms around the orbs above the sky.
Don't blend me in with others with the winking of your eye!
Each Love is pure and separate; it's art to be displayed.
Don't blend me in the canvas, which we've painted in the shade.

A woman gives from depths within, a gallery display.
Each painting on the wall is art, a portrait to portray.
My Love's my breath! I am inspired! I write you with my rhyme!
Don't blend the oils within the tints and spoil the pure prime!

Prime colors can't be muddied; undilution holds the light.
Don't blend the tones of darkness with simplicity of white!
The blending of a woman on a canvas on the wall,
Can misconstrue the memories of you which I recall.

The blending of a woman to the background of a page
Is only brushing off the Art of Love as if backstage.


Don't Lose Me
by Balladeer

"Don't lose me", said my love to me
As sun announced the day.
Those words sincere placed in my ear
Caused me to smile and say.....

Just treat me with the kindness of
a woman who believes in love
Allow my love to comfort you
when you need help to get you through...
Accept my love and don't abuse me..
Darling, you will never lose me.

Place you faith here in my hands..
Believe I'm one who understands..
Show me that your love is true..
Make me know why I love you..
When weak, don't hesitate to use me
Sweetheart, you will never lose me.

My love is not the kind of love that disappears as lost
It's yours until the end of time, regardless of the cost.
It has the strength to conquer anything that may arise
and you can know these words are true by looking in my eyes.

So treat our love with dignity..
Don't be afraid to lean on me..
Begin each day with sweet caress..
Believe in me and I will bless
whatever God caused you to choose me..
My sweet love, you'll never lose me.


I Wonder
By Mark Bohannan

Do you see the beauty
that you possess?
Do you see the smiles
that you pass along?
Do you know of the power
of your simple caress?
I wonder ... do you truly realize
the strength in your song?
I wonder ...
I ponder ...
I dream ...
Are you aware of the rainbow
that you hold in your heart?
Are you aware of the peace
surging through those you touch?
Are you aware of the happiness
you spread as you take part?
I inquire ... are you aware
that you give so much?
I wonder ...
I inquire ...
I search ...
Did you know ahead of time
of the joy you would bring?
Did you know before you spoke
that your words would reach?
Did you know that your own happiness
rests within the song that you sing?
I wonder ... did you know of your skill
when you found this heart to breach?
I wonder ...
I notice ...
I realize ...
Do you?


A Bullet of Love
By Jon Mewett

Leaves like moistened tears
Are falling from the trees
Alone with all my fears
Can you help me please?

The misty swollen morning
Alighting on my eyes
My sadden soul a borning
My love for her just cries

Rivers of reflection
Come flooding through my head
She is sweet perfection
All the things she's said

Her scent is lingering longing
Upon my collars white
I know that I'm belonging
Beside her now….. tonight

Her sparkling pools of quietness
Are burned inside my brain
An angel is her likeness
I'll catch the midnight train

If I could take her essence
distill it in my hand
I'd always have her presence
wherever I may land

Like a speeding bullet's aim
the arrows flying true
when in my life you came
my heart was sealed for you

A flame of thoughts desire
is racing from this place
Her memory fuels the fire
but I still miss her face


Dreams of Your Love
by Krista Knutson

Glittery stardust showers a bright, flamboyant sunset,
As a milky haze encircles the quietly pulsing earth.
Your beautiful eyes shine like the day we first met,
As sparkling hues of vibrant love are softly birthed.

Flowers are scattered about, great splashes of brilliance,
Their beauty dotting the swaying grasses of eternal meadows.
A single touch of you makes this jumbled world make sense,
Your warm embrace makes the depths of my heart warmly glow.

The odds pushed down upon us, a smothering shroud of black,
But the softest shimmer of fate melted the heavy darkness.
The reaching tendrils of time have again brought you back,
Once more I am softly carried within the embrace of bliss.

Alone we are within this shining expanse of quiet wonder,
Lost within the swirling depths of each other's eyes.
The power of our love shouts like electrified thunder,
It's strange beauty lighting the mysterious sapphire skies.


When A Woman Loves
by Whispers Caress

Look into the eyes of a man in love
and you will find the soul
of the woman that loves him

Place your hand in the palm of his
and you will fell the pulse of her open heart

Lay your head upon his chest
and in hearing the beating of his heart
discover the seductiveness
of her passion's sighs


When A Man Loves
by jwesley

When a man loves,
you can see it in her eyes,
softly glistening, starry skies,
loving all at which she looks;
hear it in her breathy sighs,
when she thinks of him;
feel the fiery heat of silky skin,
where her hand touches your arm,
know it in the way she walks,
talks, laughs, and
when she thinks no one can see,
smiles that inner smile
meant just for him.
When a man loves,
his woman glows,
a fiery, golden, pulsing light,
softly tempered
when new life conceives.


Loving You is Not Easy
by Daniel JD

Everyday and in every way
I love you more than ever
Seeking comfort that will stay
Releasing my heart from pain

The flower I bring to you
Is white and as pure
As the tenderness of your sleep
Dream on now my love dream deep
Into the memories we shared

Loving you is not easy
I cannot hold you in my arms
Words I speak I can only convey
To the sounds of birds
And whispers of the winds

Loving you is not easy
Since you went away
On Heaven's journey
Comfort I get knowing
That paradise for you glows
Strength I need to end the sorrows


How Is It Should I Love You
by Karen Torbiak

How Is It Should I Love You
should I write sweet tender words
telling how my heart begins to melt
painting pictures how I feel
writing that I would make you mine
with words tell you my design
write about eternal love
of souls sent to find their match
using words to write of love

How Is It Should I Love You
should I weave a magic spell
take you with me into fantasy
weave dreams of love for you to see
teach you how to dragon fly
take you soaring to mountain tops
walk with you in magic forest glade
watch together fairies as they dance
hand in hand find lands of elves

How Is It Should I Love You
with kisses soft and sweet
eyes that alight for you
reaching, touching, feeling flesh
arms to hold with tenderness
whispered words that you are dear
holding hand to share the walk
stroking cheek that is so soft
sharing tender lover's touch

How Is It Should I Love YOU???


Lots More VALENTINE Poetry

Cupid's Dance
by Deborah L. Carter

When you walked in
on the night of the festival,
the elders were holding council in the hallway,
solemn and vigilant in their duties,
as they whispered in their native tongue.

With every unexpected white flash,
they collected the souls
of each self-conscious couple,
before granting their passage
through the gymnasium door.

Inside, a tribe of pimply-faced boys,
sprouting from worn out church jackets,
were rooted in their heavy boots,
near a line of girls in pink and red chiffon,
pasted like paper valentines along the wall.

Though we'd never met,
your blue eyes claimed me,
and your brilliant smile,
like an offering to the gods,
was the one I've always dreamed of.

Static hidden in the folds of my dress,
shot a cascade of black pearls
out onto the dance floor,
and I rested in your soft hair
and imagined they were kisses.

We buckled and swayed
to an ancient waltz, breathless,
two hearts beating
like ritual drums,
keeping time with grim determination.

Our youth condemned us
as strangers, to this primitive custom,
but the pulse of the music
became our mantra, and instinctively,
we understood every word.

Laughing foolishly with each misstep
we clung tightly to one another,
and allowed our youthful spirit
to dance on, in perfect rhythm
to an age-old ballad that only we could hear.


Fairy Tale Love
by Ladycat

I want to love
I want to love like in the fairy tales
All those wonderful fairy tales
The ones that my mother use to read to me
Sitting there so young and innocent

I wanted to be the one
The one to find the prince
The one to be the damsel
I wanted that love
I wanted that fairy tale love

I wanted someone to sweep me away
To wake me with a kiss
To caress my face
To kiss my brow
I want that kind of love
That fairy tale love

That love that doesn't seem to exist
I want to have the man on the horse carry me away
Far away into the sunset
I want to live happily ever after
I want that special love that you can only get in dreams
I want that fairy tale love

I want to open a book one day and it is about me and my lover
The Knight in shining armor is mine
The castle on the hill is ours
The feeling of never losing is there
I want that love
I want that fairy tale love

I want to feel that everything is perfect
Just once in life
I want to live in faith flying to the wind
No worries
No hurt
No anger

Just once
Just once
I want that love
I want that fairy tale love

Can you help me find it?


When You Say
by WildChild

When you say.....
Honey, time to get up for work.
I just try to go back to sleep.

When you say.....
Your car needs oil
I hand over my car keys.

When you say....
I fixed your stereo.
I turn it way up loud.

When you say....
We are invited to a party,
I go even when I hate crowds.

When you say....
What do you want to do?
I try to smile and participate.

When you say....
Baby, what's wrong with you
I can't tell you, just something that I hate.

When you say....
You know, I love you
I know in my soul it's true

So when I say....
I love you back
Remember it's my heart talking to you.


The Song
by Alicat

The note rises soft and sweet
my pulse performs a triple beat,
shivers racing through my spine,
angelic fingers close to mine.

With subtle grace and purity
still she presses close to me,
her face a mask of freshness pure:
coy and catlike; soft, demure.

I stand mute beside this one,
even after the song is done.
Her soul emits a peaceful tone
from every fiber, every bone.

Eyes closed in rapturous delight
her lips trembling ever so slight,
hands leave their resting place.
I stare into angelic face.

A final song, the place empty,
this angel turns her face to me
and hand-in-hand we take our leave,
and I once more in love believe.


Being There
by Craig

I never carved your name in stone
Or chipped initials in the bark
Of oaks to show the world I care
I prove my love by being there

When tears of sadness fill your eyes
When others cast harsh words like stones
That sting and cut though they're untrue
I'm there to catch those stones for you

When people turn their backs and hide
When deaf ears meet your cries for help
For someone who can understand
I'm there to lend a helping hand

When all the world becomes too much
When everything is going wrong
And darkness spirals down to night
I'm there to guide you back to light

I never carved your name in stone
Or chipped initials in the bark
But if you took my chest apart
Your name is there I cross my heart


In Loving You
by Rex

I do not grieve
For having known of you
That strange, passionate
Part of you
That I have known;
Nor do I lament
For having as my own
That fragment of soul
You trusted me, tenderly,
For so short a while;
Nor do I mourn
For having pillaged
Immortality's open door
For remembrance
Of your smile.


From Now Until Forever
by Angel

Even if you looked into the sky
Counted the stars one by one, you'd
Not come close, but barely begun
To come close to the number
Of forevers I want to share
With you the one who's always there
There to always make it okay
There with all your special ways
There through the day and into night
There to make everything all right
There to stand unyieldingly by my side
Support me, no matter what I decide
There to tell me that you love me
To be the one who makes me me
Who gives me strength to make it through
It makes me wonder how I deserve you
I am eternally thankful for all you've done
From now until forever, you are the one.


Fierce Romance
by bleeding

When the rain falls gently
the roof sings with it's dance.
I think of our best, poorest times
arm in arm, celebrating our romance.

As the air freshens and clears
the earth smells like it's had a bath.
Memories of our booth at the Honolulu
telling wild tales of future and past.

Now, when it rains the years fall away
loving you more, but it's different.
Everything for us then was fresh, clean
our time and passion well spent.

As the rain kisses our roof
I remember your laugh, our wet feet.
Your smile beneath the yard-sale umbrella
as we kissed in the middle of our street.

Years later, she smiles from her knitting
memories!... as the rain begins it's dance.
Her gentle eyes question, fill me with yesterday
a time of muttered love and fierce romance.


To My Valentine
by Saxoness

Once upon
A time
There was
Truth to the
Myth of what
And I
Had found
In a blank paged
Fairy tale.
Snow white
Doesn't sleep
In a casket made of
Slippers will break
If you wear them.
Walk across this
Written word
With fingers
And me
No more.
He loves
He loves me!
My Valentine
Will you
Be mine
No longer…


by Melissa Honeybee

God created you
out of the depths of my soul,
out of the desires of my heart,
and out of the purity of my tears,
for, even before I breathed
my first breath of life,
you were meant to be mine,
and I, yours,
two bodies of angels
sharing one soul,
a match made in heaven


The Sound of Us
by Sven

listen. . .
what do you hear?
hearts beating
souls meeting
hands folding
arms holding
joining minds
love finds
love sounds
passion found
the sound of you
the sound of me
the sound of us. . .


A Rare Treat
by Deborah L. Carter

My love, don't walk past
as I stand apart from the others,
half-hidden near a large display
of cardboard cupids and paper roses,
can't you see me?

I'm your valentine heart,
wrapped in pink satin and lace,
filled with delectable surprises
guaranteed to satisfy your every craving.

I know, it's easy to be tempted
by cheap imitations,
flashy red sirens in all shapes and sizes,
crowded together under blue lights.

At first glance,
they appear sinfully delicious,
in their splendidly decorated,
tight cellophane packages

but inside, they're nothing more than
bitter disappointments,
candy-coated fruits and nuts,
laying abandoned,
half-chewed and spat out
by others who've sampled them first.

It's true, I may be harder to find,
and might cost you more,
but I'm the real thing darling,
the top quality,
genuine good taste
that you hunger for.

Pick me up,
unwrap me slowly,
savor my sweetness on your lips
melt me with your touch...
I'm your valentine heart,
don't settle for anything less...
than the very best of the batch.


The Rose
by hoot_owl_rn

There within the yellow pages,
Lay a single rose;
Aged to brown, and meaningless,
Or some would just suppose.

But to her tender, loving heart,
The flower meant so much;
For in it's fragile petals
Lay the memory of his touch.

The book, it held the contents
Of laughter and of tears,
Represented in a single bud
That weathered countless years.

There beside her death bed,
The wind, through window wide,
Leafed the pages one by one
And blew the rose aside.

And as the rose, in frailty,
Tumbled to the floor;
She took her final, labored breath
And met her love once more.


Lady of the Lake
by Pegasus 111

Your love is a lake,
placid and deep,
kissed by the sun,
caressed by mother night,
the warmth of your healing waters,
washes over me,
envelops me in a cocoon
of languid desire
Your waters part willingly,
in sweet surrender,
you anticipate my need,
move effortlessly to my will,
I plunge deeply into your bosom,
gentle lake, loving lake,
and my love flows into yours


Yep, Even More VALENTINE Poetry

A Knight's Quandary
by White Knight

M'Lady sweet Esmeralda,
The answer to my prayer,
This delightful, spirited woman
Doth cause my heart to care.
I'm hardened being a warrior,
Must stand ready for defense,
Callused by years of battles,
So Camelot doth not suffer hence.
Her smile melts my hard exterior,
And sings to my panting heart,
I'm so peaceful in her presence,
She's a beauty, a true work of Art!
Her eyes flash as radiant emeralds,
Her hair swept as heavens mist,
Her touch summons sweet emotions,
Her lips, just beg to be kiss'd!
M'Lady, my quandary is simple,
What doth M'Lady see in me?
A Knight, so seasoned from battle,
Wouldn't blame Thee if Thou sought to flee!

Esmeralda Responds
I shudder to think of thee questioning
thy reasons beyond thou true evidence,
thou battle scars honourable elements
of thy true Knight you've pledged to be.
Mine eyes see deeper then thy worn skin
as loyalty and honour became your badge,
mine mind sees a Knight most distinguished
ready to defend gallantly at any moment.
Ye took my whole being to thy dance floor
as the summer solstice came to an end,
mine heart fluttered like wings of a feather,
then away thou slowly fled without a sound,
leaving this here lady to weep her tears.
Now thou hast painted me so delightfully,
how doth mine soul absorb thine paint?
I so want to snuggle by thou gallant side
and let thine artistic nature draw me in,
yet reserved I wander scared and alone.
Will thine paint shine illustrious enough
upon this easel as I stand before thee,
perhaps thy brush desires more than I have?

Butterflies Lament - Part one
Once upon a time, when all the world seem
young and new.
Two caterpillars met.
They looked into each other's
eyes, and knew,
that this was a great love.
And that they would always be
And, so, side by side,
they made a home,
and built a life.
One day as they were together,
lying on the branch of a tree,
she said, it's time"!
He replied, "time for what"?
"It's time to stop all this
crawling about,
and build our cocoons".
He became very frightened.
"I don't want to build a cocoon,
because it's dark and lonely.
It's much safer here just
crawling with both feet
on the ground".
It's what I'm used to.
"But, she explained very carefully,
this is our destiny.
We were created to build
this cocoon.
Each of us, so we could become,
who we're meant to be.
I thought we would be together
on our journey".
But, he was much to frightened.
So, she tried to help him.
And, in her courageous efforts
to bring him along on the
she almost forgot to remember
her own destiny.
Until one day she looked up,
and saw the most wondrous sight!
A great monarch passing just above.
And she remembered!
So, very sadly, she looked upon
her mate,
and with tears in her eyes,
softly spoke these words,
"I had a beautiful dream
that we would grow,
and become who we were meant
to be together.
But you have let fear keep you
from becoming who you were
meant to be.
I've tried to help you, but I
Because we each must hear
and heed our own inner call
to freedom.
So, I must leave you, dear one."
And, so spring came and she
Before she took flight,
she gazed down upon him
one last time,
as he clung in fear
with both feet firmly
planted on the ground!
Epiphany of the Caterpillar - Part two
Firmly planted on the ground,
the caterpillar watched, as the one
he loved,
emerged and took flight.
Left alone with only his fears,
he looked around him and realized
his only companionship was with
the others like him who also
were blind to the truth.
His loneliness increased.
And so he began to realize
that what he missed was
the beauty of her spirit.
This beginning of awareness
of truth,
was the seed that blossomed
into his epiphany.
For the One who is all Truth
touched the caterpillars heart
and spoke to his soul
His message-"I am changing hearts"!
The caterpillar would
never be the same again.
Meanwhile, the butterfly,
who now knew the wonder of
freedom and oneness,
also heard the voice of her
Eternal Beloved telling her to
return to the caterpillar.
For there she would find her
hearts desire.
She was reluctant, how could
this be.
But, unable to resist His Will
for her, she was obedient.
So she flew to the caterpillar.
Not knowing what she would find.
She searched among all the
caterpillars, and he was nowhere
to be found.
When suddenly a bright
and beautiful butterfly came to
her side.
"Here I am beloved"
"It is I and now I understand
and see the Truth that you tried
so hard to tell me".
She was, nonetheless skeptical,
after all the pain, could this
be real?
He was very patient and cherished her.
Very slowly she grew to believe
that he had truly been changed
by The One who kisses all souls
into life.
And that His Love had brought
these two together at last as one.
To fly free and as one forever more!


A Taste of Love
by Mark Bohannan

Is there a time when we know we are truly ready
Or is it a given fact that our hearts will never steady
What happens when fears reside deep within or souls
Do they keep us from finding the way to our life's goals

This question plagues even the most secure realms of all
One that so often sees the timidness to answer love's call
So what is it that freezes us in the mind of life's little game
That makes us wonder if we are forever lost and going insane

I wonder if it is intent on making it's point through trial and error
Striking the essence in the depths of our sheltered hearts of terror
Or is it simply leading us to the path of knowledge in time of trust
As the growing within two friends find the route to what is a must

Sheltered loneliness taking each tick of time away from what is due
Fear of tears breaking the rules of what two hearts find so true
Would it be that we are losing time in making sure not to fall in haste


Love's Flight
by hoot_owl_rn

Drawn to her love's sweet light
Once caged, now she's set free
She spreads her wings in flight

Within the depths of night
once blind, she now can see
Drawn to her love's sweet light

There bathed in clouds of white
In skies above the sea
She spreads her wings in flight

Life dim, now shining bright
No longer lost she'll be
Drawn to her love's sweet light

His love has won the fight
Released and now set free
She spreads her wings in flight

Eyes opened in his sight
Her soul released, set free
Drawn to her love's sweet light
She spreads her wings in flight


Game of Chance
by Poet deVine

Entering in this game of chance
Thinking not, to find romance
Tender words, typed in the night
Words that send chills of delight
Countless cyber miles of separation
Bring many nights of sheer frustration
Are these words I write to you
Enough to show that I'll be true?

I feel your breath upon my face
Only by imagination's grace
I've felt your touch from the start
Not on my body but in my heart

I will, for you, be forever there
and hold you cherished in my care


When I'm With You
by Bill Charles

I thought about the many times, we have been together,
holding, touching, caring,
and speaking words of now, and forever…
All these passions between us, I knew were so very sensual,
and my being has never felt this way before,
so pleasingly acceptable…

When I'm with you, I feel like I'm this special person,
with a heart that smiles,
and my loneliness gone, and forgotten…
I have stared into the depths, of your eyes so seductive,
as trembling lips were touching slowly,
then becoming more admissive…

Your softness that I explore, as we lie on our bed aglow,
is something to experience,
never wanting to forgo…
Happiness I sensed inside, as I heard all of your gentle sighs,
with your smooth body caressing my chest,
warming, as it amplifies…

Whispers from my soft lips, to one of such special elegance,
who has taken this inner soul to keep,
but only with her acceptance…
I finally know who I am, and I know you, I can't argue,
your charm to me, has been revealed,
during all of the days, and the gentle nights,
'When I'm With You'


Among the Daffodils of You
by Marge Tindal

Tell me where your meadow starts
so I may come to play
among the daffodils of you
set in soft array

Take me to the edge of time
in open space of you
cavorting in the grasses greened
by warmth of sunshine's hue

Play me with enchanting notes
of flutes upon the hill
dancing 'cross the meadow of
your graceful daffodils

Among the daffodils of you
set in soft array
tell me where your meadow starts
so I may come to play


Banty Love
by Virginia Salter

Little banty
on the stoop
gazing at
the chicken coop.

Little red hen
preening comb
for her trip
away from home.

Startled is
old banty, cold,
"Why can I not
be a bit more bold?"

He sees her loaded
into the truck,
In his mind,
exclaims, "What luck!"

"There she goes
away from me
in the lolly
toward the sea,

what shall I do,
what might I say,
to bring her back
no more to stray?"

"Look, oh, look!
from bump a rise,
her cage does fly
before my eyes!

Out of sprung door
my sweetheart flies."
I run, I run
up to her side.

We peck, we neck
we cling by wing;
inside of me,
my heart's a-ring!

"Oh, Sweet One,
no more shall I
sit on the stoop
so idly by."


My Valentine
by A Romantic Heart

Mysterious your eyes are to me,
Your passionate kisses sets me free,

Valentine, sweetheart, friend,
Alluring, trusting, on you I depend,
Loving, kind, compassionate too,
Everlasting devotion I have with you,
Nice, tender, and sweet,
Talking, laughing, your presence is a treat,
Intelligent, witty, full of charm,
Never wanting to escape the comfort of your arms,
Exciting, everlasting you will be,

My funny Valentine for all eternity!


Could You Be the One for Me?
by LoveBug

Could you be the one for me?
Could you be my find?
Could it be, after all this time,
Fate is going to be kind?

Could you be the one for me,
The one to help me forget
The man that broke my heart, my soul
The man that haunts me yet?

You tell me that I'm beautiful
Something I've never heard
But the one still lives here in my mind
That couldn't spare a kind word

It's going to be hard to forget
And pick up the pieces he left
Could you be the one to teach
How to love again and forget?

Could you be the one to come
And mend my broken heart?
Are you willing to piece together
What another broke apart?

It won't be an easy job, you see
My road has been long and rough
And the heart that was once so soft
Is now shut, locked, and tough

But I can feel my heart open again
It's opening for you
Just come in, and love me back
That's all you have to do

I must ask you one small thing
Before we kiss and part
Please be nice and kind to be
I'm tired of broken hearts


Dream of Me
by Sven

"Dream of me", she said as she hung up the phone
"Dream only of me my love, and me alone"
And later that night, when his body hit the bed,
Visions of her beauty danced through his head

His first dream of her was in Paris, along the Champs Elysees
Dancing with the night, playing hide-and-seek with the day
The beauty of her face reflected in his eyes
Never before had he felt so happy, never before had he felt so alive

His next dream of her was paradise, it looked like Belize
There they drank Pina Coladas and lived a life of ease
The beauty of her body reflected in the sun
It was then that he knew in his heart that she was the only one

His last dream of her was the best of the three
It was a vision of the one thing that he hoped someday would be
The warmth of her body next to him, reflected in candlelight
He longed for it to be like this, each and every night

He rose from his dream in the middle of the night
Stretching out his arms and rubbing the sleep from his sight
And as he moved slowly from his bed
He stopped, and noticed on his chest, her head


Love Senryu and Haiku
by Melissa Honeybee

A senryu has the same format as a haiku, one line with five syllables, the next with seven, and the last with five. The only difference between the two of them is haikus deal with nature and senryus do not. However, both are simple and beautiful.
Love is Blind Senryu

Love captures the heart
soul now lost in reverie
eyes open, yet blind

Rain Dream Haiku

Soft rain serenades,
filling my soul with rapture
as I dream of you


by Silvrduck

I'm breathless.
can you tell?
can you see it in these eyes,
the ones you read so well?

I lose the music
as we glide across the floor
you hold me closer
just a little more...
I can feel you smile
as we are cheek to cheek
afraid to kill the moment
I dare not speak.

I'm breathless.
can you tell?
can you feel it in this heart,
the one that's under your spell?

I can feel it
your hot breath on my skin
my knees go weak
can't let this win...
my dear heart aches
as the song comes to end
for then I remember
us, only friends.

and still...
I'm breathless.


Can't Stop Loving You
by DreamerGrl27

Everytime I think I'm out of love
I fall back faster than before,
My mind forgets the pain you caused
But my heart is getting sore.

You made me cry a thousand times
And the pain will never go away,
It will always hurt until I die
Or you say what I want you to say.

I don't even need the three little words
I'm not asking you to love me,
I only want you to be my friend
That's what I need to make you see.

You'll never understand my pain
You don't know what it's like at all,
You don't see what I go through
Every time I stand up I always fall.

I've told myself that it's a dream
And not all dreams come true,
But every time I see your face
I can't stop loving you.


Hold Me Like Tomorrow Matters
by Marge Tindal

When shadows of the night awaken
you come waltzing through the door
Hold me like tomorrow matters
dance with me forevermore

Through the years I will remember
love that always held me tight
Hold me like tomorrow matters
do not leave me in the night

Forever holding and enfolding
thoughts of you within my heart
Hold me like tomorrow matters
from this love I will not depart

Always I will remember
evenings locked in your embrace
Hold me like tomorrow matters
your love reflected on my face


I Don't Believe
by Kethry

I don't believe in love and yet…
I do forgive but can't forget
somewhere out there a love unmet
Will go on seeking love to get

I don't believe in love but find…
I'm still pursuing someone kind,
someone with whom to share my mind
And who'll play me loves rewind

I don't believe in love yet still…
I keep on looking despite my will
to forsake love for good or ill
To live for the moment accept the thrill

I don't believe in love, not I…
Too many times it's made me cry
been caught between the love and lie
I don't believe… yet still I try.


Love is a Mighty Thing
by Martie

Love is a mighty thing
to its arrow she is tethered
yearning for its mad embrace
stakes her to her dream's desire

yearning for its mad embrace
molds her movement through a day
she would gladly trip and fall
unto the path that true love takes

she would gladly trip and fall
and cross the mighty sunlit gorge
to reach its heather and its stream
molds her movement through a day

To reach its heather and its stream
and climb the mountain of desire
to hear the call of whippoorwill
under the tree in morning's still

to hear the call of whippoorwill
she would gladly trip and fall
mold her movement through the day
for in its arrow she is tethered

To climb the mountain of desire
yearning for its mad embrace
under the tree of morning's still
love is a mighty thing



Soul Mates
By Satiate (Nicole Boyd)

The morning sun peeks through the cream-colored wood slat blinds, casting a soft golden hue across the flowered bed. It is 6:30 a.m., and Austin's eyes pop open. The only sound that is heard in this room is the soft rise and fall of his wife's gentle breathing. A ticking clock is no where to be found; there hasn't been a clock in his bedroom for nearly 50 years. He ponders the thought of lingering in bed with his wife, as he did when they were younger. But, he dismisses the thought with a flick of bed sheets. If he dallies much longer, he knows he won't feel like making breakfast. So Austin, at the ripe age of 100, heads to the kitchen.

As the cotton skiff of his blue J.C. Penny slacks quietly echo through the hallway, he thinks of waking up his wife. No, he decides, Violet will wake up when she smells the coffee brewing. In the kitchen, he walks past the light switch, no need to turn it on. If it were earlier in the year, turning on the overhead lamp would be part of the routine; but this is spring. Even though the sun is still trying to labor its way above the distant mountains, there is enough light for Austin to make his way to the coffee maker. His cataracts are getting worse this year. Pouring water into the coffee urn, Austin lifts his head and says a silent prayer to God for blessing him with his wife. Violet just turned 97 this year, and he still finds himself almost blinded by her beauty. He is truly a lucky man, for her beauty is not just skin deep. At the stove, gnarled and shaky hands slowly crack two eggs into a bowl. Milk is added, and the sharp click of the fork is accompanied by the warm sizzle of butter in the cast-iron skillet. The eggs are poured in the pan, and while the house slowly fills with the rich smell of breakfast, Austin carefully washes the bowl. Should anyone happen to stop by, he can't let things be out of place. Violet teases him about his tendency to be a perfectionist. She always smiles at his answer; "I became a perfectionist the day I laid eyes on your simple perfection."

The painful arthritis Austin has been fighting for the last 10 years is gaining on him; it is getting harder to pretend the hurt isn't there. And it is getting harder to fight old age in a world that seems to have outgrown him. In this world there are 'computers', he will never understand them, or the need for people to trust them with everything they own! His great-grandchildren, when they come to visit, are always full of stories of war and great battles waged; of alien invasions and pus covered, blood oozing monsters. Shaking his head, Austin remembers his childhood. He remembers loving to fish, and Baker's Pond was an ideal spot. After his morning chores on the farm, his mother would tuck two hot biscuits into his shirt pocket and swat him off with her apron. Away he'd run, with his pole in hand. Mother always cooked the fish he caught, no matter what the size or type. His father put him to work in the chicken house when he was 13; he learned hard work and dedication that year, but still cannot eat chicken to this day. He was smiling while he put breakfast on the table.

He and his wife are lucky, he often reminds her, because they still have sharp minds and can still live alone together in the house that has seen the birth and rearing of their 4 children. Violet rolls out of bed about 7 a.m.; curls like soft cotton balls frame her face. She lightly pads across the kitchen and props open the back door. Sunlight pours over the table while they eat their breakfast and read the newspaper.

Austin and Violet were married June 2, 1923, one year to the day after they met. Seventy-six years is a very long time to be with one person, but Austin knows it is because they are soul mates. Those many years filled with kids, jobs, and various moves - but the days are quieter now. They spend most of their time reminiscing or just gazing at each other. Austin finds now that he appreciates the simplest gifts of living. Sometimes, when no one is looking, he'll breathe deep and hold it in longer than usual, as if he's savoring the moment.

Violet looks at him doing this just now and asks; "What are you doing?" Looking at her, with a small grin on his face, he says; "Why, I'm just breathing. Just enjoying life." He ponders one of the biggest misconceptions about the elderly; they are a lot different than young folks. Austin has the same thoughts float through his mind now, as when he was a boy. Only the calendar has changed.

Grimacing, he stands up from the table and slowly makes his way into the living room. It's another one of his 'spells', truly it is the arthritis giving him pain. He spends a few hours a day in pain. At times like this, he likes things quiet. If the pain gets too bad, Austin will go back to bed and try to sleep. Most of the time though, Violet can ease his mind with her soft hands and soothing words. She is in the room now, pulling out a photo album. The old, cracked leather gives away its true age as she pulls his favorite photo out. It was taken back in the days when Violet's hair was still golden, in fact, it was taken just a few short days after their wedding. He and some of her brothers had her hoisted in the air on their shoulders. The smile on her face was sheer radiance.

"Oh, remember when I looked like that?" She asks. "Look how handsome you were."

"Yes, I remember," he says, almost in a whisper. The warmth of Violet's hand on his is soothing, easing the pain. He looks at her and smiles; his eyes are pink around the rims.

"Let's go sit in the garden." She says.

Austin picks his usual spot to sit, on a rusty green glider within an arm's length of the tomatoes and just next to a stand of birch trees. This is his favorite place, he can hear the quiet rustle of the leaves overhead as a cool breeze teases them. His wife is sitting next to him, both in quiet contemplation. Buttoning up his light jacket, he is a little surprised at the bite the breeze has today. He and Violet have watched the seasons of the century change, and he feels, they have fought hard to stay the same. Austin sits and remembers the blissful immortality of youth. When you're young, you're so far away from death. But, when you get older, you know it's coming. No one wants to think about death, but he can't say that he's afraid of it. Sometimes, when he gets up in the morning, he'll read the obituaries and wonder if this will be the day.

The shadows grow longer, and it is time to return inside. They walk arm in arm down the small path back to the house. They have traveled this path countless numbers of times, yet still take their time. Violet is a lover of nature and wildlife, and she has never been able to resist the squirrels. Austin lovingly watches his wife as she sits patiently, holding a walnut between her thumb and forefinger. She has found that they come to her easier if she holds the nut this way. Duly satisfied that she has stocked them up for the night, they continue on.

Once inside, they spend some time working on the daily crossword, and finishing up the newspaper. He has always been good at crosswords, but they are really Violet's passion. Just one of the many things they do together. They finally decide that it is time for bed, and Violet heads there first. Austin slowly walks around the house, making sure the doors are locked and all the lights are out. He runs his hand down the dark hallway, to feel his way to the bedroom.

The covers are turned down, and Violet looks like she's already asleep.

"Violet?" He whispers.

"Yes…" She whispers back.

"I love you."

"And I love you."

A light hand rests upon his shoulder, and he drifts off to sleep. Smiling.



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