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Digital Passions #8
published February 6, 2001

Welcome to our special double-sized Valentine's edition of Digital Passions Magazine. Valentine's Day is almost a National Holiday at Passions in Poetry - it's the day we can share the wonders, the pains, and the glory of love. Herein you'll find a collection of poetry that will touch your heart, make you smile or make you cry.


Kiss or Myth by Nancy Ness
Love Letters collected by Irish Rose
Surviving Valentine's Day by Deborah Carter
The Final Word by Poet deVine

* Bonus Features

What Is Love? by pipTalk Forum Members

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Special VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Still More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Lots More VALENTINE Love Poetry
Yep, Even More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry
Soul Mates Fiction by Nicole Boyd

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Special VALENTINE'S Love Poetry Still More VALENTINE'S Love Poetry


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The Daffodil
by Poet deVine

She is the first to bloom in the spring,
lifting her head towards the sun to sing
of love and laughter, caring and giving,
sharing the joy she feels in living.

But each night as the sun leaves the sky,
she lowers her head and begins to cry.
Loneliness shadows her face in repose,
Again he's picked the tulip and rose.

Always waiting to be chosen and then,
always passed over again and again.

The sun will rise and she will show
the cheery face they all may know.
But when again, she is passed by,
The evening comes and she retreats with a sigh.

Always waiting to be chosen and then,
always passed over again and again.

No one can tell during the hours of light,
of the secret desires that haunt her night.
To never be left alone to die
never again, alone to cry.

Always waiting to be chosen and then,
always passed over again and again.

Pick me she sighs, pick me please…
but behind the smile, no one sees
The tears that are shed with a silent moan,
she is never chosen
she dies


Almost at Night
by Craig Walker

Almost at night
In the soft lull of the shadowy light
in the waning hours after candles fade
when all loves lost promises are made
I can almost feel you near me in the night

In the time that slides between day and dawn
As old lovers sleep with tired angels eyes
Only hours away from realities lies
I can almost feel your soft lips on my own

In the quiet night in the darkness that is me
Fighting back sleep and aching tiredness
Trying to face the pain of faithlessness
I can almost picture that smile I'll never see
I can almost remember the way it used to be
I can almost hold you but I know you must be free

In the soft lull of the shadowy light
in the waning hours after candles fade
when all loves lost promises are made
I can almost cry myself to sleep at night


I Want, I Want, I Want
by Poertree

I want, I want, I want
Yes, I want her too -
And yet I would not want what she'd become
if caged against her will,
Her freedom is a part of her.

You cannot cage a lion and then expect to find the graceful beast
that once ruled o'er the veldt,
Nor clip the feathered pinions and then expect
the falcon's stoop to end in other than
a small sad bloodied heap.

She is not yours or mine
to tote around for pleasure or for gain,
She is simply one of us, another searcher in life's dream.
And 'tis not for any to impede another's quest
but rather kindly help around the maze,
So that in some future time when our ways part
we can proudly say (each to the other) that for a space
"I gifted you my heart".


It Takes Two to Make a Kiss
by Elizabeth Santos

Takes two to love and two to make a kiss
Takes two to feel the warmth of passion's bliss

Takes two to look into each other's eyes
and sing to one another lullabies

Takes two to know the meaning of romance
and two to swing into a ballroom dance

Takes two to stand together face to face
and two to share a passionate embrace
Takes two to walk together hand in hand
into the splendor of love's wonderland
Takes God to bless the union of the two
And only God knows how I'm missing you

So come to me and fill this deep abyss
and two as one will share a tender kiss


As I Loved You
by Michael Anderson

Welled in deepest, darkest eyes
'Er wore by you to my surprise
I watch the tear form and fall
by virgin trail of Love's call.
To stand before me speaking now
Of remembering "when" and "how".
To try once more lay open heart
to cheat Fate whom swore us apart.

I stand yet back from you to say
by eyes 'er true, I look away.
Please call upon this name no more
for love, yet there, shall ne'er be tore.
How dare you speak of one shared soul,
Dare reopen that hell-wrought hole.
That sucked love from these lifeless veins,
That live I now to love in chains...

Of Yesterday's sweet memory
of woman stood now before me!
Let not that word befall dry lips,
Nor touch seduce these fingertips.
For what injustice there be served
by loyalties within me swerved?
Would you yet break my heart again,
To dare but say you loved me then?

To dare but say you love me still,
When love comes not by my free will...
Yet stands offered to one, impart,
Who holds love true and me in heart.
Dare you ask I forsake the touch
that needs the need of me so much?
When I hold all, (less love), now true,
As she loves me as I loved you.


My One and Only Love
by Andrew Scott

My love, my life, my wife
you are all this and more
One heart, one soul, one whole
now and for evermore

Element of my bliss
Answer to all I dream
Nirvana in your kiss
Desire met supreme

Only you can there be
nestled within my heart
Love for eternity
yours from the very start

Love sowed by you and I
Ours from the past we share
Voucher for the future
Evermore in your care


Words of Wonder
by DarkAngel

Your eyes, the universe
and that fleck of light within,
that first bright flash
at dusk,
a force which draws me
to stare,
to fall
after sunset,

the white that holds
your darkness, a deep well
of little-known you,
and you skip on paths
with skirts pleated
words of wonder
and Polaroid successes

and they sink deep into
your mind, a mind which plays
like the fandango,
you twirl and flourish a
curving of your step

to go,
where you go


Friends or Lovers
(A Valentine Villanelle)
by Nancy Ness

Throughout our lives we're ever dreaming of
the day we'll find that perfect sweet caress.
How shall we know when friendship's really love?

A quest for raptured hearts the conduit of
Life's bask in yearning throngs of WistfullNess.
Forever seems our lifelong dreams are of

The hope we may imbue our hearts thereof
With exultation, but we shan't unless
We recognize when friendship's turned to love.

Whence all emotions fit like hand in glove
It may just be - 'Tis serendipitous.
Those things in life we're ever dreaming of

As rhapsody's sung on the wing of dove
and, one to each, our promise we profess
how do we know this friendship's really love?

Whence we have placed our faith in Hands above
Each ray of sun bestows SagaciousNess
No longer things we're only dreaming of
We'll surely know when friendship's one with love.


Soul Poetry
by Irish Rose

I want to be baptized in a sea of joy
lifted through a field of golden grain
when empty, I want to be filled,
when shedding the outward layers of sorrow,
I want a blanket of love to cover me,
and sustain me,
and yes, nourish me!

I want to dine on hopes and dreams
and wishes
and the finest chocolate
and drink from the cup of tenderness,
aged to perfection,
for this is my time,
this is my thirst
and I want to thirst no more!

If I could orchestrate quiet bliss,
from kisses held in those brief moments,
before sunrise, I would dance
to the rhythm of verse,
I would cross-oceans,
tread on bluebells,
emerge from golden solitude,
into a symphony of expression,
unlike the world has ever heard!

To feel loved, and loved again,
or loved for the first time,
and the only time,
and the moment in time,
when all else ceases,
and time dissipates sadness,
that has haunted through my lifetime,
living on candle drops of rain,
that fell upon my heart,
and lay beneath my feet
as pools of want,
and unfulfilling need.

For the poet yearns,
to flame the torch,
and break through the night,
unto daylight,
unto love,
unto longing,
and remembrance,
and passion, where emerald green stones
not only mark my birth,
which came the last day of May,
but bring me into an eternal tranquillity.
a pasture of love and desire,
unlike none I will ever know again,
for it is heaven sent.

And in the company of the moon,
which visits faithfully to remind me
I am welcomed,
from fragranced wind, that only carries
lavender and mint,
but bending shadows that break free,
I know the sweetest love is not tainted
with new words,
but held within the caress of the ones
that centuries have cradled,
and they are,
I love you.


Cry in the Moonlight
by Gary Pence

Deep black waters
reflect a silver moon
in midnight mists.

Eyes drift slowly
over ghostly forms,
appearing, then fading
back into shadow.

Thoughts turn to you.
So lovely, ethereal;
soft golden hair
and alabaster skin.

God how you excite me!
Your face appears
on the rippling surface
of dark waters.

I, mesmerized
by unearthly beauty,
which only the gods
could have created.

If I asked,
would you wrap me
in gossamer silk,
and carry me with you?

I want - need
to float silently
over glowing clouds
in your loving arms.

My heart aches
with desire for you.
I have no other home
but within your heart.


I Close My Eyes (a Spenserian Sonnet)
by Jim Bouder

When absence chills my wanting heart with fear,
And bladed longing twists within my breast,
I close my eyes and my true love is near.
Remembrance grants a precious moment's rest:
Sweet passion's cadence quickened in my chest,
Upon your neck I brushed the lightest kiss.
Your mouth sought mine and, with warm bodies pressed,
Surrendered to the lure of moisture's bliss.
Smooth skin, soft lips, sweet sounds I reminisce.
Your touch, your kiss, your voice I shan't forget,
But, drowned in Lethe, your scent I dearly miss,
Supplanted by the odor of regret.
I close my eyes, my dearest love to see.
Be quick, my love. Be quick to come to me.


by Miapoetess

she knocked lightly,
in trepidation,
for, though often in each other's company,
she'd not been here before.

the door opened slowly,
he spoke her name
as though he'd never voiced it,
reading her face,
as she stood in the doorway,
gazing at him,
enveloped in the amazement
of just being there,
when, suddenly, she realized
the chronic ache within her breast
had been replaced
with a throbbing surge of warmth.

he reached out, took her hand,
guided her through the doorway
till they stood so close
they could hear each other breathing.
the space between them,
which had troubled her so,
as the two lovers stood face to face.

the front of his finger
brushed lightly down her cheek,
ever so slowly,
his eyes imaging words
she'd seen before,
but which now were three-dimensional.

her own eyes echoed the mirrored image,
as his hands floated
in continuous freeze-frame
to her neck, to her shoulders,
down her sides,
sliding glibly around her waist,
pulling her close,
into a kiss of exquisite articulation.
one that could never have fit onto a screen.


On the Wings of Butterflies
by Janet Marie

I don't need a hundred scented candles burning,
for I can see your eyes in one single flames glow.
I don't need to read anymore poetry ...
for your rhymes of me ... told me all I ever need to know.

No longer do I need love songs ...
no need for the lyric or melody.
For the first time I heard your voice,
I heard angels sing and knew inner harmony.

I've no need for orange glow sunsets ...
no need for twilight skies streaked in violet hues.
No need for azure linen clouds of lace ...
all these things pale next to my need for you.

No longer do I wish on silvered diamond falling stars,
nor do I gaze at the neon moon so blue.
I don't search the indigo midnight sky ...
hoping to catch a glimpse of you.

I don't feel you in the rain's shimmering mist,
nor in the sun's golden fingers that bronze my skin.
None of nature's beauty can compare ...
to the place where I keep you deep with in.

You are the crystalline oceans that rise up inside of me,
together we lie on my soul's white beaches of sand.
You are the ivory tides that pull at my beings gravity,
the moment I touched infinite ... was the moment you touched my hand.

No longer do I need the things that mortal love brings ...
for I found completion when I saw my own reflection in your eyes.
And all the contentment I will ever need or hope to dream ...
will be found where you lie inside of me ... and on the wings of butterflies


She Never Left
by Seymour Tabin

Each room echoes familiar ways
Intimate nights, well known days.
And the atmosphere weighs with aim
Even the doors call her name.

She glides with me a sleeper's lake
Captured in her shadows wake.
And she haunts me each place a trace
With a residue of grace.

Indiscernible yet a ghost
My now and forever host.
From a source that surrounds me
By a force that confounds me.

And I would it no other way
I would she forever stay.
I would my life no other role
Our essence no other goal.

She is my sate, my love, my mate
Bond and bound in souls estate.


Every Kiss
by Aimster

I remember that day like it was yesterday
Warm late May, spring in full bloom
But none of the flowers compared
To the beauty of you
The pool of blue in your eyes
Beckoning me to take a chance

Heartbeat quickened, as I stole a look
At you from under heavy lashes
The smile on your lips
Sent shivers straight down my spine
As I watched you watching me
Feeling the glow of love radiate through me

Our lips touched in that first sweet kiss
I slowly closed my eyes
Inhaling the essence of you
Wishing time would stand still
allowing us one perfect moment in time
Eyes opened, and the beauty of you took my breath away

Sighs filled the room
No words were spoken
We both just looked at one another deep in thought
Afraid to speak, or the magic would be broken
Hands touching, hearts entwined
The look in your eyes telling me all I needed to know

Proud to say, that every kiss
Is still like the first with you
Still just as magical
As it was on that wonderful spring day
Even though miles separate us
I know that there is an angel who awaits me