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Digital Passions #8
published February 6, 2001

Welcome to our special double-sized Valentine's edition of Digital Passions Magazine. Valentine's Day is almost a National Holiday at Passions in Poetry - it's the day we can share the wonders, the pains, and the glory of love. Herein you'll find a collection of poetry that will touch your heart, make you smile or make you cry.


Kiss or Myth by Nancy Ness
Love Letters collected by Irish Rose
Surviving Valentine's Day by Deborah Carter
The Final Word by Poet deVine

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What Is Love? by pipTalk Forum Members

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Soul Mates Fiction by Nicole Boyd

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by Doreen Peri

I dressed the window with red hearts
and parts of dreams yet unfulfilled;
I hung up lace. I trimmed the face
of glass to stage exhibits of
a future not yet quite distilled.
The radio sang songs with fervent vows.
My ears were quick bombarded with the
truth of thens and nows.

I printed posters wide with color
emphasizing life was duller
if the people looking in
weren't wrapped within this shroud.
I hung the posters on their stands
and mounted boards to reprimand
those passing by, 'til they admitted
I'd outwitted them, and said aloud....

Please let me in, I need some shelter
from this pale auspicious, crushing crowd.
I dressed the window fine.
Come Valentine, I want to make you mine.

The music welled and echoed in my ear.
I tried to put up walls until the words I couldn't hear.
I want you back, I love you so,
You make my heart explode.
I heard the words and banished them
before they drilled a hole inside my brain.
I will not let these lyrics soon corrode,
I ascertained.
I watched out through the window
'til the still moon drenched and drowned
their dead refrain.

The window soon was decorated
blood hearts, roses, bright elated;
salt dripped slowly bitter in my mouth -
then glistened like a joke exposed by sun.
I wiped the moisture off and said aloud,
This window's done.

I went inside and smiled to those
who complimented me with smile and nod.
Oh, God, I love a sweet and deft facade.


If You Think
by vlraynes

if you think
my dreams are only of you
of us...
hand in hand
heart to heart
strolling life's sandy beaches...

if you think
you're always on my mind
in my heart...
touching me
holding me
safe in warm lover's embrace...

if you think
I can only be happy
with you...
completing my very soul...

if you think...
then think again
my dear
for in reality...
are merely


Paint-By-Number Heart
by Marge Tindal

You picked out the colors for
the love within my heart
Painted by the memories
we made right from the start

And though I didn't know it
long before you were through
this paint-by-number heart
was so in love with you

Then the colors faded
when your love up and went
this paint-by-number heart
wasn't worth a cent

Red-red roses told me
I'd never been so blue
as when the purple of your passion
changed to a cold white hue

And now I'm green with envy
at the new love you have found
Where's the artist's palette
when the artist ain't around

Can't hang it in a gallery
Can't sell it at the mart
I'm left with just the remnants of
this paint-by-number heart


True Love Never Dies
by Rex Allen McCoy

Those days have faded
but not from sight
those days of beauty my thoughts unfold
When dreams of life from morn till night
were love sweet love
so true and bold

New days have brought
the bloom of rose
through a milder calmer sea
But nothing's half as sweet to hold
as loves young dream
of you with me

Your hallowed form
embedded deep
my hands
still feel your trace
Your touch
still haunts my every thought
your essence
thrills my taste

When morning breaks your lingered dream
and daylight dawns upon your face
I smile
then snuggle close to you
my hand slides gently
round your waist


Love Me Not Forever
by Bill Charles

Love me not forever, but please love me now if you do,
as I have found many different ways,
to express my love for you…
But my heart has been crying, maybe yours is like mine,
and if it's true, perhaps two could become,
one again sometime…

Two becoming one, what a tender loving thought,
I wonder if you're up to it,
or is it possibly all for naught…
It's not hard to do, we were there once before,
but then somehow,
there was a closing of the door…

It slammed shut in both faces, but feelings still reside,
deep within two hearts,
with emotions that never did die…
The kindling is still there in mine, what about yours,
does it still beat rapidly,
remembering all its memoirs?

Wouldn't it be aspiring, to melt two hearts together,
even think as one,
and making it better?
But you know the old saying, it's very profound,
"it takes two to tango,
on this crazy merry-go-round"…


by suthern

Whatever good was left in my mind
Is something you were able to find
You made me give the chaos a voice
And lent me belief I have some choice
In whatever paths my feet might walk,
Whatever dreams my heart might stalk.
Whatever worthy there is in me
Is because of you - you helped me to be
More than a husk around my mistakes.
A heart keeps on beating after it breaks.
I may not ever learn to forgive
Being so stupid, but I've learned to live,
And you are my source for whatever hope
I use to hang onto the end of my rope.
Whatever time I've left for breath
I will need you - Your absence is death.


The Blending of a Woman
by Doreen Peri

The blending of a woman to the background of a page
Is only brushing off the Art of Love as if backstage
While using colors, rich within the palette for a view --
Yes, I recall the memories of blending into you.

A Love cannot be melded with a monotone of voice.
It's true, perhaps, there's hues and depths of color in a choice,
But blending out the focal point within the piece of art
Will guarantee the canvas will not hold the color chart.

The Love I have for you is yours, entirely, in whole.
It is a piece of art designed that's woven in my soul.
The canvas for the admiration's etched inside quite deep.
The Love I have for you is yours; it's something you can keep.

Don't blend me in with storms around the orbs above the sky.
Don't blend me in with others with the winking of your eye!
Each Love is pure and separate; it's art to be displayed.
Don't blend me in the canvas, which we've painted in the shade.

A woman gives from depths within, a gallery display.
Each painting on the wall is art, a portrait to portray.
My Love's my breath! I am inspired! I write you with my rhyme!
Don't blend the oils within the tints and spoil the pure prime!

Prime colors can't be muddied; undilution holds the light.
Don't blend the tones of darkness with simplicity of white!
The blending of a woman on a canvas on the wall,
Can misconstrue the memories of you which I recall.

The blending of a woman to the background of a page
Is only brushing off the Art of Love as if backstage.


Don't Lose Me
by Balladeer

"Don't lose me", said my love to me
As sun announced the day.
Those words sincere placed in my ear
Caused me to smile and say.....

Just treat me with the kindness of
a woman who believes in love
Allow my love to comfort you
when you need help to get you through...
Accept my love and don't abuse me..
Darling, you will never lose me.

Place you faith here in my hands..
Believe I'm one who understands..
Show me that your love is true..
Make me know why I love you..
When weak, don't hesitate to use me
Sweetheart, you will never lose me.

My love is not the kind of love that disappears as lost
It's yours until the end of time, regardless of the cost.
It has the strength to conquer anything that may arise
and you can know these words are true by looking in my eyes.

So treat our love with dignity..
Don't be afraid to lean on me..
Begin each day with sweet caress..
Believe in me and I will bless
whatever God caused you to choose me..
My sweet love, you'll never lose me.


I Wonder
By Mark Bohannan

Do you see the beauty
that you possess?
Do you see the smiles
that you pass along?
Do you know of the power
of your simple caress?
I wonder ... do you truly realize
the strength in your song?
I wonder ...
I ponder ...
I dream ...
Are you aware of the rainbow
that you hold in your heart?
Are you aware of the peace
surging through those you touch?
Are you aware of the happiness
you spread as you take part?
I inquire ... are you aware
that you give so much?
I wonder ...
I inquire ...
I search ...
Did you know ahead of time
of the joy you would bring?
Did you know before you spoke
that your words would reach?
Did you know that your own happiness
rests within the song that you sing?
I wonder ... did you know of your skill
when you found this heart to breach?
I wonder ...
I notice ...
I realize ...
Do you?


A Bullet of Love
By Jon Mewett

Leaves like moistened tears
Are falling from the trees
Alone with all my fears
Can you help me please?

The misty swollen morning
Alighting on my eyes
My sadden soul a borning
My love for her just cries

Rivers of reflection
Come flooding through my head
She is sweet perfection
All the things she's said

Her scent is lingering longing
Upon my collars white
I know that I'm belonging
Beside her now….. tonight

Her sparkling pools of quietness
Are burned inside my brain
An angel is her likeness
I'll catch the midnight train

If I could take her essence
distill it in my hand
I'd always have her presence
wherever I may land

Like a speeding bullet's aim
the arrows flying true
when in my life you came
my heart was sealed for you

A flame of thoughts desire
is racing from this place
Her memory fuels the fire
but I still miss her face


Dreams of Your Love
by Krista Knutson

Glittery stardust showers a bright, flamboyant sunset,
As a milky haze encircles the quietly pulsing earth.
Your beautiful eyes shine like the day we first met,
As sparkling hues of vibrant love are softly birthed.

Flowers are scattered about, great splashes of brilliance,
Their beauty dotting the swaying grasses of eternal meadows.
A single touch of you makes this jumbled world make sense,
Your warm embrace makes the depths of my heart warmly glow.

The odds pushed down upon us, a smothering shroud of black,
But the softest shimmer of fate melted the heavy darkness.
The reaching tendrils of time have again brought you back,
Once more I am softly carried within the embrace of bliss.

Alone we are within this shining expanse of quiet wonder,
Lost within the swirling depths of each other's eyes.
The power of our love shouts like electrified thunder,
It's strange beauty lighting the mysterious sapphire skies.


When A Woman Loves
by Whispers Caress

Look into the eyes of a man in love
and you will find the soul
of the woman that loves him

Place your hand in the palm of his
and you will fell the pulse of her open heart

Lay your head upon his chest
and in hearing the beating of his heart
discover the seductiveness
of her passion's sighs


When A Man Loves
by jwesley

When a man loves,
you can see it in her eyes,
softly glistening, starry skies,
loving all at which she looks;
hear it in her breathy sighs,
when she thinks of him;
feel the fiery heat of silky skin,
where her hand touches your arm,
know it in the way she walks,
talks, laughs, and
when she thinks no one can see,
smiles that inner smile
meant just for him.
When a man loves,
his woman glows,
a fiery, golden, pulsing light,
softly tempered
when new life conceives.


Loving You is Not Easy
by Daniel JD

Everyday and in every way
I love you more than ever
Seeking comfort that will stay
Releasing my heart from pain

The flower I bring to you
Is white and as pure
As the tenderness of your sleep
Dream on now my love dream deep
Into the memories we shared

Loving you is not easy
I cannot hold you in my arms
Words I speak I can only convey
To the sounds of birds
And whispers of the winds

Loving you is not easy
Since you went away
On Heaven's journey
Comfort I get knowing
That paradise for you glows
Strength I need to end the sorrows


How Is It Should I Love You
by Karen Torbiak

How Is It Should I Love You
should I write sweet tender words
telling how my heart begins to melt
painting pictures how I feel
writing that I would make you mine
with words tell you my design
write about eternal love
of souls sent to find their match
using words to write of love

How Is It Should I Love You
should I weave a magic spell
take you with me into fantasy
weave dreams of love for you to see
teach you how to dragon fly
take you soaring to mountain tops
walk with you in magic forest glade
watch together fairies as they dance
hand in hand find lands of elves

How Is It Should I Love You
with kisses soft and sweet
eyes that alight for you
reaching, touching, feeling flesh
arms to hold with tenderness
whispered words that you are dear
holding hand to share the walk
stroking cheek that is so soft
sharing tender lover's touch

How Is It Should I Love YOU???